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So I've heard people on the radio and whatnot saying this site is called ExScientologyKids.org, instead of .com. May be a good idea to get that domain and have it redirect here. :wink:



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Especially with the whole "ORG" central mindset of people in Scientology. If this website address is whispered to someone in passing, I bet .ORG is what sticks in their mind.

EDIT - Well, before I replied to SpongeBob I should have checked myself. exscientologykids.org IS redirected here. So... I guess this is a non-issue.


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Yeah .. I made the same mistake lol


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We also own .net.

Scientology is pretty well-known for snapping up other, similar domain names in an attempt to re-direct traffic away from critical sites, so we bought .com, .net and .org.
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