Research for potential minimum wage class action lawsuit

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Well, on that front, if this actually went to court I don't doubt that we could dig up a few hundred people to testify as to how they were treated. So if this gets any further along, you just let us know.
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Anyone still looking for a copy of the Sea Org Contract?

Whoops Caps lock was on ... er-osa.pdf
It's on p. 6 of 208. it is from a while back though.
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Another devil's advocate point, but couldn't the SO just say you were a religious volunteer, and didn't legally have to pay you at all? I'm not sure exactly what's in the contract and how it defines the basis of the relationship or if wage is talked about, but I mean, couldn't I just walk to a soup kitchen and live there without them being obligated to compensate me?
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The answer is in the question; Work contract. Free religious volunteer work doesn't need a contract, you show up, do what you want, leave, come back when you feel like it.

The closest thing to what the SO contract is like, is missionary work, which is compensated, and preformed in liveable conditions... even in 3rd world countries.
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