Post Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:45 pm

To the young man who wrote the paper on cults for his school

Hey some kid posted a paper he wrote... and I can't dig through every link to find it... but I wanted him to know i printed it and finally read it, and although Hinduism is huge.... To my knoweldge the 3 majors religions are Judiasm, Chr and Islam.

Anyway.... the paper is great I think, and very informative.

I had no idea JJ was from Indianapolis Indiana

A lot of wacko crazies come from Indiana, has anyone noticed?

Axl Rose, Shannon Hoon, Bobby Knight (who technically wasn't born there, but lived there a long time... and it must be something in the water)

now we can add Jim Jones and dozens others.

Jackson, letterman, harrelson... who else?

lots of crazies there... .

totally insane people in Indiana

But your report is amazing, sorry for straying...

Great job, now I want to see a thesis next... on say...

cult terminology... or extracting people from cults, etc.

; ) great job