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Scientology and Anti-Semitism

If you are the opinion that this is a single individual opinion in Scientology google : Michael Hinz alias Michael Kent

Sci: So, and the Americans have really tricked. So and now listen to this: They knew very well that there was going to be an attack on Pear Harbor, and this is what not a lot of people know but it’s a historical fact: One day before already before Pearl Harbor America was at war with Japan, and also England was at war with Japan because there was a secret treaty. This is not talked about in the media, up until the present day but it really is a fact I can swear it’s true. So, this means: That Roosevelt has kept this information from Congress. If they had found this out, there would have been an impeachment and he would have lost his office. Just so that he could stay in power, he knowingly had withheld any information concerning Pearl Harbor. So and suffering from this shock just like one can do exactly the same concerning the 9th, I mean 9/11, or Tonkin Delta all those things meaning that the global public is being duped. This is how Germany was involved in the war, because Japan had declared war because of this ultimatum. They did not have any oil. With their fleet, they had split it in two, one part went to Pearl Harbor and the other part wanted to get to Indonesia and the oilfields there. They simply needed it, for the people. So and after a certain line had been crossed at sea, they were act… actually at war. So and then the following happened: The American Politics were expansive, first and one can see this in American Politics first take over the whole continent from East to West, then the Pacific and then over the Atlantic to Europe. This was, this was the basic plan. And this is why in the end there was a pact between Japan and, and, and Germany, because they had said: If the American power concentrates itself so heavily, one does not have a chance and this is why one has to engage into two successive wars so that one really has a chance. This was the, the whole background behind all this. And this is because Germany had this pact with the Japanese, Germany had to go to war. This is the whole background.

This video was shot at a protest.
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