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short intro

hello to all,
my name is Tesa. I have not written my story yet but it would be wonderful if someone would respond and talk to me. :)
(I am missing the See key bare with me for now.) anyway, both of my parents found sientology in their early 20's. My mom ran the purifikation rundown program at the Toronto Org (and brought me along for a summer when i was 15,) my dad was a kourse supervisor for some time. I just need to talk to someone, I know I am not alone.



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Re: short intro

Hi Tesa,

I saw your post when I dropped by last week. Today I was shocked to see that nobody had replied to you! I guess many of us haven't been frequenting this forum over the past few months... I'm not any better really, haven't been on this site for over a year.

My name is Adam Holland and I was a Toronto Public for a bit, then recruited into the Sea Org base upstairs for two years. I left in 2009. I don't remember anyone named Tesa but thats because most Sea Org members have no contact with the outside world, even the org below, most days.

You are not alone. This board is certainly really slow right now, but there are tons of people who have doubts about scientology to varying degrees. I'm not a scientologist anymore, but you are welcome to talk with me no matter what you believe.

I'm looking forward to reading your story, when you are ready to share. Many people are out there who have 'been there' and will understand what you are going through.
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Re: short intro

My parents and uncles were involved with the Toronto org many moons ago. I worked at the org, too, but was just a child. You are not alone Tesa. You will find many supportive people here. I've been absent from this board for a while but I'm sure it still has some good people. Keep your chin up, :D
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