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I wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself to the forum. My name is Dan, and I have a background in what many call "bible-based" cults. I was raised in a strict northern Baptist church, and switched over to Pentecostal churches as a young adult. I was deeply indoctrinated with modern evangelical teachings, as well as being heavily involved in 2 "cult of personality" style churches (one in my youth, and one as an adult where I served as a lay minister). I finally "escaped" in 2005, and quickly escalated from a lifetime of religious belief to complete disbelief and distrust of most religion and spirituality. I have, over the years, continued to study and follow different religious groups, and was (like many) moved deeply by the "Going Clear" documentary (as well as Lawrence Wright's book that inspired the movie). I then read "Beyond Belief," and was very impacted by both the travesty of a lost childhood, as well as the strength and resolve of a young adult leaving the Church. Although I experienced much in the name of religion, the struggles and experiences of those that have committed deeply to Scientology are beyond anything that I have endured, and my heart goes out to them.
Thank you for making this form, and thank you as well for welcoming me!



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Re: Hello!

Hi Dan, welcome.
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