march 9th 2008 Tommy Gorman and Anonymous protest at the

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march 9th 2008 Tommy Gorman and Anonymous protest at the

March 9th 2008 Sunday Tommy Gorman and Anonymous protest at the San Francisco Powell Bart station telling the true harms of scientology. Over 11 Anonymous people came to help. Anonymous passed out over 700 flyers. We talked to many people. Anonymous did a great job with everything. I wanted to thank all the Anonymouse people that came today. You all kick ass so thank you all lots.

One weird guy who came up to one of the Anonymous ladys and was being a drunk dick to her so i walked up to him and got the dick head to talk to me so she did not have to deal with him. I had to get kinda mean to get him to go away. The Anonymous lady did a great job of standng her ground before i got in to it with this drunk guy lol.

It was great how Anonymous set up right where the scientologist alway set up and how the cult did not come today because they did not want to deal with Anonymous and me lol. Scientology flunk lol.

My wife jennifer was telling me how she thought all the Anonymous people were so cool and fun to be around. Jennifer and I hung out with Anonymous from 11 30 am till 4 pm. Thank you all again for standing up to the EVIL CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY.

We will see you all on March 15th Saturday at 11am. Check this site out

Tommy Gorman
This is my own opinion. I'd rather die speaking the truth about the harms of the cult of scientology than hide and be afraid.



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Go Tommy!

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