Can OT V date wogs?

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Can OT V date wogs?

do OT's look down on wogs and use them for sex or do some relationships work?


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I don't know of any relationships were an OT didn't make the other person a Scientologist.
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Er... well, I don't think that OTs "use people for sex" more than anyone else might. It's rare that a relationship works out between a Scientologist and a non-Scientologist, simply because a) the Scientologist often enters into the relationship with thoughts like, "Well, I really like this person and I'm attracted to them - they're smart, so I'll just get them into Scientology eventually." and b) because they're coming from two totally different places.

There are some interviews on XenuTV that talk about this.

But I did say "rare", not impossible. I bet there are definitely some success stories out there, I just don't know of any personally.
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Re: Can OT V date wogs?

bosshog wrote:do OT's look down on wogs and use them for sex or do some relationships work?

Well if you're already OTV and Scientology is a huge part of your life, a relationship with a person who doesn't understand that or doesn't take it seriously is probably not going to work. It's theoretically possible, but the Scientology community is pretty close-knit after you've been involved for a while.
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