Mike Rinder

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Mike Rinder

what is his story?


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I was simply going to put LURK MOAR!, but decided to be at least slightly friendly instead and allow you to educate yourself;


(That search took 30 seconds, don't expect everything to be served on a silver platter, do some lurking)
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bosshog, there's so much information on Mike Rinder out there, a lot of it contradictory.

The very basics of the story are:

1) He was the head of OSA for several decades. He grew up in Scientology. He was a very high-level executive.

2) During his time at this post, he spent a lot of time working against the critical community. He did some pretty nasty stuff to many people.

3) Several months ago, rumors started floating around that he left the church.

4) The rumors were confirmed. He left. To date, he has not come out publicly and spoken about what his experience was like there and what happened. For a while there was a lot of talk about what he should do now - some people felt he should make up the damage he had done. Some people felt the critical community should just forgive him because we all did some pretty crappy things to others while we were in Scientology. Some people felt he'd done too much wrong. But that fact is he's out, and we haven't heard from him publicly. Rumor has it he's just getting his life back together.

End of story.
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