What to do next, for anonymous and anyone else joining in.

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What to do next, for anonymous and anyone else joining in.

This is a very important thread over at one of the other forums, it is a big list of things we need to do next and threads describing them. Anyone interested in helping needs to be doing at least a few of these things.

http://forums.enturbulation.org/viewtop ... f=8&t=5253



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Fantastic List!

Thanks for sharing that, Greg
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Anon Scientology Book Project

Awesome list! Everyone.. please take a look :-)

I happened to see a new item on the list about a Anon produced/published Scientology book. Seems to be a noble venture! Hope the project gets a good start!

"Idea... a book *UPDATE* forum link"
http://forums.enturbulation.org/viewtop ... f=7&t=5192

Anon Book Project Forum

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