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Show your support here

It has taken great courage for Kendra, Jenna, Astra and others to speak out, reveal their identities and tell their stories on the internet.

I want this to be a thread of support and encouragement for them and everyone who has been affected by disconnection or had their lives or families shattered by COS.

So sign up and be counted!


I am in no way affiliated with the Church of Scientology, nor have I ever been, and I would like to register my disapproval of the practice of disconnection, enforced abortions and the use of Fair Game.

To all those working to put a halt to these abuses:I support you.



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Good work gals!

I watched the Inside Edition story with Jenna recently but I also recognized Kendra's name from Sacramento News & Review (where I live). I agree with Mog and am quite happy that you three started this site. My only recommendation to keep the site fresh is for Kendra, Jenna, and Astra to regularly post (life permitting of course) how they are doing and any new progress made with someone leaving the CoS, etc. Regular contact with Tory Christman and Mark Bunker has really bolstered the Anonymous cause and we would really enjoy the same with you.
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I'll also thank The three girls for being brave enough to speak out. For many we have no face, no real life stories about the org, only a voice, and those other two factors are more powerful then we could ever hope to muster.

I'm also glad to know that all three of you seem to be doing very well back in the wog world. Know that you have the support of, by now, tens of thousands of voices.



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I applaud Kendra, Astra and Jenna for speaking up. As more exes go public, it becomes easier for others to speak up. As more and more exes are able to put aside their fear, knowing they are not alone, I believe that will translate into people on the inside who have been too afraid to leave also being able to act. It's a snowball, baby!


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I have such deep admiration to everyone who has escaped and been brave enough to share their ordeal with others. It is your example that people like me, who have never been involved with the CoS, follow proudly.

I want to help. I want to reach out. I want to learn everything I have to learn to be able to affect change and get the people who are trapped out and help them to have the real freedom they deserve.

We will do this together. You are my inspiration.

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