Mention of Jenna drops jaw on seemingly rich lady in CW, FL

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Mention of Jenna drops jaw on seemingly rich lady in CW, FL

Reposting by request from this picket report

the following is from ntnmf
Flash raided today. 612 is writing up the report, but I just gotta get a message to Jenna Miscavige Hill.

Rich $cilon bleach-blonde woman wearing leopard print dress and a gazillion dollars worth of gold jewelry gets out of white Jaguar on Ft. Harrison Ave. She's digging into her bazillion dollar purse for parking meter money.

I tell her, "You don't have to feed the meter today. It's a holiday." She looks at me like I'm a mutant, but I think that had more to do with the fact that she probably doesn't like any peasants speaking directly to her.

I say, "You don't have to believe me. Go ask someone and they'll tell you that you don't have to pay today." I start to walk back up the sidewalk with my Cult Watch/1-866-XSEAORG signage when she says, "Thank you. Can I ask you something?"

I said sure. She asks why I'm protesting. I tell her it's because of the abuses in the Sea Organization. She asks what sort of abuses. I tell her forced abortion, enslavement/human trafficking, teen and child abuse, brainwashing. I tell her I'm particularly upset about the child abuse.

She asks, "Were you IN the Sea Org?" I said no.

She says, "Then how do you know what goes on in the Sea Org?"

I said, "Because I read the horrible testimonials of the ex-Sea Org members."

She says, "You can't believe that stuff!"

If anyone knows Jenna? Please make sure she sees this...

I said, "Oh yeah? Well, one of the horror stories I've read about life in the Sea Org was from David Miscavige's niece Jenna Miscavige Hill. She and two other young women who grew up in $cientology started a website for ex-Scientology kids and it's full of horror stories from children and adults in Scientology and the Sea Org."



It had to have been a full 10 second stoppage and then she started a screeching walk/run as she scurried away. Of course it might have been that she needed to get out of the sun before she melted.

BTW...two $cifags in black suits came to the gates of the parking garage to make sure the rubberized Botoxed leopard cougar got away unharmed.


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Wow, fascinating! I've forwarded it to Jenna in case she hasn't seen it already.


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Very nice.
"Everybody has a right to believe what they want to believe. But I don't believe that anybody has a right to trick anybody, to hurt anybody, to harm some body, for their own purposes." - Jason Beghe

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