An idea, but I dunno if Ex's would want to do it.

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An idea, but I dunno if Ex's would want to do it.

Reading Chaotics plea for people to write to her parents to let them know its ok on the outside game me the following idea:

Anyone know of a list of people who have blown over the past 30 years?
Just dawned on me this could be one of the strongest things to help people out in general too.

Imagine getting a list of names of everyone out, that has been disconnected or not spoken to because they are out, and going over the list wondering how the people you know are doing. And seeing people that are out that you never would have thought would leave. The questions of "It'd be great to talk to X, I wonder how they are doing?" "Oh wow, I havent talked to X in forever!" "Why did X leave? They were such a good person." "All these people can't really be criminals, can they?"

It'd probably be a very strong way to get people out, when they see all the people they really do know on the outside. I mean jeez, just reading your forums is like a reunion site, imagine compiling a long list just to say, "We are all out waiting for you!"


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It's a great idea but it'll have to way till the church is taken down more.

The list is huge. I can tell you that.
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