Gold Base Staffer's letters to Riverside County Board

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Gold Base Staffer's letters to Riverside County Board ... 4-a-41907/

"I obtained 110 letters on the Riverside County residential picketing ordinance under the California Public Records act. 104 of these letters are from Gold Base Sea Org staffers."

We are now in possession of the 110 letters that were written to the Riverside County Board of supervisors by Gold Base staffers.

Here's a list of the names in case anyone's trying to find a missing loved one.

Scheri AI-Jibouri
Ronnie Rathbun
Linda Greilich
Stephanie Silcock
Susan Laplaine
Kathleen Goodwin
Bronwyn Bolger
Carl Leach
Margaret Eastment
Sue Gonzales
Carol Spurlock
Becky Ramp
Catherine Fraser
Robert L. Horne D.D.S.
Beverly A. Ihnen
Alan Stave
Bill Brugger
Stephanie Rymer
Tom Webb
James Lucas
M.F. Harris
Joan Gray
Jennifer Roper
Kerstin Geissauer
Kerri Francis
Cebron Walker
pg 36 signature S Salivas ?
Karl Klinksiek
pg 38 signature: Marjorie McCain ?
Stewart Williams
Beckie Horne
Jessica Thompson
Ann Weber
Andrea Eriksen
Rich Gilbert
Dan Crocini
Linda Stuart
Mike Sutter
Cheryl Azevedo
Barry Stein
Jennifer Butler
Jim Meadors
JoAnne Clark
Martin Reid
Mrs. Stepheny Martinez
Guillermo Salinas
Liesbeth Jones
Claire Lochner
Linda Sukkestad
Joy Moritz
Sara Sargeant
Barbara Goetz
Anna Elizabeth Kaprielian
Luanda Gouessan
Lia Lee
Margaret Laner/Lamer ?
Cynthia Rathbun
Hilary Lucas
Chris Ferris
Jane Lucas
Kenneth Seybold
Alisson Clarke
pg 84 signature, Aldona Challinor ?
Erin Decrescenzo
Penelope Mace
Milton D. Wolfe
Joy Allsop
Bonnie Mousell
Tom Armstrong
Dawn Sherman
Rachel Peterson
Corrie Brown
pg 94 signature, Lisa Alham ?
Sarah Sluder
pg 96 signature, illegible

You can download the letters here.



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Pg 36 is Shannon Salinas

Pg 38 is Marj McCarr (priorly Marj Habscheid)

Marg Laner - married to Fritz Laner, used to be Marg Horner.

Pg 84 - Aldona Challinor is correct. Used to be Aldona Medina, married to Dave Medina until he blew.

Those listed after Tom Armstrong are not Base staff but locals in Riverside county.

In case that helps...
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