Hastings, UK, Protest, 27th Sept 2008

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Hastings, UK, Protest, 27th Sept 2008

As is mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the rest of Brighton Anon suck, and so didn't come.

This looked like a bit of a washout to start with. Only me and TamasinSP met at the arranged place. We went and checked out the narconon centre for a bit, but soon wound up right opposite the Mission. Being only two, we decided to hang the picketing until more people turned up. We holed up in a bar directly opposite the Mission, called "Moda".

Over a coca-cola or two, we covertly watched the their building. It appeared completely deserted. After an hour or so, we decided we'd have to do something or leave. So we actually started picketing (this is about 2pm).

No sooner had I got my mask on than Anonicus22 and Genesis2012 turned up. It seems we were expected! The org was completely closed, no sign of life. Also, several of the surrounding shop's owners came over telling us that yesterday, Scientologists had gone around to every buisness in the area, dropping off DVDs and "warning" the residents that a dangerous group of Terrorists where coming! Seriously, I must have spent a good half hour talking to a crowd of local buisnessmen, explaining that we're not dangerous terrorists. However, once I'd explained, they all seemed pretty pissed off at the Co$, and came out pretty suportive!

We met hundreds of supportive people, including many who'd had personal experiences of the cult. We even met the bloke who lived in the flat next door to them. He absolutely fucking hated them! They've only been there a year, and they'd already made enemies! He tipped us off that they sometimes set up their stress test table in the old town, about ten minutes walk away from the org, so we went to check. We marched along George Street to a round of applause! I kid you not, everybody knew who we where and loved us!

Then, at about 5pm we retired back to the moda bar and had a pint or two to gloat over our epic win!

Anonicus22 took a few photos, hopefully he'll post them up later.

Oh yeah, and GenesisTwentyTwleve is ex-staff at the hastings mission. He only blew a few months ago, so he was able to give us some epic inside info!
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well done
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Hats off to narCONon, TamasinSP, Anonicus22, and Genesis2012.

The Co$ has a bad habit of accusing others of that of which they are guilty.

Way to turn the tables on the Co$! :D
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