Post Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:27 pm

Anon News Service: A Centralized Collection of Post-Game

I've noticed recently that it's really hard to find post-game pictures and video from other cities that aren't in constant communication with WWP. I mean, you can find it, but it takes a lot of time and some people just don't have the time to search.

So I launched .

actively searches for post-game from cells that are posting it. Instead of the same people yelling "PLEASE PUT YOUR POST GAME HERE" and hoping that the photographer isn't lazy, this website actually goes and gets it from the registered forums of other cells.

It's not 100% done, and it only goes back until like May, but for those of you that can't be arsed to search the raids page of every anon cell after every weekend, this site is for you.

Also, it helps raise the google ranking of post game, and it allows cells to be more visible to other people. I think it helps everybody, including bringing more hits to each photographer's video.

P.S. The format is blogspot so it can be easily exported and re-imported to other blogger sites.

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