E-meters and Narconon: Help Needed

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E-meters and Narconon: Help Needed

Greetings. Over on Enturb, we have two active projects involving the e-meter and the violations the Co$ is perpetrating by its continued use. One is focused on their general stress tests, and I started a second focused on Narconon, both of which intend to expose some epic footbullets of the cult. I need some help though, and I figured I could get some better insight from ESK. If anyone here has some insight to the current-day operations of Narconon, :arrow: would you please take a look at the thread here? I could use your input.
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Re e-meters & narconon...

Do not know personally whether e-meters are used in narconon process.

But, for what it's worth, do not believe there would be much (if any) downside or risk for anyone to visit by simply dropping in and expressing interest. Would also be interesting to find out if it is even open and staffed.

Narcon staff, in my experience, are not the "creme de la creme" of even $cio society, and might welcome the "company". Biker and chick would be perfect positioning.

Beware - J. Carmichael may be around snarfin' the wood benches in the sauna. His sort of "aromatherapy", ya know.

...no...wait- wrong term! "snoofin" is what I mean - as in "snoofin" the girl's bicycle seats. "snarfin" is biting those bubbles in the tub - he likely does that too, though, so never mind...
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If anyone here has some insight to the current-day operations of Narconon,

Been by my local a couple of times. Lots of back windows open,nil cars in drive. Karma sign removed since i last visited and wrote about on internetz.

Recent taxi driver told me people always complaining about prices. Also told it may have turned into just an org.?
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