Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015

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Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015

This is a new year of bad press for the “Church” of Scientology. 2015 starts out with a BANG which includes a documentary that will air on HBO based on the book by Pulitzer prize winning author Lawrence Wright – “Going Clear” by filmmaker Alex Gibney Oscar winning documentary director, the announcement of a forthcoming book by journalist Tony Ortega – “The Unbreakable Miss Lovely: How the Church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper” and release of the play – “Disconnection” by playwright Allen Barton. ... -of-belief

This is not January, this is BAMuary! :shootfoot:

Like last year’s thread, I will track down and post a monthly list of bad press which will include written press as well as radio and TV press.
Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker - - is the leading force of researched reporting about the cult, Scientology front groups, cult members, and lawsuits. The monthly lists found here and on last year’s thread and are merely supplemental reading to Tony’s meticulously researched work. More and more journalists and gossip columnists are becoming less and less afraid of Co$ litigious past and ruthless approach to news reporters who dare to expose its crimes or merely say something bad about it. It is obvious the mainstream media is no longer timid to talk about the Co$, but will they continue to pussyfoot and discuss the eccentricities of Scientologist celebrities? OR will they grow bigger balls be eager to dig in and provide stories that depict how destructive the Co$ is to everything it touches? I hope to see a lot more of the latter this year.

If you missed last year’s thread, here is the link –

I compiled last year’s monthly list into one (78 page) PDF document that you can download and share –
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - JANUARY


Come for lulz, stay for hacktivism: a new book on Anonymous, reviewed ... -reviewed/

Is Mission Impossible 5 about to Run into Issues Due to Tom Cruise’s Scientology? ... logy/6569/

The man who stood up to Scientology: Renunciation trails Canadian Oscar winner ... story.html

The Last of the Magicians ... -magicians

Church of Scientology works behind scenes against Clearwater Marine Aquarium ... e/2212336/

Scientologists question Aquarium expansion plans ... /21282359/

Scientology officials have 'questions' about Clearwater Marine Aquarium's downtown expansion plans ... about.html

USA/Clearwater: Scientology-Sekte torpediert Stadtenwicklung für neues Aquarium
[United States/Clearwater: Scientology sect torpedoed urban development for new Aquarium] ... s-aquarium
Translation of webpage from German to English - ... s-aquarium

Scientologist claims harassment by former church members in Dublin ... 56818.html

The Streisand Effect: Celebrating 10 Years of Internet Pile-Ons ... 1677579192
*NOTE: The Tom Cruise Scientology video is on this list.

Kirstie Alley’s ‘Scientology Diet’ Products Sold At Jenny Craig – How She Dropped 50 Pounds! ... nds-video/

Scientology Center Stiffs Delivery Guys In Massive Pizza Order ... -delivery/

Scientologists don’t tip delivery guys bringing 180 pizzas ... 180-pizzas

Scientologists prove they’re huge cheapskates ... ates/2027/

If You Hear A Rumor That The Church Of Scientology Is Running An Ad In The Super Bowl, It’s Probably Not True ... 6/-1/news/ ... e-n1939815


Even Winter the dolphin is persona non grata to Scientology ... gy/2212891

What Islam and Scientology Have in Common ... ave-Common
*NOTE: This article makes no connection of Scientology to Islam and was probably an attempt to create interest by the title.

Tom Cruise Furious At Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman – They’re Encouraging Connor Cruise To Abandon Church Of Scientology! ... y-abandon/

John Travolta’s Scientology Secrets! See Hidden Photos Of The Hollywood Star’s First Days In The Controversial Church ... to/845135/

HBO "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" (March 16) profiles eight former Scientologists. ... her-s-show

Tony Ortega Reveals the Title and Subject of His Forthcoming Scientology Expose ... ks_b238700

Title, Art & Cover Revealed for Tony Ortega's Upcoming Explosive Scientology Expose ... e-20150110

Neues Buch über Scientologys schändliche Terrorkampagne
[New book about Scientology’s shameful campaign of terror] ... orkampagne
Translation of webpage from German to English - ... orkampagne

Judge warns Scientologists to avoid massive legal bill ... egal-bill/

Judge warns of huge legal bill in Church of Scientology dispute ... -1.2063026

Kirstie Alley: I’m Not a “Fake” Scientologist, Did Not “Shun” Leah Remini ... ni-2015121

Kirstie Alley Talks Scientology On Howard Stern: I Did Not Shun Leah Remini ... ientology/

Kirstie Alley Spills on Scientology, Leah Remini Drama, on Howard Stern ... tern-49366

A ‘Less Insane’ Kirstie Alley Says She Didn’t ‘Shun’ Leah Remini For Leaving Scientology ... ah-remini/

Kirstie Alley Opens Up About Scientology and Past Leah Remini Drama: ''I'm Not Some F--king Fake'' ... king-fake/

Kirstie Alley's Children Join Church of Scientology; 'It Was Their Choice' ... ce-132461/

Kirstie Alley Opens About ‘Shunning’ Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini ... emini_feud

Warring Scientologists told to ‘be reasonable’ ... 06621.html

Kirstie Alley: “I’m Not Some Fucking Fake OT-7!” ... fake-ot-7/

Lawsuit claims Albion rehab center is a Scientology front, latest in long list of lawsuits since 2005 ... er_in.html

Former believer speaks out: ‘Scientology makes life a living hell for former members’ ... ochsenbein

Content Media to sell Going Clear ... 43.article

Alex Gibney Scientology Doc Gets International Sales Agent ... ets-763999

Content Media Dives into Scientology with GOING CLEAR Documentary ... y-20150115

Content Puts Faith in Docu ‘Going Clear'; Fremantle Int’l Acquires ‘Deutschland 83′ ... 201350857/

Scientology’s CCHR billboards in North Carolina – what is killing our soldiers ... b_articles

Creation writing: is sci-fi a 21st-century religion? ... rse-hubble

On Charlie Hebdo Pope Francis is using the wife-beater’s defence ... rlie-hebdo

Documentary Draws Ire From the Church of Scientology ... ology.html

Church of Scientology launches attack on HBO documentary ... cumentary/

Church Of Scientology Launching Campaign Against HBO ... paign-hbo/

La iglesia de la Cienciología, en pie de guerra por un documental de HBO
[The Church of Scientology, girded for war by an HBO documentary] ... al-de-hbo/
Translation of webpage from Spanish to English - ... -de-hbo%2f

NYTimes Desperate: Accepts Full Page Scientology Ad Bashing HBO Doc, Compares to Rolling Stone-UVA ... -stone-uva

The Church Of Scientology Thinks “Going Clear” Is “‘Rolling Stone’/University Of Virginia Redux” ... .ky6j1KPJ2

Church Of Scientology Launches Attack Ad On Upcoming HBO Documentary ... os-1785920

Church of Scientology launches attack on Alex Gibney’s new documentary Going Clear ... ublic_rss/

Scientologists Angry About Unflattering Documentary ... y-13159549

Church of Scientology launches attack on Alex Gibney’s new documentary Going Clear ... 7187809819

Church of Scientology Goes to War with HBO ... -with-hbo/

Scientology Is Going To War Over A New Documentary ... 917971.cms

Scientology makes pre-emptive strike against Gibney documentary ... nst-gibney

Scientology faults HBO documentary ... y/2214024/

Scientology makes pre-emptive strike against Gibney documentary ... nst-gibney

New York Times Runs Scientology Ad Targeting Upcoming HBO Documentary ... ogy-764476

NY Times Runs Full-Page Ad for Scientologists, Not Jihadist Critics ... st-critics

Scientology vs. HBO May Also Be the End of Tom Cruise at Warner Bros. ... arner-bros

Will Scientologists Tom Cruise And John Travolta Turn Down Warner Bros. Deals After Upcoming HBO Documentary ‘Going Clear’? ... entary.htm

Tom Cruise Won’t Work for Warner Bros Because of HBO Documentary on Church of Scientology? ... logy/8340/

Notable religious films dot this year's Sundance Film Festival ... b9bbd.html

Scientologist John Travolta Gay Rumors Return After ‘Huffington Post PHOTO Coverage? ... update.htm

Scientology Stalin? Former Church Bigwig Compares ‘Psychotic’ Leader David Miscavige to Hitler, Khomeini & More In Shocking New Video Deposition ... ion-video/

Bombshell Scientology Film Revealed: Alex Gibney on Cruise, Travolta and 'the Prison of Belief' ... lex-764849

What We Can Expect From HBO's Damning Scientology Documentary ... entary.php

Scientology exposé coming to HBO, Sundance Film Fest ... -film-fest

Scientology in Quebec faces another College of Physicians complaint ... &sid=14443

What is Scientology and what do Scientologists believe? ... story.html
*NOTE: Reads like pure Scientology marketing PR but includes embedded videos which aren’t flattering to Scientology at all.

Sundance: The 9 Most Controversial Films ... rcref=rss/
*NOTE: Alex Gibney’s documentary – Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is on this list.

Sundance: 5 Things to Expect From Alex Gibney's Damning Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' ... r-20150123

Million-Dollar Denial: Holocaust Revision, Thomas Edison’s Fortune, And The Cult Of Scientology ... ientology/

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... -of-belief
*NOTE: This is the Sundance movie release page.

From an ex-gay pastor to Bible scams and Scientology defectors — Sundance goes to church ... r-to-bible

Lawsuit: Denham Springs drug rehab clinic a recruiting tool for Scientology ... drug-rehab

Lawsuit claims rehab clinic a recruiting tool for Scientology ... cientology

‘Going Clear’: The Controversial Scientology Documentary Premiers at Sundance Today ... -sundance/

‘Going Clear’ Is Alex Gibney’s Utterly Devastating Exposé On The Inner Workings Of Scientology ... -sundance/

Sundance: Scientology Film Subjects Called "Brave," Get Standing Ovation ... led-766963

Sundance: Alex Gibney’s ‘Going Clear’ Takes on Scientology ... 201414768/

Sundance Review: 'Going Clear' is a great Scientology explainer, but not much new ... ing-clear/

Sundance: Alex Gibney Premieres His Scathing Exposé on the Church of Scientology ... y-20150125

Sundance Festival: Alex Gibney’s Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Is a Hit ... -is-a-hit/

6 Crazy Things Revealed In HBO's Explosive New Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear' ... lls-2015-1

'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief': Sundance Review ... ief-767023

Sundance doc pulls back curtain on Scientology ... ology.html

Sundance Film Review: ‘Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief’ ... 201414787/

Review: ''Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief' isn't going to make Xenu happy ... xenu-happy

Scientology doc 'Going Clear' shocks Sundance filmgoers ... /22337995/

Sundance 2015 review: Going Clear – Scientology film preaches to converted ... lex-gibney

Sundance First Look: Oscar winner Alex Gibney pulls back curtain on Scientology ... -1.2205611

‘Going Clear’ Scientology doc makes for compelling cinema ... ng-cinema/

Scientology doc 'Going Clear' shocks Sundance filmgoers ... e/22337995

Sundance: HBO’s Scientology Exposé Going Clear Is Jaw-Dropping ... expos.html

“Going Clear” on screen: 5 shocking revelations to look for in HBO’s new Scientology documentary ... cumentary/

HBO Scientology Documentary: 5 Revelations Made In Alex Gibney’s ‘Going Clear’ ... ar-1794990

Scientology exposé causes a stir at Sundance ... dance.html

Sundance 2015: Scientology, Cruise, Travolta and a hot premiere ... story.html

Sundance: Tom Cruise Plot, Prison Camps in Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ ... ing-clear/

Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Claims the Church Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman ... idman.html

Scientologists 'broke up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman': Controversial documentary claims church used aggressive intimidation tactics because they were 'suspicious' of the actress ... tress.html

New Scientology Doc Details Intimidation Tactics Allegedly Used To Break Up Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman ... le-kidman/

HBO's Scientology Documentary Reveals Church Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Documentary says Tom Cruise had Nicole Kidman’s phone tapped ... ne-tapped/

Nicole Kidman's phones were tapped while she was with Tom Cruise, documentary claims ... ry-claims/

‘Going Clear’ Film Claims Scientology Forced Tom Cruise to Dump Nicole Kidman Because Her Father Was a Renowned Psychologist in Australia ... father-was

Scientology documentary 'Going Clear' claims Tom Cruise had Nicole Kidman's phone bugged by church officials ... hone-bugge

New doc says Scientologist power brokers forced Tom Cruise's split from Nicole Kidman ... 422279101/

Sundance: Gibney's Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Has Tom Cruise Claims ... ry_4553772

Scientology leaders 'ordered Nicole Kidman wiretap' during Tom Cruise marriage ... riage.html

Tom Cruise bugged Nicole Kidman's phone, says Scientology movie ... ogy-movie/

Scientology Destroyed Tom Cruise’s Marriage To Nicole Kidman, So Says A New HBO Documentary ... cumentary/

Tom Cruise Wiretapped Nicole Kidman and 5 More Revelations from 'Going Clear' ... man-767330

Sundance: ‘Going Clear’ Creators Say Tom Cruise Should Speak Out Against Scientology’s Abuses ... 201416017/

Here's Why HBO's New Scientology Documentary Is So Critical Of Tom Cruise ... ry-2015-1/

Church of Scientology Slams Going Clear Documentary, Movie Reviews: Accusations Are "Entirely False" ... se-2015271

‘Going Clear’ Director Lauds HBO for Backing Film on Scientology ... ology.html

Scientologists slam Sundance documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... 2zl01.html

Alex Gibney defends Scientology documentary ... z3Q50DuXg7

Gibney Takes on Scientology in New Doc ... n-new-doc/

Sundance film pulls back curtain on Scientology ... -5008.html ... Mq7yEko6M8

Scientologists slam film at Sundance ... ndance-541

Makers of Sundance hit Scientology film fire back at critics ... at-critics

What Sundance Favorite Going Clear Tells Us About Scientology ... ibney.html

Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright Explain Why Scientology Appeals to Aspiring Actors ... peals.html

At Sundance, Three Cinematic Studies in Delusion ... -delusion/

Church of Scientology responds to 'Going Clear,' thinks only men write reviews ... te-reviews

Makers of Sundance hit Scientology film fire back at controversial group's critics ... -critics-2

Scientology film casts church in harsh light ... 043336.php

Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright on the Challenges of Making a Doc About Scientology ... rence.html

Sundance So Far: More On The Juicy Scientology Doc Everyone Is Talking About ... 44700.html

Scientology accuses N.J. filmmaker Alex Gibney of ‘journalistic corruption, bigotry’ over documentary ... ibney.html

“Going Clear” Scientology Doc Reveals Tom Cruise Had Nicole Kidman’s Phone Tapped ... ne-tapped/

New Scientology Exposé: The Most Controversial Claims ... -clear-HBO

Surprise, surprise: The Church of Scientology isn’t into Alex Gibney’s Scientology doc ... gib-214375

Sundance: 'Going Clear' Filmmaker on Scientology, Wiretapping and Tom Cruise ... ogy-767769

FILM NEWS: TOM CRUISE - Going Clear’ Creators Say Tom Cruise Should Speak Out Against Scientology’s Abuses ... tom-cruise

Scientology documentary causes a stir at Sundance in a year of hard-hitting docs ... t-Sundance

Explosive documentary shows Scientology may be even creepier than you thought ... cumentary/

Scientologists slam Sundance movie ... ance-movie

Church of Scientology combats Alex Gibney documentary with online campaign ... r-campaign

Sundance Watch: Doc shines spotlight on Church of Scientology, star watchers angle for selfies ... 68651.html

Church of Scientology sets up online response to 'Going Clear' doc ... -response/

The Church of Scientology is fighting “Going Clear” movie ... ear-movie/

Sundance 2015: Scientology, Cruise, Travolta and a hot premiere ... 7b6cf.html

Controversial Scientology Documentary Under Fire ... 72721.html

Scientology is Making Me Want to See the Anti-Scientology Movie ... -movie.php

Tom Cruise And John Travolta Take Direct Hit For Scientology Inequities With Members In Cult-Like 'Church' ... uities.htm

Church of Scientology fights back against alleged claims in upcoming HBO documentary ‘Going Clear’ ... ocumentary

Documental sobre la Cienciología desata la polémica en el festival de cine de Sundance
[Documentary on Scientology sparks controversy in the Sundance film festival] ... 53481.html
Translation of webpage from Spanish to English - ... 53481.html

Speak Up, Tom! Former Scientology Bigwig Demands Cruise Comment On Wiretapping Claims: ‘It Needs To Be Addressed’ ... cumentary/

The Church Of Scientology Is Furious About This New Movie ... 69449.html

Controversial Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Sparks Outrage With Church Officials, Reps Say It Contains 'False Information' ... mation.htm

A sneak peek at the HBO documentary on Scientology ... ogy/55052/

Alex Gibney, Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief ... 89.article

First Look: Sundance documentary pulls back curtain on Scientology ... /150129585

Makers of Sundance Hit Scientology Film Fire Back at Critics ... k-critics/

‘Stronger Than Ever’ Sundance Docs Tackle Scientology, Campus Rape ... cs-tackle/

Sundance Review: Alex Gibney's Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief ... 67646.html

Film Exposing Scientology's Ugly Side Needed Police Protection at Sundance Premiere ... re-133241/

Scientology doc ‘Going Clear’ rocking Hollywood ... hollywood/

The Hits Keep Coming! BBC Films Now Planning Explosive Scientology Film After HBO Documentary — Inside Their Bombshell Project ... miscavige/

What you need to know about the Scientology doc shocking Sundance ... eJaWOXu5ol

Sundance Review: Alex Gibney's Incendiary Doc 'Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief' ... f-20150128

Scientology Attacks Hit Flick… Our Main Accuser's a Liar! ... ing-clear/
*NOTE: TMZ is (maybe) in the pocket of the Co$ and this article is an attempt to make all the press about Alex Gibney’s documentary on HBO look like craziness… this article as a response end up reeking of Co$ cray cray instead. This is my opinion, you be the judge.

Scientology launches vicious attack against Alex Gibney’s back film ... acked-film

The best films we saw at Sundance ... /22556059/

Alex Gibney on Going Clear, His Scientology Documentary That’s the Talk of Sundance ... ntary.html

Scientology Dublin 2015 conference ‘Enough is Enough’ ... -is-enough

Anti-scientology conference set for Dublin next week ... 7-Jan2015/

Scientology: ‘You don’t fall out with them lightly’ ... -1.2085657

Once A Gateway For Scientologists, Beverly Hills Playhouse Critiques Church In New Play ... y_play.php

How do you deprogram a Scientologist? ... ntologist/

Scientology-Backed Anti-Drug Program At Work in City Public Schools ... ic-schools

Scientology's Anti-Drug Program Infiltrates NYC Public Schools ... _infil.php

A Scientology-Run Anti-Drug Group Works Extensively in New York City Schools ... _with.html

Scientology Warns Kids Against "Moon Gas" and Other Street Drugs ... 1682367950

Scientology-Funded Group Preaching Anti-Drug Message in NYC Public Schools ... ching-anti

Parents Outraged After Scientology-Sponsored Group Delivers Anti-Drug Messages At New York City Schools ... ew-1799248

Scientology-Funded Anti-Drug Group Active in N.Y. Schools ... ools/95955

Scientology group offers anti-drug programs at city schools ... -1.2095646

Scientology-Backed Group Running Anti-Drug Program At Shell Bank, Marine Park JHS And Other Schools ... s-schools/

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña not a fan of Scientologists’ anti-drug programs in NYC schools ... -1.2097409

Scientology Defends Its Anti-Weed Hokum ... -kids.html


New York City Police endorse Scientology cult anti-drug program in schools ... am-schools
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - JANUARY

JANUARY (continued):


David Packman Show
David interviews former Scientologist, Claire Headley
Claire Headley, who worked at Scientology headquarters as a sea organization member for 15 years, joins David to discuss working for the Church of Scientology, being involved in the auditing of Tom Cruise, being forced by the Church to have two abortions, and her eventual escape from the Church’s remote compound in California.

The LipTV – MediaMahem
Scientology’s War Against Paulette Cooper with Tony Ortega
The Church of Scientology is known for attacking and intimidating it’s critics, and one of the most notable victims of their harassment was Paulette Cooper. Cooper’s story of being followed, sued, and even captured by the Church after she exposed them in 1971 is told by journalist Tony Ortega. The dark secrets and real human cost of going to battle with Scientology is laid bare in this uncensored interview on Media Mayhem, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

AMC Independent
Sundance 2015 - Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief Review - Alex Gibney, Paul Haggis

Access Hollywood
Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman: Did Scientology Break Them Up? ... aign=news/

7 News Australia with Bryan Seymour
Stunning claims in new Scientology documentary ... cumentary/

Sunrise News Australia
Blowing the lid on Scientology ... ientology/

Good Morning America
New Film Claims to Shine Light on Scientology’s Alleged Controversial Practices ... m-28543052 ... ovies.html

Slate Sessions
Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright Explain Why Scientology Appeals to Aspiring Actors ... peals.html

CBS Channel 2 - New York
Marla Diamond Reports
Church Of Scientology-Backed Foundation For A Drug Free World’s Curriculum Not Based On Fact ... d-on-fact/

Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 27 with Mike Rinder
Mike Rinder looks back on the Church of Scientology in 2014 and looks ahead to 2015. Topics include the Church’s serious legal problems in France and with Narconon. ... ke-rinder/

Howard Stern Show
Howard talks to Kirstie Alley about Scientology and Leah Remini ... cientology

Blame It On Outer Space –
Case File #8972 – Scientology (Amy Raugust)
Eric and Ben with Amy dissect Scientology. They discover Lord Xenu's galactic battles as well as L. Ron Hubbard's magick sex conquests. ... ugust.html

KPCC 89.3
The Frame talk show hosted by John Horn
'Going Clear': Alex Gibney welcomes Scientology's backlash to his documentary ... n-sciento/

MyTalk 107.1 – Twin Cities
Lori and Julia interview Tony Ortega (at the 33 minute mark)


Allen Barton play – Disconnection
“…Disconnection was inspired directly by my experience with Scientology, and its notorious policy of the same name, whereby members must renounce their affiliation with anyone deemed to have gone against tenets of the Church…”
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - FEBRUARY


Обыски у саентологов в Москве прошли в рамках петербургского дела о мошенничестве
[Searches in the Scientologists were held in Moscow in the framework of the Petersburg cases of fraud]
Translation of webpage from Russian to English - ... 0%2F088%2F

Archpriest: scientologists, Jehovah's Witnesses are American agents ... 43314.html

John Sweeney ’The Church of Fear - Inside the Weird World of Scientology’ ... cientology

Scientology Super Bowl Ad Surprises Viewers In Major US Cities ... es-1802814

I think I’m Gonna Convert To Scientology After Seeing That Super Bowl Ad ... r-bowl-ad/
*NOTE: This short article is a satire that makes fun of the Co$ ad. The writer has been receiving tweets from Scientologists believing he was seriously interested in Scientology.

Injunctions maintained in Church of Scientology intimidation case ... -1.2088252

Alex Gibney on the Church of Scientology’s War on… Film Critics ... lm-critics

Giovanni Ribisi Low Key Marriage ... Ends with Quiet Divorce ... ness-deyn/
*NOTE: There is nothing in this article about Scientology being the cause of this divorce, but not the comments below the article. People know Giovanni and his family are Scientologists and there are several comments suggesting the cult was the cause of the breakup. This is another public example of how Scientology “tech” is for relationships, it disconnects people.

Scientology-based company going to OMB after application for Milton drug and rehab facility denied ... on-denied/

Scientology’s anti-psychiatry dogma leads to suffering and death ... -and-death

Scientology intimidation and defamation cases merged ... 10467.html

Is Scientology a ’nonsense, pay-as-you-go religion’? One man thinks so ... 10337.html

Church of Scientology cases on allegations of intimidation and defamation listed together ... 57846.html

The Cricket’s Daily 3: Scientology vs. film critics ... ntology-vs

Church of Scientology Representatives Now Bullying Film Critics ... s-20150202

Church of Scientology targets film critics over Going Clear documentary ... ocumentary

Church of Scientology targets film critics over new documentary ... ntary.html

Sundance: Is it Documentary or Journalism? ... m-20150204

Revenge Lawsuit? Former Scientologist Claims Leah Remini Is Preparing To Sue The Church For ‘Refunds’ ... oney-back/

What is Scientology – John Sweeney in Dublin with Matt Cooper ... att-cooper

My Afternoon With Scientology, Or: I Visited A Cult So You Don’t Have To

Scientology’s proposed Narconon in Ontario gets thumbs down from Milton ... rom-milton

Scientology rehab facility roadblocked ... adblocked/

Sundance Film Festival debuted controversial movie about Scientology ... ientology/

VCAT rejects Narconon bid for East Warburton drug rehab centre ... 7210504458

Ex-Scientologists slam movement ... 68503.html

Scientology Dublin Conference interview with Victoria Britton in tears ... tton-tears

Great-grandson of Scientology founder to speak at literature festival ... re-8584074

Scientology angry over questions asked in new Clearwater survey ... ter-survey

Church of Scientology rehab centre rejected in Warburton ... ton/?cs=7/

VCAT ruling supports Community that says No to Narconon ... o-narconon

Narconon rehab strikes out in second Ontario town ... -town.html

Vimeo Nabs Transactional Window for Alex Gibney’s Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ ... Nvri0ko6M8

‘Going Clear’ Scientology Doc Goes To Vimeo On Demand In September ... 201369531/

‘Going Clear’ Scientology documentary coming to Vimeo after HBO run ... meo_after/

'Going Clear' Scientology Doc Heads to Vimeo in September ... r-20150210

Vimeo scores rights to ‘Going Clear’ Scientology doc ... ing-clear/

Vimeo scores rights to Gibney’s Scientology doc ... ing-clear/


Vimeo To Distribute HBO’s Scientology Documentary From Academy Award Winner ... cumentary/

5 Movies And Shows You Didn’t Know Were Affected By Scientology ... ientology/

How the Scientology Doc's Tom Cruise Revelations Could Bring Down the Church ... -sundance/

Commendable ambition but clichéd narrative in ‘Dissconnection’ ... story.html

True/False reveals 2015 field ... 0b144.html

Danny Masterson Tells Us About His Life in the Church of Scientology ... tology.php

'Scientologist f***ing hate psychiatrists': That 70s Show actor Danny Masterson shares his anger toward doctors prescribing drugs to treat depression ... rists.html

Danny Masterson Talks Scientology and Going Clear, Says Critics of His Lifestyle Can ''Go F--k'' Themselves ... themselves

Danny Masterson To Scientology Haters: 'Go **** Yourself' ... urself/tv/

‘That 70s Show’ actor Danny Masterson tells ‘Scientology haters’ to go f*** themselves ... 86850.html

Danny Masterson Says Scientology Critics Can 'Go F--k' Themselves ... 69692.html

Danny Masterson Tells Scientology Haters To ‘Go F*ck Yourself!’ ... N1JO0ko6M8

That 70s Show’s Danny Masterson calls Scientology critics ‘retarded’

Famous Scientologist Danny Masterson Is Very Angry About ‘Going Clear’ ... ing-clear/

Danny Masterson Scientology: ‘That 70s Show’ Defends Tom Cruise’s Faith, Critics Can ‘Go F—k’ Themselves ... selves.htm

Why Is Danny Masterson Telling Scientology Critics To F**k Off? ... ng-sciento

Danny Masterson defends Scientology, tells detractors to "F--- yourself" ... f-yourself

Danny Masterson Talks About Life In Scientology—Tells Naysayers To ‘Go F**K’ Themselves ... ientology/
*NOTE: This article is a repeat of the info of Danny Masterson defending his “religion” with a constant dropping of f-bombs. There are several listed above. The comments of this particular article however, are worth checking out. There are some regular Disqus commenters who are Scientology critics, and there are others who see through the vagueness of Danny’s interview. People are not stupid and they know how to use the internet to fact check.

Scientology’s “Drug Prevention” Programs Infiltrate Hungarian Schools


Going local with "Chavez,' 'California Tempest' and 'Disconnection' ... califo.php

ECHR refuses to review Church of Scientology claim against Russia ... 91703.html

A century of sunshine: The story of Clearwater, Florida ... er-florida

Former Scientologist disputes church claims about granting refunds ... ds/2218129

David Remnick Looks Back On Tough Decisions As 'The New Yorker' Turns 90 ... r-turns-90

The List: 8 reasons we are excited John Travolta is filming in Columbus ... umbus.html

Parliament member requests inspection of Russian Scientology Church ... 00870.html

$2K of Copper Wire Stolen from Church of Scientology in Harlem, Police Say ... police-say

'Mad Men,' 'While We're Young,' Scientology Doc Set for Film Independent at LACMA ... a-20150219

‘Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief’ to Premiere March 29 on HBO ... bo/365411/

HBO Set to Debut 'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief' 3/29 ... -20150219#

“Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” to Debut Sunday, March 29, Exclusively on HBO ... 0219hbo01/

Federal judge to rule on validity of Scientology's refund process ... ss/2218382

The Trailer for HBO's Long-Awaited Scientology Doc Has Arrived and It Will Make You More Curious Than Ever ... -more-curi

Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Shows Cult Magnetism in First Trailer ... r-20150219

“Going Clear” trailer: A look at the documentary that has Church of Scientology up in arms ... p_in_arms/

Scientology documentary 'Going Clear': Watch the first trailer ... ing-clear/

Watch: Alex Gibney Exposes Scientology in 'Going Clear' Trailer ... r-20150219

Trailer for Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Debuts (Video) ... ear-775453

First trailer for scathing Scientology documentary Going Clear ... st-trailer


‘Going Clear’ Trailer: Alex Gibney’s Controversial Scientology Documentary

‘Going Clear’ Trailer: Scientology Gets Exposed

VIDEO: The New Trailer for HBO's Scientology Documentary Going Clear Speaks for Itself ... akingnews/

Trailer: ‘Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief’ To Air On HBO ... ir-on-hbo/

A “timely intervention” ... lear/37656

Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear' Is Really Winding Up Tom Cruise's Church ... 19946.html

The Movie Scientologists Don’t Want You To See—HBO Releases ‘Going Clear’ Trailer ... res-video/

Witness the power of giant, blue buildings in this trailer for Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary ... -gi-215536

Church of Scientology Slams New Documentary About Scientology ... logy-video

Watch the Trailer for the Documentary Scientology is Freaking Out About ... miere-date

See the First Trailer for Scathing Scientology Documentary Going Clear ... ing-clear/

‘Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief’ HBO Movie: ‘John Travolta And Tom Cruise Knew About Child Abuses’ ... ses-video/

Watch: Trailer for Scientology documentary ... cumentary/

Scientology Documentary Going Clear Gets Its First Brutal Trailer ... ailer.html

VIDEO: The New Trailer for HBO's Scientology Documentary Going Clear Speaks for Itself ... o-trailer/

‘Going Clear’ Documentary Trailer: Release Date for Explosive New HBO Scientology Documentary Set, Can it Top South Park's Takedown? ... ogy-416495

Controversial Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Gets a Trailer ... s-trailer/

Ex-Scientologists speak out in HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ trailer ... r-2015-02/

Watch The Trailer For HBO's Documentary On Scientology ... -clear-hbo

Watch The Trailer For HBO’s ‘Devastating’ Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ ... ing-clear/

HBO's Scientology Documentary Trailer 'Going Clear' Is More Intriguing Than You'd Think ... hink-video

Alex Gibney Takes Aim at Scientology With ‘Going Clear’ (VIDEO) ... y-trailer/

First trailer for scathing Scientology documentary Going Clear ... st-trailer

The Movie Scientologists Don’t Want You To See—HBO Releases ‘Going Clear’ Trailer ... ailer.html

Watch the trailer for HBO's Scientology documentary Going Clear ... clear.html

The film Scientology really doesn’t want you to watch: Sect lashes out at documentary in rare public video claiming director’s father published CIA propaganda ... ganda.html

Stepping inside the secretive Church of Scientology halls ... 7234666591

Scientology’s secret riches revealed ... 7234668874

Church of Scientology opened its books showing large revenue and losses ... and-losses

Scientology Exposed! Church Forced To Reveal It Raked In $33 Million Over Two Years In Australia Alone ... -millions/ ... alone.html

A Rare Peek Into The Church Of Scientology’s Finances ... ogy-money/

Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief Gets Its First Angry Trailer ... 69951.html

The trailer for ‘Going Clear’ will get your Thetans in an uproar ... ns-uproar/

Joe Nocera: Scientology’s Chilling Effect ... ffect.html ... awing.html ... ng-effect# ... ing-effect ... ing-effect

Downtown’s former Scientology building to be converted to apartments ... lding.html

Joe Nocera: The truth about Scientology ... tology.ece

Throwback Thursday: When Tom Cruise Found Love – and Scientology ... und-777312

From 'Pulp Fiction' to Oscar meme, Travolta's highs and lows ... highs-and/ ... r_mem.html ... r_mem.html ... s.html.csp ... feed=true/ ... 68301.html

Help This Humane Society Get a $20,000 Technology Grant or the Scientologists Will Win ... -will-win/
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - FEBRUARY

FEBRUARY (continued):


Threatened and Harassed By the Church of Scientology
Paulette Cooper was harassed by the Church of Scientology after she wrote against Scientology. The Church of Scientology accused Cooper of making bomb threats, and the FBI investigation against her threatened to derail her career as a journalist. The bizarre persecution of Cooper by Scientology in 1973, and the government raid of the Church in 1977 that uncovered the conspiracy against her is shared by writer Tony Ortega in this excerpt from the Media Mayhem interview all about the Church of Scientology and Paulette Cooper.

A Current Affair
The Scientology bombshell ... -bombshell

Evening News – Lynn R. Farney reporting
Scientology rehab facility roadblocked in Canada ... e1bb7bbb7/

Australia News 7 with Bryan Seymour
Rural town takes on global giant
“Scientology appealed the town of Warburton’s decision to reject its drug treatment centre, but they were beaten by a shoe-string budget and some old-fashioned county determinism.”

My Fox 13 WTVT-TV – Tampa Bay Florida
Steve Nichols reporter
Survey asks Clearwater residents about Church of Scientology ... cientology ... cientology

Scientology Secrets, Bill Cosby Rape Conspiracy and Hollywood Murder
Mark Ebner, investigative journalist, is interviewed about Scientology celebrity records and information on their Narconon project, plus their war on mental health and campaign of harassment is detailed. Also discussed is Danny Masterson’s misguided defense of the Church position on homosexuality and compare it to the true position of Dianetics.

Russian Television Vesti
Police search Moscow Church of Scientology
*NOTE: This originally aired January 29th. There is a translation transcript at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker, scroll down. ... interview/

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (HBO Documentary Films)
Trailer #1


Radio report of Russian raids on Church of Scientology in Moscow ... s92HsA8%3D

Today FM – Dublin, Ireland
Last Word with Matt Cooper
Sweeney explains to Matt why he lost it that day and why he believes Scientology is a nonsense religion. ... o-religion

Newstalk 1010 – In-Depth Radio
Tony Ortega joins Mark Elliot to discuss Narconon on People Helping People ... r-hits-gta


Book by George White
Lucifer’s Bridge
“George was the first person to come out publicly and say that he had been in the small class of Scientologists who experienced original OT 8 on the cruise ship Freewinds in the summer of 1988 (and he had the certificate to prove it). And, more importantly, he had convincing testimony that he did receive, in fact, the controversial issue which has L. Ron Hubbard describing himself as the antichrist, and in which Hubbard calls Jesus a “lover of young boys.” Synopsis by Tony Ortega - ... ret-lives/ ... orge+witek

e-Book by Jefferson Hawkins
Closing Minds
How does Scientology control its members? How does it convince them to avoid any negative information about Scientology? How does it persuade them not to look at critical information on the Internet, on TV, or in the press? How does it convince them to avoid or entirely disconnect from people who are critical of Scientology – even their close friends, their family members, or their own parents or children? All while loftily talking about “improving communication” and “searching for truth”? How can they compel otherwise intelligent people to live in an information bubble where they will only believe what Scientology tells them and refuse to look at any critical information? How do they convince ordinary people to donate huge amounts of money to the Church, far more than they can afford? How do they induce staff to work long and hard hours, endure deprivation and abuse, for little or no pay?” ... cientology

“Scientology: Enough is Enough” – Dublin event conference
Ex-members of the Cult of Scientology speak out against its fraud and abuse at a Dublin conference on Friday February 6th to Saturday February 7th 2015. Speakers from Ireland and abroad will share their experiences. Some of the special guests at the conference will include: John Sweeney (author of Church of Fear), Russell Miller (author of Bare-faced Messiah), Nancy Many (author of My Billion Year Contract), Markus Thöß (film maker), Stephen Jones (ex-Sea Org), Dee Findlay (ex-Guardian’s Office volunteer), Victoria Britton, and a bonus Skype Q&A with Jon Atack (author of A Piece of Blue Sky). ... blin-event
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - FEBRUARY

“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - MARCH


Gray Matter ... ing-clear/

Travolta's manic life in the spotlight ... story.html

The 8 Indies to Watch on VOD this March: ‘Buzzard,’ ‘Going Clear’ and More ... e-20150302

Watch: Alex Gibney, Paul Haggis and Lawrence Wright Unravel Scientology Secrets in 'Going Clear' TimesTalk ... t-20150302

Church of Scientology starts massive ad campaign in UK ... ia-7029484

Makers of Scientology Documentary Call on Tom Cruise and John Travolta to Address 'Abuses' ... n-travolta

Creators of Film Critical of Scientology Calls Out John Travolta and Tom Cruise to Address Allegations of Abuse Within Organization ... on-135113/

Scrutinizing Scientology : Filmaker goes inside secretive religion ... ientology/

'Going Clear' Filmmakers on How Scientology Sees Tom Cruise as "Useless," Uses John Travolta's Plane ... hbo-779239

Filmmakers slam Tom Cruise, John Travolta in new Scientology doco ... logy-doco/

Scientology documentary makers want Tom Cruise, John Travolta to address controversial claims ... al-claims/

Tom Cruise, John Travolta to address controversial claims, desires Scientology documentary makers ... 466454.cms

Scientology Documentary Creators Want Tom Cruise and John Travolta to Use Their "Power" to Explore Alleged Abuses ... ed-abuses/

'Scientologists feared Nicole Kidman's influence on Tom Cruise': Filmmakers of controversial documentary claim Church leaders 'broke up Hollywood couple's marriage' ... riage.html

Shocking Tell-All: John Travolta’s Nephew Claims Terrorized By Scientology ... ientology/


'Scientology almost killed me': John Travolta's nephew details his life on the run since his decision to leave the Church of Scientology after trying to take his own life ... -life.html

John Travolta’s nephew Sam Travolta Jr claims Scientology planted drugs on him ... iz+Feed%29

Former Scientology Senior Executive: ‘Will Smith Is Not a Scientologist’ ... ogist.html

Former Church of Scientology executive: ‘Will Smith is not a Scientologist’ ... ogist.html

Will Smith Is NOT A Scientologist, Claims Former Senior Exec ... st_4619194

‘Will Smith is not a Scientologist’: Former church exec dismisses rumor about movie star ... -1.2137438

Will Smith Is NOT A Scientologist ... entologist

Will Smith is Not a Scientologist’ So Says Ex-Scientology Sr. Executive ... executive/

New Documentaries: From Pop Music History to Scientology ... ientology/

Scientology launches new legal action against rural NSW residents ... hab-centre

Scientology launches another legal battle to open Narconon in Australia ... -australia

Scientology to open book shop in former Blockbusters ... ckbusters/

Church of Scientology to open large book store in East Grinstead ... story.html

Documentary Maker Alex Gibney: News Networks Fear the Church of Scientology ... ology.html

5 things to start the day: Media's fear of Scientologists and Buckhorn reiterates he's not cool with medical marijuana ... ar-of.html

HBO Sets Airdates for Controversial Doc ... rsial-doc/

Tom, Katie and Suri: A Scientology Story ... story.html

Four Men Face Sentencing for Drugs Distribution; Fasnacht Goes to Boston Dalai Lama Comes to Basel; Scientology Gets new Basel HQ ... omes-basel

How a filmmaker finally infiltrated Scientology for HBO's explosive documentary ... 1/-1/news/

Scientologists provide human rights training ... GZFFW.dpbs

Show of the week: Going Clear – Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... ef/400291/

Former Scientologist featured in new documentary 'Going Clear' ... mentary-g/

Ex-Scientologists Claim Church Is Harassing Critics In Wake Of Controversial HBO ‘Going Clear’ Film ... ear-movie/

HBO’s New Scientology Documentary Causes a Stir at LACMA Screening ... 201449562/

Lawrence Wright on Scientology’s “broken community,” and the complicity of Tom Cruise and John Travolta ... _travolta/

True/False Film Festival 2015: Going Clear, Field Niggas, & White Out, Black In ... t-black-in

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... clear.html

Church of Scientology new $19m headquarters to be built in Sydney’s north ... 7259533257

'Going Clear' movie unites voices against Scientology ... cientology

'Going Clear' documentary unites voices speaking out against Scientology ... -1.1789627

‘Going Clear’ documentary unites voices against Scientology ... inst-scie/ ... 69456.html

Inside Scientology’s Secret Bunkers ... nkers.html

HBO’s New Scientology Documentary Causes a Stir at LACMA Screening ... 201449562/

Catching up with an old friend? Erica Packer spotted with former Scientology boss Tommy Davis in Los Angeles ... geles.html

Lawrence Wright on Scientology’s “broken community,” and the complicity of Tom Cruise and John Travolta ... _travolta/

HBO Documentary Reveals Why Tom Cruise And John Travolta Can’t Leave Scientology ... -leave.htm

Why Tom Cruise and John Travolta can't leave Scientology, according to the HBO documentary 'Going Clear' ... 8/-1/news/ ... 7/-1/news/

How “Going Clear” Outs John Travolta ... .pijBNGWa2

New Documentary Unites Voices Against Scientology ... 19031.html

The celebrities you might not realise follow the Church of Scientology ... 7260837531

Review: Alex Gibney Takes On Scientology in ‘Going Clear’ ... clear.html

Alex Gibney Scientology Documentary Highlights Specialty Box Office Weekend ... 201391786/

'Going Clear': An Inquiry and an Inquisition ... nquisition

'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief': What the Critics Are Saying ... ief-781002

Church of Scientology reportedly blackmailing John Travolta ... -travolta/

HBO’s Scientology Exposé Going Clear Is Jaw-Dropping ... expos.html

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief and The Wrecking Crew ... e-prison-o

Cults of personality in ‘Disconnection’
* NOTE: The play Disconnection continues to get good reviews... “Even though it appears to be a thinly disguised portrait of L. Ron Hubbard and the evolution of his Church of Scientology, it actually illustrates the insidious development of all sorts of disturbing cults of this kind.”


Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
*NOTE: This article appears in the printed copy as well.

The wife of Scientology's leader has allegedly been missing for 9 years, but HBO's new documentary doesn't address it ... ary-2015-3

New Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Outs John Travolta. Again. ... n-20150313

Review: Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear' Exposes The Horrors Of The Religion ... ew_hbo.php


HBO’s Scientology exposé gaining hype before premiere ... -premiere/

Scientology's Final Say On 'Going Clear' ... ear-781242

Scientology Fires Back At 'Going Clear': More Lies Than Bill O'Reilly ... _clear.php ... /51573.htm

6 insane ways the Church of Scientology has tried to silence its critics ... s-critics/

'Going Clear' explores the finances of Scientology ... cientology

‘Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief’ needs to go deeper ... story.html

‘Going Clear’ unites voices against Scientology ... ientology/ ... 80cf3.html ... ientology/ ... 9beed.html

The wife of Scientology's leader has allegedly been missing for 9 years, but HBO’s new documentary doesn't address it ... 7/-1/news/

Church of Scientology SLAMS Alex Gibney’s Documentary ‘Going Clear’ One Last Time ... t-time.htm

Business leaders welcome Subway's plan to move to town, and Scientology book shop at key site ... story.html

Was Pablo Picasso a Scientologist? ... ist-277368

'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief': A scary documentary ... 1.10053300


New Documentary Suggests John Travolta Was Blackmailed By Scientology Over His Sexuality ... sexuality/

Why John Travolta and Tom Cruise Can't Leave Scientology: HBO Documentary 'Going Clear' Explains ... /51488.htm

Bart & Fleming: On Alex Gibney’s HBO Scientology Documentary And Tom Cruise ... 201392231/

21 famous Church of Scientology members ... ts-2015-3/

Federal judge sides with Scientology on refund issue ... ue/2221549

Scientology mounts media offensive against upcoming HBO documentary ... ex-gibney/

“Going Clear:” Scientology’s coverup efforts against the HBO documentary ... ent-194955

Match the statement about Scientology to the star – quiz ... oing-clear

Former high-ranking Scientologist: “Thetans have no gender” ... no_gender/

Scientology NOT taking over Blockbuster ... ockbuster/

Inside the Church of Scientology’s planned $6 million Perth headquarters ... 7267862133
*NOTE: This is a puff piece about the new “ideal org” in Perth complete with computer generated renderings of the various areas inside the building. The comments below the article however, express the feelings of people having the cult in their neighborhood and the comments are NOT pretty.

Pitkin County Jail inmate settles Scientology case in federal court ... tion=News/

Scientology’s enturbulating lingo ... story.html

'Clear' and Present Danger: Alex Gibney on His Bold Scientology Doc ... c-20150319
*NOTE: This article appears in the printed copy of as well.

Tom and Katie; They’re Not Fighting Over Scientology… THEY JUST HATE EACH OTHER ... -fighting/
*NOTE: Snort! Of course they are fighting because of Scientology! Duh!

Extreme Discipline To Private Investigators—13 Shocking Revelations From Scientology Tell-All Movie ‘Going Clear’ ... 42/netseer

The Church of Scientology: The Truth Behind the Mysterious Religion ... -religion/

Scientology Takes Aim at 'Going Clear' Documentary ... ry-n325256

The List: Surprise! I used to be a Scientologist! ... ogist.html

HBO Going Clear documentary unites voices against Scientology ... cientology

Going Clear is a ‘must-see’ Scientology documentary ... tology-doc

Is David Beckham on the Scientology hit list? ... y-hit-list

Reason For Tom Cruise Split? Scientology Leader David Miscavige Once Vowed ‘Too Catholic’ Penelope Cruz ‘Had To Go,’ Clams Ex-Church Member ... pe-cruise/

Penelope Cruz ‘Too Catholic’ for Tom Cruise? Ex-Scientology Member Spills Details! ... etails.htm

On Libel And The Law, U.S. And U.K. Go Separate Ways ... arate-ways


HBO debuts Scientology doc 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

Scientology’s Sneaky Google Ads Slam HBO Documentary? ... itics.html

Meet the Hairdresser Who Claims Scientology Is Trying to Ruin Her Business ... siness-873

Greenhaus, Scientology buildings demolished for downtown Phoenix apartments ... -community

‘Going Clear’ Review: Scientology Uncovered In Startling Documentary ... review.htm

The Church of Scientology has taken to the internet to refute damning accusations in a new HBO documentary ... 7276770275

Fear and Loathing of the Religious, From Christians to Scientologists ... 28974.html

Here's Why The New Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Calls Out Tom Cruise ... 30660.html

The Church Of Scientology is bad at Twitter ... t-twitter/

Tom Cruise ‘irresponsible’ for ignoring Scientology abuse claims: ‘Going Clear’ director ... se-claims/

Why Scientology’s Cone of Silence Shattered ... tered.html

Director Paul Haggis Blows Lid Off Scientology In Bombshell Essay ... ing-clear/

HBO Doc Shines New Light on Scientology ... new_l.html

HBO’s 'Going Clear' Is a Perfect Scientology Primer ... mer-316567

A Few Unexpected Revelations About Scientology That We Learn In ‘Going Clear’ ... velations/

'Going Clear' documentary targets Scientology ... /70446246/

HBO Going Clear film, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, trapped in Scientology ... cientology

Did Scientology Threaten ‘Going Clear’ Directory Alex Gibney On Twitter? ... er-1859436

Tom Cruise blasted by Scientology expose director for refusing to comment on 'tapping Nicole Kidman's phone and using underpaid workers from church to maintain his plane' ... plane.html

It's Not Easy Being Scientology ... gy/388634/

Scientology and Hollywood: Tom Cruise, John Travolta and the new “Going Clear” shockers ... ng_expose/

A 'South Park' episode from 2005 perfectly explains Scientology's unbelievable theory of how the world began ... ve-2015-3/

Scientology’s Tom Cruise feeling the heat from HBO Prison of Belief ... -of-belief

‘Going Clear’ review: Provocative, if one-sided, look at Scientology ... nd_th.html

HBO documentary 'Going Clear' tackles the question: Why Scientology? ... gy/2223024

Real, candid talk on Scientology in 'Going Clear’ ... 161380.php

Everything You Need To Read, Watch And Listen To Before Seeing Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' ... 34866.html

Will HBO's "Going Clear" Change The Church Of Scientology Forever? ... a&ir=Media

‘Going Clear’ documentary takes on Scientology ... 89183.html

Scientology doc Going Clear eviscerates the faithful, famous, and greedy ... l-f-216896

Eye-opening "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" on HBO ... son-belief

HBO’s Going Clear should be the final nail in Scientology’s coffin ... gys-coffin

Scientology slams HBO's 'Going Clear' film as 'bigoted propaganda' ... propaganda

The 6 Most Miraculous Things Scientology Has Ever Done (According to Scientologists) ... -done.html

HBO Documentary Exposes Scientology's Mass Abuses ... ass-abuses

The Shocking Documentary About Scientology You Have to See Is Coming to HBO ... ing-to-hbo

‘Going Clear’ review: Scathing Scientology documentary ... 1.10116171

Hammering at the walls ... ology-film

HBO Infiltrates Scientology with New Documentary ‘Going Clear’ ... ing-clear/

The Church of Scientology Is on a Twitter Rampage Against HBO's Going Clear ... itter-war/

HBO’s Scientology Documentary Uses The Church’s Own Tricks On Viewers ... actic-war/

Review: ‘Going Clear’ a revealing look at Scientology ... cientology

HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ details Scientology’s theater of the surreal ... arxml.html ... 95917.html

'Going Clear' takes critical aim at Church of Scientology ... /70549380/

'Going Clear,' 'Killing Jesus' and the enduring mysteries of faith ... 66059.html

How one woman climbed her way out of Scientology’s elite Sea Org ... e-sea-org/

Church Of Scientology Calls New HBO Documentary ‘Bigoted’ ... ry-bigoted ... cumentary/

Going Clear: HBO doc unites voices speaking out against Scientology ... ing-clear/

'The Scientology Story You Need To Hear ... ntologists

Alex Gibney Takes on Scientology ... 59428.html

Louis Theroux and BBC films to release Scientology documentary ... ntary.html

Did Scientologists Cause Nicole Kidman Divorce After Tom Cruise, John Travolta Gay Claims? ... ta-gay.htm

HBO's 'Going Clear' a exceptional glimpse into Scientology ... h3129.html

TV evaluation | Going Clear delves into church principles ... h3472.html

HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ a remarkable glimpse into Scientology ... olumn.html

Scientology doc 'Going Clear': Five takeaways ... h3520.html

Oscar Winner Paul Haggis on Scientology: “Miscavige was Following L. Ron Hubbard’s Cruel Playbook” ... l-playbook

HBO’s Scientology Movie “Going Clear” May Pose Big Problems for Tom Cruise, John Travolta ... n-travolta

Going Clear About Isaac Hayes and Scientology: The Real Story ... real-story

‘Strange Cult Causing Concern’: Scientology came to Dallas in 1956. Then, the questions. ... ions.html/

Review – Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... of-belief/

HBO's 'Going Clear' profiles former Scientologists ... /70542754/

Documentarian rejects Scientology objection ... /70608326/

HBO’s Scientology Documentary Uses The Church’s Own Tricks On Viewers ... actic-war/

Scientology's "Freedom Media Ethics" Twitter Account Shows How Scared They Are Of 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

Paul Haggis' Scientology Letter From 2009 Says A Lot — And You Didn't See All Of It In 'Going Clear' ... see-all-of

John Travolta Videos Of Him Talking About Scientology Are An Essential Supplement To 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

What Happens When You Leave Scientology? Here's What We Know From Those Who Left ... e-who-left

The Book That 'Going Clear,' The Scientology Documentary, Is Based On — And Its Most Shocking Allegations ... t-shocking

4 David Miscavige Videos That Offer A Rare Look At Scientology's Enigmatic Leader ... tic-leader

Tom Cruise Scientology Interview From 'Going Clear' In Full, Because You're Probably Going To Want To See The Entire Thing — VIDEO ... to-want-to

This David Miscavige Interview Is Most Of What We Know About The Enigmatic Leader — VIDEO ... ader-video

Where Is Shelly Miscavige, Wife Of Scientology Leader David Miscavige? She Hasn't Been Seen In 7 Years ... -seen-in-7

HBO Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear' Makes Some Serious Allegations Against The Church, But It Wouldn't Be The Only Church Accused of Violating Human Rights ... wouldnt-be

John Travolta's Friend Spanky Speaks Out In 'Going Clear' & Sheds Light On The Church & Travolta Being "Trapped" ... the-church

How Did David Miscavige Become Leader Of The Church Of Scientology? ... cientology

MUST SEE TV: HBO's "Going Clear" ... ar-2067927

HBO is reinventing documentary films for the 21st century ... y-20150329

HBO film takes ‘Clear’ aim at Scientology ... /150329388

Going Clear says Scientology is exactly as bad/weird/gross as you think it is ... oss-217210

HBO Offers Up Close Look At Scientology In New Documentary, "Going Clear" ... ar_4654508

Going Clear: Scientology Subjects That Didn’t Make Tonight’s HBO Documentary ... ocumentary

Why you need to see Going Clear, the new documentary on Scientology ... tology-hbo

Going Clear Review: HBO's Scientology Shocks, Startles And Enthralls ... 70989.html

Scientology Former Public Enemy No. 1 Is Still Spooked, 40 Years Later ... later.html

Alex Gibney on Going Clear’s Archival Scientology Footage, Using Drones, and Why More People Need to Speak Out Against the Church ... ology.html

Church of Scientology Buys Promoted Tweets to Battle HBO's 'Going Clear' Claims interest at 'an all-time high' ... ear-163752

The Church of Scientology is paying Twitter to combat critics of “Going Clear” ... ing_clear/

Why did L.A. name street after Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard? ... story.html

How Los Angeles Ended Up Geting An 'L. Ron Hubbard Way' ... tology.php

Jason Beghe: The TV Tough Guy Who Took on Scientology ... y-20150330
*NOTE: This article appears in the printed copy as well.

Going Clear & Getting Rough! Hollywood Reacts Strongly To HBO's Scientology Doc! ... -reactions

The Church Of Scientology had something to say about Going Clear, obviously ... g-c-217245

HBO's Scientology Doc, 'Going Clear,' Will Give You Paranoid Nightmares ... nightmares

We Watched A Creepy Documentary About Scientology So You Don’t Have To ... t-have-to/

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard told his wife he killed their daughter

Church of Scientology Denies Claim It Threatened Ex-Members Who Appear in HBO Doc

Scientology has a blackmail folder on John Travolta

How Scientology controls John Travolta and Tom Cruise, according to ‘Going Clear’ ... mbgql.html

How Scientology controls John Travolta and Tom Cruise, according to ‘Going Clear’ ... =rss_style ... mbgql.html

Documentary reveals how Scientology ‘controls’ John Travolta and Tom Cruise ... 7285768504

John Travolta Is "Scientology's Captive": Going Clear's Shocking Claims ... 1694509999

Church of Scientology keeps ‘blackmail’ file on John Travolta ... n-travolta

Scientology ‘Going Clear’ HBO Documentary Claims Include John Travolta Blackmail And Torture Of Members ... f-members/

HBO blows lid off of Scientology; Cruise, Travolta should stay off Twitter for a while! ... ile-191139

5 Scary Claims About Scientology From HBO's 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Scientology ... tology.php

7 Most Shocking Allegations Made Against Scientology In 'Going Clear' Documentary ... llegations

16 Things We Learned from the Shocking Scientology Doc Going Clear ... ing-facts/

The 6 Most Disturbing Moments from HBO’s Scientology Documentary Going Clear ... ng-moments

21 Insane Scientology Stories That Going Clear Left Out ... t-out.html

10 shocking quotes from 'Going Clear,' the book that HBO's explosive new Scientology documentary is based on ... ok-2015-3/

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10 Things We Learned From Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' ... r-20150330

More Scientology shockers: 5 astonishing revelations from “Going Clear” left out of the HBO film ... _hbo_film/

The Essential Numbers In HBO’s Bombshell Scientology Doc ... ology-doc/

HBO's Scientology Documentary "Going Clear" Resurfaces That Horrifying Story of Tom Cruise Grooming a Girlfriend ... d-groomed/

“Tom Cruise is scum”: Read people’s stunned reactions to Scientology documentary “Going Clear” ... ing_clear/

Tom Cruise: Documentary Going Clear attempts to shed controversial light on Scientology ... gy-1494234

*NOTE: This is a satire and VERY FUNNY with many appropriate animated GIFs. Tom Cruise will hate it.

HBO's 'Going Clear' Documentary Criticized For Lacking Corroboration And False Statements; Church Of Scientology Says Religious Groups Never Harmed Its Ex Members ... tology.htm

Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear:’ All the Juicy Bits fro Those Who Haven’t Seen It Yet! ... _clear_all

The Most Shocking Allegations In Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' ... le/5405810

‘Going Clear’ Scientology Documentary Draws Strong Hollywood Reactions: ‘Crazy,’ ‘Stunned,’ ‘Terrifying’ ... errifying/

Leah Remini Reaches Out to HBO Filmmakers, Thanks Them for Scientology Documentary ... ry-2015-03

Leah Remini Thanks HBO Scientology Filmmakers for Helping 'Those Who Didn't Have a Voice' ... ocumentary

Leah Remini Thanks HBO Filmmakers for Scientology Documentary ... ilmmakers/

Leah Remini Applauds Going Clear Filmmakers, Calls Scientology Documentary "Brave" ... ar-2015303 ... cumentary/

Leah Remini commends 'Going Clear' filmmakers for exposing Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini Praises HBO Scientology Documentary, Calls ‘Going Clear’ Brave ... ear-brave/

Leah Remini Shows Support for Scientology Documentary, Applauds ''Brave'' Going Clear Filmmakers ... filmmakers

Leah Remini THANKS 'Going Clear' Filmmakers On Twitter: Happy 'The Truth' Is Being Told About Controversial Religion Of The Stars ... -stars.htm

What Does Former Scientologist Leah Remini Think Of 'Going Clear?' ... st-leah-re

Leah Remini & Lisa Marie Presley Diss Scientology After ‘Brave’ HBO Documentary ... cumentary/

Read the moving letter director Paul Haggis sent Leah Remini after she left Scientology in 2013 ... ogy-2015-3

Church of Scientology Calls Claims in HBO Documentary Going Clear “Ludicrous” ... ERTAINMENT

What we learned about Scientology in ‘Going Clear’ ... story.html

New Scientology Documentary Shocking Claims ... ng-claims/

The Most Chilling Parts of HBO's Scientology Documentary Going Clear ... logy-recap

CLAIM: Scientology Threatening Documentary Participants with Blackmail and Violence ... -violence/

Why So Many Celebrities Are Scientologists: Going Clear, Revealing New HBO Doc, Holds Clues ... oing_clear

L. Ron Hubbard and the O.T.O. ... the-o-t-o/

HBO Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Drops the Hammer on Scientology ... ientology/

Going Clear: Disturbing allegations the documentary made about Scientology ... cientology

More Scientology Secrets Revealed In Bombshell IRS Documents — Church Spent $1.2M On Lobbying Alone ... -lobbying/

Audit This: The Most Disturbing Scientology Stories of the Last Decade ... 1694435486

How Twitter Reacted to ‘Going Clear’ ... lear/51272

'Going Clear' Production Company Receives Mass Amounts Of Letters From Church Of Scientology After HBO Premiere ... er-1864052

Paul Haggis speaks clearly on Scientology and 'Going Clear' ... learl.php/

The essential numbers in HBO’s bombshell Scientology doc ... doc-2015-3

Will Going Clear Sink Tom Cruise? ... om-cruise/

Flashback: How Tom Cruise Turned His Mom into a Scientology Nanny ... logy-nanny

Scientology Documentary: Shelly Miscavige Missing — Film Leaves Out Mystery Of Church Leader’s Wife ... ders-wife/

Documentary reveals how Scientology ‘controls’ John Travolta and Tom Cruise ... 7285768504

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief Reviews ... 5/reviews/

HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ documentary on Scientology sparks debate ... story.html

'Going Clear' hits hard against Scientology ... 53345.html

Nazanin Boniadi’s Terrifying Relationship With Tom Cruise And The Church Of Scientology Is Exposed In HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ ... ing-clear/

Dead Canadians, Defrauded Californians, And Scientology’s Huge, Weird Win In Court ... y-matters/

Why it's so hard to beat Scientology ... cb7fd.html

How Scientology's classic 4-step recruiting process convinced one 21-year-old to join ... rvwHjZiIg-

This Is One Of The Most Shocking Scientology Stories Not In 'Going Clear' ... 72060.html

After Watching 'Going Clear' on HBO, I`m Glad I`ve Managed to Always Dodge Scientology! ... ology.html

Two parties named in lawsuit against Albion rehab facility file for dismissal over jurisdiction ... ismis.html

HBO's Going Clear Exposes Scientology Tactics, Wealth, And IRS Church Status ... ch-status/

Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Raises New Questions About Church’s Tax-Exempt Status ... pt-status/

Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Raises New Questions About Church’s Tax-Exempt Status ... pt-status/

More Scientology Secrets Revealed In Bombshell IRS Documents — Church Spent $1.2M On Lobbying Alone ... -lobbying/

Recommended Reading: The Local Roots Of Scientology’s David Miscavige ... iscaviage/

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the town Scientology built - where Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley rule with vast estates while Sea Org members live six-to-a-room and pay $100k to learn super powers ... aign=1490/

Scientology Going Clear Documentary’s SHOCKING Allegations Include Blackmail, Wiretapping And Even Torture ... orture.htm

Why Breaking Up With Scientology Is Hard to Do ... ationships

Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Could Cause Problems For Tom Cruise At Box Office For 'Mission: Impossible 5' ... on-1865306

Scientology Exposé 'Going Clear' Is HBO's Biggest Doc Premiere in Almost a Decade ... -is-785556

HBO Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Converts 1.7 Million Viewers, Best in 9 Years ... n-viewers/

HBO's Scientology documentary Going Clear turns into ratings magnet ... mcf2x.html

HBO Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Clocks 1.65M Viewers In Premiere ... 201402423/

'I was freaking out': Radio host Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald reveals the terrifying moment he found himself alone in a dark basement after he was persuaded by a U.S. actress to visit Church of Scientology ... ement.html ... ology.html ... 7286867702 ... logy-12031

Scientology Twitter Campaign Timed With Critical Documentary Gets Predictable Results ... ts-1865634 ... ly-clumsy/

Shelly Miscavige and 4 other Scientology scandals 'Going Clear' didn't address ... s-2015-03/

L. Ron Hubbard the Magickian? ... s-2015-03/

Jeb Bush has had a few run-ins with Scientology ... gy-2015-3/
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - MARCH

MARCH (continued):


Alex Gibney, Paul Haggis, Lawrence Wright
Interviewed live by Times contributor Logan Hill
Go behind the scenes of the compelling new HBO Documentary Film “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” which premiered at Sundance this year and will air on HBO March 16: Academy Award® winning writer and director Alex Gibney (“Taxi to the Dark Side”), Pulitzer Prize–winning author Lawrence Wright who wrote the book, and Oscar–winning writer–director–producer Paul Haggis, who appears in the film. “Going Clear” profiles former members of the church of Scientology, whose adherents include A–list Hollywood celebrities, shining a light on how the church cultivates true believers, including their experiences and what they are willing to do in the name of religion. ... nce_wright

CBS News This Morning
Documentary “Going Clear” examines Church of Scientology
An upcoming HBO documentary has sparked months of controversy. "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," which includes interviews with several former church members, is being criticized by the Church of Scientology as "one-sided" and "dishonest." The film's director Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose book the film is based on, join "CBS This Morning" to discuss the documentary. ... ntology-2/

9 News Australia
A Current Affair
Scientology launches new legal action against rural NSW residents
The war being waged in the suburbs between families and the Church of Scientology. At issue, the controversial church's march into residential areas and community campaigns against it. ... hab-centre

Good Morning America
ABC News
Scientology Fights Back Against New Documentary ... y-29636727

Scientology's media war against new documentary
CNN Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter talks to Alex Gibney, director of the upcoming 'Going Clear' documentary, about the church of Scientology's media offensive against the film. ... -media.cnn

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Going Clear's Alex Gibney Explains the Origin of Scientology
How Scientology became a tax-exempt religion.

NBC News
Ex-Scientologist Speaks Out
Marty Rathbun says he has been harassed by the Church of Scientology since leaving. ... ut-n326251

NBC News
Ex-Scientologist: I ordered Nicole Kidman phone tap
Marty Rathbun, a former member of the Church of Scientology, tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about what he endured while a member, saying he was forced into a church "prison camp." He also says that it was he who ordered Nicole Kidman’s phone to be tapped, after he was instructed to do so by a superior.

All In with Chris Hayes
Oscar-winning documentarian takes on Scientology
Chris Hayes interviews Alex Gibney, director of “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” and expose on the inner workings of the secretive Church of Scientology. The Church denied the film’s claims as “propaganda” in a statement to NBC News. ... 7105987577

FOX News
The Kelly File
Megyn Kelly interviews Mike Rinder. ... 4949842001

Fairfax Virginia local cable access
Road to Reason – A Skeptic’s Guide to the 21st Century
Interview with ex-Scientologist and ex member of the Sea Org, Chris Shelton and investigative journalist, Mark Ebner. They discuss Alex Gibney’s documentary ‘Going Clear’ and Scientology in general.

Inside Edition
Scientology ‘Going Clear’ doc claims Church of Scientology is blackmailing John Travolta ... n-travolta

HuffPost Live
Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani interviews Tony Ortega on Scientology being called a cult


Talk 910 – KKSF AM
San Francisco’s Talk Station
Gil Gross Show -
Tony Ortega talks about how the Church the upcoming HBO documentary where it sheds light on what goes on in Scientology. ... d=27177062
* NOTE: Tony Ortega at the 17:45 minute mark.

89.3 KPCC – by Air Talk
Former Scientologist featured in new documentary 'Going Clear'
Is it a religion or a cult? New Yorker journalist Lawrence Wright takes on the Church of Scientology alongside renowned documentarian Alex Gibney in the upcoming HBO documentary film "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," based on Wright's book of the same name. ... mentary-g/
Surviving Scientology Episode 28 with Mareka Brousseau
Third-generation Scientologist Mareka Brousseau discusses how she learned of her grandmother's suicide years after the event. ... brousseau/

790 KABC
Jen Heger of Radar Online reviews Going Clear (at 21.:30).

WBAI – New York City
In Other News
Tony Ortega interviewed. ... 150323.mp3

Aerial View with Chris T.
Chris T. is joined by special guest Tony Ortega, executive editor of Raw Story and former editor of the Village Voice, who's been investigating Scientology for twenty years and whose website The Underground Bunker documents the outrages of the "Church". Tony's new book - The Unbreakable Miss Lovely - is about the journalist Paulette Cooper, who exposed inner workings of the church only to experience Scientology's full wrath in a coordinated "Fair Game" campaign to ruin her life.

CBC Radio – Canada
Ex-Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder on 'Going Clear'
A new HBO documentary, directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Alex Gibney, documents allegations by former Church of Scientology members.

All Things Considered
The filmmaker of Going Clear, which is critical of the church, says the documentary treats the dangers of “blind faith.” Scientology officials have hit back with their own public relations effort. ... =395604782

WNPR – Connecticut
The Scramble Goes Clear
Mark Ebner, who has written extensively about Scientology, is interviewed.


Special screening of ‘Going Clear’ in Austin, TX
Q&A session after the movie with Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - APRIL


Neil deGrasse Tyson Defends Scientology—and the Bush Administration’s Science Record ... ecord.html

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Kinda-Sorta Defending Scientology ... ing-clear/

Neil DeGrasse Tyson surprisingly defends Scientology: 'Why aren't they a religion?' ... y-religion

Neil deGrasse Tyson Sticks Up for Scientology: ‘Believe Whatever You Want’ ... ientology/

‘Going Clear’ is one of the creepiest movies of the year ... -year.html

Revelations in HBO’s Scientology documentary ‘Going Clear’ may crimp Tom Cruise’s career ... es-career/

Russell Brand rejected by the Church of Scientology because Tom Cruise 'thought he was too much of a troublemaker' ... 50818.html

HBO Documentary Exposes Scientology ... ientology/

Why Leah Remini left Scientology after 30 years with the church ... gy-2015-4/

Going Clear: is O.T.O. a “black magic cult”? ... agic-cult/

The crazy story of how Scientology allegedly once groomed a girlfriend for Tom Cruise – and then tore them apart ... 6/-1/news/

10 Bizarre Snapshots From The World Of Scientology ... ientology/

I just watched five hours of Scientology DVDs and this is what I learned ... z3WBg8BGlk

Here’s why everyone is talking about Scientology this week ... ml#FvsRASy

Tom Cruise must ditch the vile cult of Scientology NOW before Hollywood ‎ditches him ... z3WC9Ya6Uz ... drops-you/ ... an-1494796

Leave my cable alone, Scientology ... cientology

6 reasons to join Scientology immediately after watching HBO's 'Going Clear' ... story.html
* NOTE: This is a satire.

A Guide To Scientology's Most Ostentatious Real Estate ... al-estate/

More Scientology Secrets Revealed In Bombshell IRS Documents — Church Spent $1.2M On Lobbying Alone ... -lobbying/

Scientologists Reportedly Deem Member ‘Suppressive Person’ For Watching Leah Remini On ‘DWTS’ ... mini-dwts/

Alex Gibney on Scientology’s culture of “vitriol and hate”: “If you do leave, they go after you hard” ... _you_hard/

How Scientology almost ruined Tom Cruise's career and 'Mission: Impossible' saved it ... 800342.cms ... 5/-1/news/ ... 5/-1/news/

'Going Clear' Proves That L. Ron Hubbard's "Religion" Is More Ruse Than Revelation ... of-belief/

A look at the many faces of the Church of Scientology ... -post.html

Oscars: 'Going Clear' Leads Host of Strong Doc Contenders From Year's First-Quarter ... ost-785852

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... 31b6b.html

Scientology affiliates plan recovery center at historic retreat ... mode=story

Former Scientologists Speak Out Against Church in Wake of HBO Documentary ... ry/133786/

Brilliant SNL Fake Ad Ridicules Scientology’s Creepy Underbelly ... religions/

SNL Sends Up Scientology in Hilarious Video, with Bobby Moynihan as L Ron Hubbard Las Vegas Blog ... n-hubbard/

The ‘SNL’ Scientology Parody Video Combines The 90’s and “Neurotology,” And It Is Amazing ... is-amazing

Watch SNL’s Scathing Scientology Satire ‘Church of Neurotology’ ... 201404569/

'SNL's' Scientology spoof is damning and hilarious ... -hilarious

SNL skewers Scientology in brilliant “Always Believe” music video ... sic_video/

SNL Pulls a ‘Going Clear’ and Goes After Scientology

Saturday Night Live Goes After Scientology, Clearly ... video.html

Saturday Night Live Mocks Scientology in "Neurotology Music Video" Sketch: Watch Now! ... tch-201554

“SNL” Spoofed An Aged Scientology Music Video clip And It Was Remarkable ... h7662.html ... h6505.html

"SNL" Takes Aim at Scientology with Hilarious Music Video ... sic-video/

‘SNL’ Spoofed Church of Scientology With A Scathing Fake Ad ... 06738.html

SNL Scientology Parody ‘Neurotology’ YouTube Music Video Gains Buss Online ... ine-video/

‘SNL’ Spoofed Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ With A Scathing Phony Ad ... h7709.html

SNL glibly mocks Scientology’s creepy history with annotated musical parody ... cal-parody

SNL mocks Scientology, where 'religion and science are intertwined' ... ientology/

‘Saturday Night Live’s’ Scientology paroday music video is hilariously spot-on ... n-2015-04/


SNL Finally Sends Up Scientology in the Sing-Along “Neurotology” Music Video ... music.html

SNL’s ‘Nerotology’ Skit Puts Musical Spin on Scientology ... ology-skit

‘SNL’ Slams Scientology With Scathing Skit About Missing Members ... rcref=rss/

Watch SNL Take on Scientology With ‘Church of Neurotology’

Saturday Night Live Is No Longer Afraid of Scientology ... ogy-video/

SNL Puts Sweet Ending on HBO’s Disturbing Scientology Doc ... ology-doc/

SNL comedians take on the Church of Scientology ... 5-Apr2015/

‘Saturday Night Live’ Goes Clear With Spoof Video ‘Church Of Neurotology’ ... y-20150406

Here’s What the Cast of SNL Would Look Like as Demented Scientologists ... 1695930803

‘We Stand Tall’: This Is The 1990 Video ‘SNL’ Just Eviscerated ... iscerated/

Scientologists Want to Bring a New Church to Printer's Row ... hicago.php

Everyone Is Making Fun Of Scientology Again After HBO’s Controversial ‘Going Clear’ Doco ... doco/54538

A new Church of Scientology is coming to Chicago ... to-chicago


'Going Clear' review: Alex Gibney tries to clear smoke around Scientology ... cientology

The Scientology-Approved Version Of 'Going Clear' ...

Senator Nick Xenophon asks regulator to consider revoking Church of Scientology’s registration as a charity ... 7296188357

Scientology and Elisabeth Moss: What the “Mad Men” star isn’t talking about in interviews ... nterviews/

Priscilla Presley’s Affair With Scientology Lover Creates Major Scandal Behind The Scenes ... r-exposed/

Scientology Drug Scandal! Church Paid More Than $500K To Defend Controversial Rehabs – READ The Tax Documents ... egal-fees/

County delays vote on Scientology-affiliated drug rehab center ... a7e4b.html

Meet Scientology’s lobbyist who works the halls of Congress for the church ... ist-2015-4

John Travolta happy with Scientology, won’t see ‘Going Clear’ ... ar/2224359

John Travolta definitely won't be watching new Scientology documentary ... 22810.html ... cumentary/

Jett Travolta: John Travolta Says He Wouldn’t Have Made It Through His Son’s Death Without “Beautiful” Scientology ... gy-2015-04 ... logy-jett/

Scientology head’s father was spied on, police report says ... story.html

Scientology’s David Miscavige – P.I. Tells Cops… Tom Cruise Funds Everything!

Scientology: A criminal enterprise ... 302534.txt

The founder of Scientology has one of the strangest US Navy records ever ... rds-2015-4 ... 53311.html

Marty Rathbun Is Scientology’s Public Enemy No. 1. And He’s Okay with That. ... interview/

Tom Cruise’s Odd Scientology Bromance ... mance.html

How much does Scientology pocket from its tax exempt status?

Scientology's meager tax bill ... -tax-bill/

Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology: "Scientologists Run Tom's Life" ... ife-201584

Scientology spying claims latest in decades of controversy, accusations ... story.html

HBO still hasn't heard from Scientology lawyers for 'Going Clear' ... r0915story ... ing-clear/

Scientologists Deny Allegations of Harassing IRS to Gain Tax-Exempt Status Seen in "Going Clear" ... ar-137236/

Op-Ed by 'Going Clear' filmmaker: Scientology abuses its tax-exempt status ... tml#page=1
* NOTE: This op-ed (opinion editorial) is by director Alex Gibney.

'Going Clear' Director Calls for End to Scientology Tax-Exempt Status in Op-Ed ... end-787965

Going Clear's Alex Gibney Says Scientology Shouldn't Be Tax-Exempt ... 1697237311

'Going Clear' Director Calls for End to Scientology Tax-Exempt Status in Op-Ed ... end-787965

Going Clear’ director demands IRS repeal Scientology’s tax-exempt status ... exemption/

‘Going Clear’ Director Calls on IRS to Revoke Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status ... pt-status/

Going Clear director Alex Gibney: end Scientology tax exemption ... -exemption

‘Going Clear’ Filmmaker Calls for Revocation of Scientology’s Tax-Exempt Status ... status.htm

Scientologists Should be The First “Church” to Lose Tax Exemption; Set New Standards ... standards/

Watch Out Scientology, ‘Going Clear 2’ Is in the Works! Filmmaker Teases of Plenty of ‘Cutting Room Floor’ Footage ... -released/

Scientology leader spied on his dad ‘no matter where he went’ ... nt/2224868 ... spy-father ... 65111.html ... s-secrets/ ... church.htm ... s-own-dad/

David Miscavige Also Hired Fake Friends for His Suppressive Dad ... 13010.html

Scientology’s Jersey Shore roots: Religion got its start at the Shore ... art_i.html

Scientology secrets exposed ... ts_exposed

Scientology Leader Sabotaged Tom Cruise’s First Marriage To Mimi Rogers ... ientology/

Alex Gibney blasts Scientology: “The 1st Amendment should not be a smokescreen to hide human rights abuses” ... ts_abuses/

Scientology film ‘Going Clear’ proves wildly popular for HBO ... -20150413/

HBO scientology film proves popular for network ... r-network/

HBO says scientology film approaching 6 million viewers ... n-viewers/

‘Going Clear’ Is On Pace To Become HBO’s Second-Most Watched Documentary Of The Decade ... he-decade/

HBO scientology film proves popular for network ... 009/sports

The Going Clear Scientology Documentary Has Been Watched By A Ton Of People ... 71325.html

Russell Crowe Knew Tom Cruise Was A 'Very Cool Guy' After They Discussed Scientology ... 42744.html

“Scientology Is Not A White Religion”: Black Celebrities Who’ve Studied It Or Are Proud Members ... -believed/

Tour L.A.’s $400-Million Scientology Campus {Just Don’t Go Inside) ... ures#slide

Babbitt & Johnson and Weil Quaranta Law Firms Challenge Scientology’s Religious Status in Federal Court


Scientology Feud Exposed! Tom Cruise Secretly Slammed John Travolta To Church Leaders, According To Blockbuster New Video ... eld-earth/
* NOTE: This video is NOT new but is in fact, more than four years old.

Unpicking John Travolta

Elisabeth Moss: The Scientologist at Your Daughter's Graduation ... -your.html

L. Ron Obama and the Church of Progressivism ... ressivism/

Paul Haggis Says Scientology Spy Pretended To Be A TIME Reporter ... report.php

Paul Haggis Claims a Scientology Spy Posed as a Time Magazine Reporter Requesting an Interview ... ogy-789518

Scientology spy pretending to be a Time reporter tries to interview Paul Haggis ... ul_haggis/

Scientology Posed as ‘Time’ Journalist to Spy on Paul Haggis ... ul-haggis/

Did A Scientology Member Pose As A Reporter To Spy On Paul Haggis? ... ul-haggis/

Thetan Hatin’! From Tom & Katie To Kirstie & Maksim — Hollywood Stars Face Off Over Controversial Scientology Beliefs ... o/1038054/

This Viral Facebook Video About Mental Health Is Scientology Propaganda ... 1698255782

Before You Share This Viral Video, Know It Is Scientology Propaganda ... nda/928786

Secrets of the Scientologists: Why people do horrible things for belief ... or_belief/

Sectes La France Baisse La Garde
[Cults: France drops its guard] ... 834/#!/0_0
* NOTE: This newspaper is in French only. For an overview of the article, visit…
Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker - ... delicieux/
Jonny Jacobsen’s Infinite Complacency - ... ir-ii.html

Swiss less religious but more interested in sects ... s/41385760

Tom Cruise ‘Funding’ Scientology, Claims Son Of P.I. Caught With Six Guns & 2,000 Rounds Of Ammo ... ey-church/

Tom Cruise ‘funds the church’ PI on Scientology payroll tells cops ... -1.2189801 ... h5088.html ... h7352.html

David Love apologizes to First Nations people for False Data Stripping ... &sid=15242

TV ‘exposure’ of Scientology halted by UK libel law split ... oing-clear

Hard-hitting Scientology documentary slammed by John Travolta unlikely to be aired in UK due to Northern Ireland libel law ... l-law.html

Scientology documentary may never be broadcast in UK due to outdated libel law ... 87893.html

Scientology warns UK TV against airing documentary ... ocumentary

U.K. TV Airing of Scientology Exposé 'Going Clear' in Doubt ... pos-789997

New Scientology Documentary Banned In UK For Fears Of Libel Claims ... el-claims/

Robinson unapologetic on libel law, despite Scientology move ... -1-6703968

John Travolta: 'Scientology not understood,' targeted because it 'works' and 'take time and read a book' ... story.html ... -film.html ... -watch-now ... cs-2015-04 ... nderstood/ ... -time-and/ ... od-2015-04 ... f_his_son/ ... e/26093663 ... -a-e-book/ ... logy-drama ... 1699069322 ... eral-times

Scientology blasts Paul Haggis’ spy claims: Story is fabricated ... interview/

Why isn't the Church of Scientology paying its downtown tax bill? ... id=5099594

Local residents dispute historic nature of Trout Run ... 5ad2d.html
* NOTE: This is a proposed location for a Narconon facility.

Scientology-backed rehab network seeks to prove Maryland site near Camp David 'historic' so that it can build treatment center that costs up to $30,000 a month ... month.html

Frederick Council delays vote on Scientology-backed rehab center ... story.html

Scientology-Affiliated Rehab Center Tabled ... jQGFr4aMgg

Decision Delayed Once Again On Trout Run Property ... t-13523906

County Council again postpones decision on potential Scientology-affiliated center ... 697a5.html

Scientology seeking to open Narconon in Maryland has public up in arms ... ic-up-arms

OPINION: ‘Going Clear’ and the Church of Scientology ... ology.html

City records show Scientology is barely doing any renovation work at 1801 Grand (or they may be doing it without a permit) ... t-a-permit

What Scientology Is Trying To Hide! Inside Scientology’s House of Horrors! ... rying-hide
* NOTE: This article is front page on the printed newsstand version.

Scientology retaliates against filmmaker investigating church by making a documentary about him ... oux-2015-4

Scientologists are planning to do a documentary on Louis Theroux ... 362956.htm

Louis Theroux to be the subject of new documentary made by Scientologists ... gists/2776

Scientology is making a documentary about a 'nervous', but 'excited' Louis Theroux ... ry-5571277

‘Theroux the Looking-Glass’? Scientologists are ‘making a documentary about Louis Theroux’ ... x-5164237/

Church Of Scientology Making A Documentary about Louis Theroux ... 7319362822 ... oux/229735 ... 60797.html ... 221499.php ... rch-791222 ... s-theroux/ ... 138834.php ... story.html

“Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” sheds new light on the religion ... -religion/

Robinson unapologetic on libel law, despite Scientology move ... -1-6703968

2015 Is HBO's Amazing, Unbelievable Year for Documentaries ... docs-2015/

Scientology uncovered ... 418118.ece

Director Brad Bird Praises Tom Cruise At Tribeca Film Festival; Janeane Garofalo Jokes About Scientology ... es-1896630

Scientology have sent Louis Theroux a folder of testimonials on leader David Miscavige ... 363270.htm

Scientology deserves its tax exemption ... story.html
* NOTE: This letter to the editor was written by Co$ attorney, Monique Yingling, and appeared in the Readers React section.

What Scientologists Don’t Want You To Know About Katie Holms and Tom Cruise’s Divorce ... s-divorce/

Review: 'TomKat Project' skewers Scientology celebs ... /26468259/

This weeks TV: The Scientology doc that’s breaking the internet ... 13953.html

Die Wunderwaffe von Scientology
[The Silver Bullet of Scientology] ... 04262.html
Translation of webpage from German to English - ... 04262.html

Video: Improv Is A Fate Worse Than Scientology ... than_s.php

Lifting the lid on Scientology's fatally woo version of rehab ... ology.html

Tina Knowles Converts To Scientology After Marrying Richard Lawson ... report.htm

Jay Z And Beyoncé: The Scientology Link! ... ology-link

Going Clear: the film Scientologists don’t want you to see ... you-to-see
* NOTE: Written by British investigative journalist, John Sweeney, and maker of BBC TV shows – ‘Scientology and Me’ and ‘ The Secrets of Scientology’.
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - APRIL

APRIL (continued):


FOX News
The Kelly File
Megyn Kelly interviews Mike Rinder on the fallout over HBO’s ‘Going Clear’

KVVU-TV Las Vegas
Church of Scientology's statement in response to "Going Clear" documentary ... ocumentary

Targeted by Scientology: A reporter’s story ... -story.cnn

David Letterman
'Going Clear' Sketch: "When You Want Science Mixed with Geology, the Answer Is Scientology" ... ht_parody/ ... tch-786229 ... ientology/ ... doc-video/

The Insider
Former Scientologists Speak Out Against Church ... 42171.html

Must-See Late Night Clip: Letterman Takes on Scientology ... ientology/

TheLipTV – Media Mahem
Going Clear with Scientology Member Turned Whistleblower Tom Devocht -
How to Lose 30 Years in Scientology
After 30 years in the Church of Scientology member Tom DeVocht left the church. His inclusion in HBO documentary Going Clear is discussed, and the reasons he broke his billion-year contract with the Sea Org are detailed. How children are used by the Church, and the drastic hold the group has on its members is explained in this Media Mayhem interview clip.

NBC – Saturday Night Live
Neurotology Music Video
Followers of Neurotology star in a music video that sings the religion's praises in this Scientology parody.
* NOTE: For an extra treat, check out Tony Ortega’s screenshot rundown. ... nd-images/

CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
Scientology with Tony Ortega, Paulette Cooper, Tory Christman and Steve Hassan.

Entertainment Tonight
Is Scientology Keeping Tom Cruise From Seeing Suri? ... eing_suri/

David Letterman
Dave In “Going Clear”

Daily Edition – Australia
Bryan Seymour interviews Tom DeVocht. ... peaks-out/

Comedy Central
Tosh. O – Scientology
Daniel offers his take on HBO's "Going Clear" and throws his hat in the ring to be the new celebrity face of Scientology. ... ientology/

WZVN – Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Florida
John Travolta won't see Going Clear, calls Scientology "beautiful" ... -beautiful

NBC News
Ex-Scientologist Speaks Out
Marty Rathbun says he has been harassed by the Church of Scientology since leaving. ... ut-n326251

NBC News
Cops: Scientology leader’s father was tracked
Official police documents reveal that private detectives say they were hired to track leader David Miscavige’s father. The church calls the report a lie. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell
More allegations against the Church of Scientology
Tony Ortega, who has extensively written about Scientology, joins The Last Word to discuss new allegations against the Church that include spying on the father of the current leader David Miscavige. ... 5932355710

CNN Money
HBO still hasn't heard from Scientology lawyers for 'Going Clear' ... .cnnmoney/ ... ing-clear/

WZVN – Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Florida
HBO still hasn't heard from Scientology lawyers for 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

One America News Network – San Diego
On Point with Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren "Goes Clear" with Ex-Scientologist

Investigation Discovery Network
Dangerous Persuasions
That Was It, I Had To Get Out Of The Scientology Compound
After being stripped of all authority and watching David Miscavige's burst of violence, Marty Rathbun decides it's time to escape from the Scientology Compound. ... -compound/
They Used Auditing Sessions Against The Members When They Tried To Leave
When a person tried to leave or 'Blow' from Scientology, their auditing sessions along with their credit card or bank information were used to track them down. The last option to bring a person back was the 'severe reality adjustment.' ... -compound/
* NOTE: Both video clips feature Marty Rathbun and Claire Headley.

Investigation Discovery Network
Dangerous Persuasions
A Scientologist’s Escape (full episode)
Mark signs a billion year contract with the Church of Scientology, convinced it will help cure his mentally ill brother. He climbs the ranks becoming one of its most elite officers. But Mark is increasingly exposed to the dark, violent side of the church. ... ts-escape/

FOX 5 – Washington DC
Church of Scientology seeking to open drug rehab facility in Frederick County ... b-facility

Watching the Hawks RT
L. Ron Hubbard’s Own Family Speaks Out Against Scientology – Interview with Jamie Dewolf
Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace talk to Jamie Dewolf, Great Grandson of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, about the HBO documentary ‘Going Clear’.

Studio 10 - Australia
THE 'CHARITY' OF SCIENTOLOGY: Senator Nick Xenophon moves to revoke Church’s charity status

teleBasel – Switzerland
Dani von Watternwyl reporting
Aufstand gegen Scientology
[Rebellion against Scientology]
Several hundred people gathered today in Basel, to protest against Scientology. ... to=&group=
* NOTE: This broadcast is in German.


ABC News Radio
KTIC 840 Rural Radio – Nebraska

KCRW – Which Way L.A.?
Angelenos React to HBO Documentary on Scientology
HBO is airing a two-hour documentary full of horror stories by former members of Scientology. Celebrity members Tom Cruise and John Travolta are depicted as partners in an abusive cult worth billions of dollars, but declared a tax-exempt religion by the IRS. Scientology calls it "bigoted propaganda" from "admitted liars." Also talked about, the impact in Hollywood — the headquarters of Scientology. ... cientology

Bubba the Love Sponge – Tampa
Journalist Tony Ortega calls the show to discuss Scientology.

West of The Rockies Radio
Former Scientologist & Sea-Org Member, Lynn Campbell, talks to WoTR ... ks-to-wotr

WNYC 93.9 FM
Here’s The Thing with Alex Baldwin
Lawrence Wright on Religion, ISIS, and Scientology
Lawrence Write is an author, screenwriter, playwright, and a staff writer for The New Yorker magazine. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his 2006 book The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. Most recently, filmmaker Alex Gibney directed an HBO documentary based on Wright’s reporting in Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.

Pop Culture Confidential
Aliens and the Jungle
In this episode we speak with Kim Masters, Editor-at-Large of the Hollywood Reporter and host of KCRW's The Business, to get insights into how the Church of Scientology is reacting to the controversial new documentary on HBO – ‘Going Clear’. ... episode-1/

New York Daily News
Sound Cloud – P.I. Daniel Powell discussing Scientology in 2013 police interview ... yen-powell ... -1.2189801
Tony Ortega’s rundown of the Scientology spy interviews - ... cavige-sr/
Daniel Powell’s Interview
His father, Dwayne Powell, interview in three parts…
Surviving Scientology Episode 29 with Marc Headley
Marc Headley, the author of Blown For Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology, discusses Scientology, the internet, and technology with host Jeffrey Augustine. ... c-headley/

After Hours
with Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen
Marc Headley talks about Scientology


Book release
Combating Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan

YouTube Channel
Growing Up Scientology: From Cradle to Slave
New web series about child Scientology survivors. ... V6RUZOVGxw
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - MAY


Former member wants money back from Church of Scientology ... gy/it19077

Why not turn downtown Clearwater into a pedestrian mall? ... ll/2227727

Celebrities Who Have Left Scientology And Why ... cientology

Counter-documentaries: when subjects of investigation go on the attack ... cientology

Ro*co takes educational rights to “Going Clear” ... ing-clear/

Rep Cinema This Week: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief; 2001: A Space Odyssey, Introduced by Alfonso Cuarón; and Selma ... and-selma/ ... ientology/

L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson Targets Scientology at "Tourette's Without Regrets" Game Show ... 52301.html

Revenues slump at the Church of Scientology ... 95129.html

Unhappy Customers! Former Scientologists File Federal Lawsuit To Get Back $300K Paid To The Church ... y-lawsuit/

Challenged by Scientology doco another test awaits Tom Cruise ... tom-cruise

'Going Clear' movie screening fundraiser slated for May 21 in Summit ... ng_fu.html

Scientology sure sounds a lot like the surveillance state ... state.html

Alex Gibney pulls back the curtain on Scientology in 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

'Going Clear' review: Alex Gibney's documentary a masterful takedown of Scientology ... cientology

What ‘Going Clear’ means for the decline of Scientology ... ientology/

Review: 'Going Clear' compelling take down of Scientology ... -1.2364350

Scientology Tom Cruise New Wife Search: Church Forcing ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Star to Find Girlfriend? ... ible-5.htm ... eputation/ ... e-1.344745 ... -soulmate/ ... 02ae9.html ... next-wife/

Cruise’s untimely mission ... y-mission/

Mission Possible for Cruise? ... =citytimes

No to Narconon ... bbe85.html

Scientology-inspired drug rehabilitation clinic under fire over cure claims ... 7349602723

Melbourne drug rehab centre fined for misleading claims its detox programs can completely cure drug addiction ... ng/6459716

Scientology’s First ‘Victim’ ... ictim.html

Charles Murray Wants Right Wing To Use Scientology Strategy In Legal War On U.S. Government ... government

Tom Cruise’s ‘Rogue Nation’ movie stunts earn him much needed fan support ... n-support/
*NOTE: This is probably a puff piece written by Tom Cruise’s PR team in an attempt to make him look like a victim of religious bigotry because of the ‘Going Clear’ documentary. Please check out the comments below the article.

Simon Pegg: 'I Really Like Hanging Out With Tom Cruise' ... se_4720808

Battlefield Earth – Do You Have a Moment so I Can Share With You the Saving Gospel of Scientology? ... nal,manual

Should questions around the credibility of Narconon treatment have any bearing on whether the Trout Run project gets its historic designation? ... b4961.html

Decision on Scientology sign for Detroit site postponed ... /27353763/

Church of Scientology making moves in Detroit ... ing_m.html

Church of Scientology Wants to Be Visible in Downtown Detroit ... Vk8S0nD-M8

Confirmed: Flashy Scientology Center Planned Downtown ... wntown.php

Jennifer Aniston’s Scientology Fears: Justin Theroux’s Cousin Making Film Critical Of The Church— Will She Become A Target? ... al-church/

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Breakup Rumors; Justin Theroux Scientology Fears? ... -fears.htm

Tony Ortega: From Cal State Fullerton Student to One of Scientology's Best Watchers ... lerton.php

Scientologists are in Nepal trying to 'heal' trauma victims ... ma-victims ... a-victims/

Church of Scientology owes city over $100,000 as Yonge-Bloor site languishes ... ishes.html

Cannes: Content Film President Jamie Carmichael on Selling Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' (Q&A) ... mie-796545

Leah Remini on Leaving Scientology: "It's Not Just Something You Get Over" ... gy-2015195

Leah Remini Says Dedication to Scientology Allowed for 'Minimal Time' with Family ... amily-work

Actress Leah Remini Tells the Truth About Why She Left Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini Continues Her Battle vs. Scientology ... ientology/

How Tom Cruise Jumping on Oprah’s Couch Changed Everything ... verything/ ... ahs-couch/ ... t-crazy-10

Unhappy drug detox clinic patients demand their money back ... 7366745632

Camp David Neighbors Fight Historic Designation to Keep Out Scientology-Backed Center ... .html?_r=1

David Letterman Cracks Scientology, Elian Gonzalez Jokes During Final ‘Late Show’ Monologue ... monologue/

Scientology doc. revelations concern Amsterdam alderman ... -alderman/

Paulette Cooper – A megtörhetetlen ARANYOS HÖLGY: Akinek a szcientológia 15 év börtönt intézett
[Paulette Cooper – the link to the CUTE LADY: Who has to go to jail for 15 years in Scientology] ... nyos_holgy
Translation of webpage from Hungarian to English –

Tom Cruise Isn’t Suri’s Real Father, L. Ron Hubbard Is ... 2154.shtml
*NOTE: Stupid waste of time to make an article like this, even though I believe it is supposed to be funny The headline does catch attention though.

Scientology is exposed in Going Clear ... ing-clear/

Leah Remini Still Struggles after Leaving Scientology ... cientology

Are Scientologists Targeting Illinois Mental Health Laws? ... alth-Laws/

Scientology and Tax Exemptions ... xemptions/

Clearwater set to celebrate city's centennial ... ty/2231157

Photo gallery: Sand, sun and Scientology — A century of Clearwater history ... ry/2231147

Judge allows psychiatric evaluation for ex-Scientologist suing church ... ng-church/

Man Gets Prison For Inventing His Own Church, And It's Not Scientology ... ientology/

Narconon Scientology pseudoscience quackery a deadly mixture for patients ... r-patients

‘What am I doing?’: Actress Leah Remini shares why she left Church of Scientology ... /54818.htm

The Church of Scientology Blocked Me on Twitter: Here’s Why ... heres-why/

Don’t mess with the IRS, prison for inventing church, and it’s not Scientology ... cientology

Frederick County Council prepares for vote on Trout Run historic designation ... ccb4f.html

How many celebrities are Scientologists?

Palm Beach Socialite Paulette Cooper: Scientologists Tried to Kill Me, And It’s All In a New Book! ... -her-4845/
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - MAY

MAY (continued):


Huffpost Live
Scientology Unpacked By Those Who Lived It ... e00d0009ff

Oprah – Where Are They Now
The Moment That Prompted Leah Remini to Leave the Church of Scientology ... logy-Video
Leah Remini Addresses The Talk Controversy and Her Celebrity Feud ... nd-Her.htm

The LipTV – MediaMahem
Scientology Scandals, Cover Ups + Threats with Tony Ortega & Paulette Cooper
Scientology documentary GOING CLEAR source Tony Ortega and journalist Paula Cooper expose the harassment and spying campaign that the Church of Scientology waged on Cooper following the publication of her 1971 book, THE SCANDAL OF SCIENTOLOGY. Ortega, whose recent book about Cooper and Scientology, THE UNBREAKABLE MISS LOVELY details the frame up and years-long persecution of her by L. Ron Hubbard and members of the church, lays out more of the mountain of dirt on the organization in this uncensored Media Mayhem interview, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.


AM 1440 - The Information Station, Santa Maria, California
Claire Headley will be talking about Scientology disconnection. It’s the first in a series of radio interviews featuring women who found their families ripped apart by the church’s toxic policies. The host, Andy Caldwell, is a 41-year resident of the Central Coast and the Voice of Reason from Ventura to San Luis Obispo.

Which way, LA?
Growing up in the Church of Scientology
“Going Clear,” the recent documentary on Scientology, has brought the church a lot of unwanted attention recently. The film is a highly-critical look at the origins of Scientology and its current practices. It relies on recollections of members who have left the church to talk about what went on behind closed doors. But the movie didn’t cover what it was like to be born and grow up in the Church of Scientology. KCRW’s Press Play spoke with two such young people about what it was like to grow up Scientologist. ... cientology

AM 550 and FM 102.9 – Atlanta, Georgia
Claire Headley is interviewed on May 6th at 8:40am.

AM 710 – Denver, Colorado
Claire Headley is interviewed by Peter Boyles on May 6th at 9am. ... 2015-hr-3/

AM 1380 – Madison, Wisconson
Lori Hodgson is interviewed on May 6th at noon.

Newsradio 970 – Tampa
Claire Headley interview at 7:10am ... mpid=local

AM 1370
Claire Headley interviewed about the documentary ‘Going Clear’ and disconnection.

92.5 – Toronto
LISTEN: Former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder on KiSS 92.5!
Mike Rinder interviewed by Roz Weston. ... kiss-92-5/

America’s Talk Radio Network
Lori Hodgson interviewed at 8:20am Eastern on 5-15-15

WOL – 1450
The Bev Smith Show
Mary Jane Sterne interviewed 7:15pm Eastern on 5-15-15.

Talkradio 780 – Los Angeles
Tony Ortega interviewed on May 15 by Jillian Barberie and Jon Phillips. ... Id/5638319

106-10 FM
Newstalk Irish Radio
Tony Ortega interviewed by Sean Moncieff about his book, ‘Unbreakable Miss Lovely’
on 5-15-15 at 10am.

Newstalk 790 Pennsylvania
Lori Hodgson talks about the way Scientology ripped apart her family on 5-27-15 at 5:00 pm Eastern on the Ron Errett Show. ... hedule&r=2


Book release
‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ by Tony Ortega
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - JUNE


Frederick Council rejects historic designation for Trout Run, a blow for a Scientology-backed drug rehab ... story.html

Frederick County Council votes against giving Trout Run historic designation ... 0efdc.html

Scientology Secrets! Kirstie Alley Scrambling To Seal Deposition In Bombshell New Lawsuit Over Fears Of Exposing The Church ... y-lawsuit/ ... d-lawsuit/
*NOTE: For the real info on this story visit this story at Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker and the researched relationship of Michelle Seward and Kirstie Alley - ... e-by-2016/

Going Clear's Alex Gibney on Scientology's 'brutal' treatment of Nicole Kidman ... hdg4z.html

Going Clear documentary director Alex Gibney says Church of Scientology should lose tax-free status ... ey/6524670

Battle against Narconon needs to go to the Legislature ... 114dd.html

Bombshell Lawsuit! Kirstie Alley Sued Over Involvement In Alleged Business Scam – Was Her Diet Company A Ponzi Scheme? ... zi-scheme/

Scientology Wins Appeal on Members' Arbitration ... ration.htm

Revealed: The Multi-Million Dollar Donations Made To Scientology By Tom Cruise, Leah Remini & Other Celebrities ... ientology/

Is Leah Remini’s TLC Show The Anti-’19 Kids And Counting? See An ‘It’s All Relative’ Sneak Preview ... JHj7UkF.99

David Miscavige and Narconon loses another battle, Canada rejects drug rehab ... drug-rehab

Scientology Wins Appeal on Members' Arbitration ... ration.htm

Town of Milton’s denial of scientology-based facility upheld by OMB ... ld-by-omb/

Centre de désintoxication : l'Église de scientologie déboutée
[Drug Rehab Center: the Church of Scientology denied] ... utee.shtml
Translation of webpage from French to English - ... utee.shtml

A Look Into Scientology's Business Model ... z3chRbEEp5
Paul Haggis on Scientology: "I Wish I Had Left Earlier" ... 58646.html

Getting to the soul of hard subjects ... 7390284298

Scientology doco casts an unforgiving spotlight on the church and its followers ... 7396292747

5 Weird Realities When Scientologists Run Your School ... chool.html

Clearwater officer suspended after 4 a.m. off-duty accident ... rs/2234047

Town of Milton’s denial of scientology-based facility upheld by OMB ... ld-by-omb/

The 10 Best Comedy Songs of 2015 (So Far) ... 015-so-far
*NOTE: Number One on this list is ”Neurotology’s Always Believe Music Video” by Saturday Night Live, and Number 10 on the list is “Scientology (That’s The Plan For Me),” by Tim Heidecker.

Scientology’s appeal case to open Narconon in Ontario dismissed ... m0.twitter

Here’s the moment HBO knew its Scientology doc 'Going Clear' would be a huge hit ... 00442.html

Watching Narconon closely ... M.facebook

Scientology doc to get UK release despite pressure ... 80.article

Scientology doc to get release despite legal pressure ... 90.article

Scientology documentary to get UK release ... e-despite/

The Church of Scientology is attempting to stop documentary Going Clear's UK release ... qvlmHlmX5P

Film Review: 'Going Clear' ... y-and.html

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief Movie Review ... ie-review/

Movie reviews: Going Clear, The Emperor's New Clothes ... 619-ghpfu2

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief review ... hobt6.html

Scientology Sex Toys Taking Over Our Godly Galaxy!!! ... galaxy-23/ ... galaxy-33/
*NOTE: This is a satire.

Scientology and David Miscavige’s Narconon expansion debunked ... &sid=16235

Church of Scientology Lobbied Hillary’s State Department ... epartment/

How serious is Hillary and Bill Clinton's relationship with Scientology? ... cientology

Why I Left Scientology ... socialflow

Alex Gibney's 'Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief' Showing At London's Bertha DocHouse This Thursday ... s-thursday

Film reviews: The Overnight; Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief; Faberge: A Life of Its Own ... .129929502

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief ... 2015_06_25

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief review – horribly compelling study of a creepy organisation ... ganisation

Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief ... Of_Belief/

Movie review: Going Clear ... bc-5952274

Going Clear review: The film Scientologists don't want you to see ... o-see.html

Going Clear — Scientology And The Prison Of Belief film review: brave documentary features some terrifying moments ... 48270.html

Alex Gibney on Scientology and his documentary Going Clear ... Y8sQEnD9es

Alex Gibney retweets our story that Scientology film won’t be shown in East Grinstead ... grinstead/

Alex Gibney On Cult Surrounding Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs: 'I See A Parallel With Scientology' ... gy-1984822 ... like-cult/ ... omparison/

Gilmore vs. Scene Over Scientology Tweet ... logy-tweet

Scientology critics bringing book tour to Clearwater ... er/2235111

Ex-Scientologist Carmen Llywelyn Puts the Church on Blast in Shocking Essay ... 347420.php

Another Ex-Scientologist Writes A Scathing Essay About Why She Left The Church ... ientology/

Jason Lee’s ex-wife wrote a haunting essay called ‘why I left Scientology’ ... ientology/

Ex-Scientologist Carmen Llwyelyn blasts ‘cult’ and her treatment after divorce with Jason Lee ... 54415.html

Investigator Gets 3 Months in Prison in Hacking Case ... .html?_r=0

Scientology Hacking Scandal! Two Leading Church Critics Were Hacking Victims, Dept. Of Justice Reveals — FBI Investigation Next? ... ga-hacked/

Private investigator gets 3 months for hacking — but won’t expose clients ... e-clients/

Private investigator snooped on e-mail of Scientology critics ... y-critics/

Court records link Scientology to convicted email hacker ... er/2235273

Who paid private investigator to have Scientology critics hacked? ... cs-hacked/

A PI Is Going To Jail For Hacking Scientology Critics, And The Court Doesn’t Know Who Hired Him ... hired-him/

Alex Gibney interview: journey into the seductive world of Scientology ... ntary-film

Scientology film decision shows need for libel reform ... -1-6823837

Scientology documentary will not be shown in East Grinstead ... grinstead/ ... grinstead/

Failure to show Scientology film in NI ‘clear indication’ of libel reform need ... -1-6822182

‘Cults’ Hiding as Charities ... charities#

ACNC Could Investigate Church of Scientology ... cientology
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - JUNE

JUNE (continued):


Liberation Frequency
Growing Up Scientology – From Cradle to Slave with Nora Crest
The HBO documentary "Going Clear" exposed the inner workings of the institution of Scientology, and explored case studies from former members who chose to be a part of this "religion". But what about those who didn't chose?

WPIX 11 – New York
Scientology’s first Public Enemy No. 1 details her years in the group’s crosshairs
Marvin Scott talks with Paulette Cooper and Tony Ortega in a 3-part interview. ... rosshairs/ ... ple-today/

The LipTV – MediaMahem
Did Scientology Hack, Spoof & Spy on Journalists & Whistleblowers After GOING CLEAR?
GOING CLEAR may have triggered Scientology to hack, spoof and spy on journalists and whistleblowers, and journalist Tony Ortega explains how the case against private investigator Eric Saldarriaga could be more than meets the eye in this interview. With Ortega himself the victim of underhanded maneuvers that seem to indicate the involvement of the Church of Scientology, we learn how the negative profile of the Church has been spiralling since GOING CLEAR is reaching new lows in this short discussion of the latest underhanded deeds that continue to raise questions about Miscavige and the church in this Media Mayhem interview, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.


How Scientology Rips Apart Families
Lori Hodgson interviewed at 6pm and 11pm PT. ... p?uid=6092

Kacey On The Radio
Lori Hodgson Loves Her Kids
Lori Hodgson is a mom who left Scientology. Her children had to detach from her. She has a message for them here, as she shares he quest to reconnect with the two people she loves most in the world. ... s-her-kids

Radio New Zealand
Alex Gibney: unwrapping Scientology
American filmmaker of documentaries about Enron, Iraq, Eliot Spitzer, Wikileaks, and Lance Armstrong. His new film, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, will screen at this year's New Zealand International Film Festivals. Originally aired on Saturday morning, June 13, 2015. ... cientology

Aerial View with Chris T.
Chris T. is joined by special guest Tony Ortega, executive editor of Raw Story and former editor of the Village Voice, who's been investigating Scientology for twenty years and whose website The Underground Bunker documents the outrages of the "Church".
Tony's new book - The Unbreakable Miss Lovely - is about the journalist Paulette Cooper, who exposed inner workings of the church only to experience Scientology's full wrath in a coordinated "Fair Game" campaign to ruin her life. Aired June 16th 6-7pm EST.

Mandy Stadtmiller's "News Whore"
Tony Ortega interviewed – podcast #102 - June 15, 2015.

WGN Radio
Tony Ortega talks about Scientology and his book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely
Tony Ortega and Justin discuss Scientology, one of the most intriguing religions of our time. Ortega was featured on the HBO Documentary Going Clear. ... ss-lovely/
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 30 with Jefferson Hawkins
Scientology Inc believes they are masters of “Ethics” and that they are highly moral. Former Church of Scientology Int’l executive Jefferson Hawkins discusses Scientology Ethics and his new book: Closing Minds: How Scientology’s “Ethics Technology” is Used to Control Their Members. ... n-hawkins/

WMNF – 88.5 Tampa
USDA program helps families build their own homes, and journalist Tony Ortega's latest book on Scientology
Then investigative journalist Tony Ortega talks about his new book This Unbreakable Miss Lovely about Paulette Cooper, a writer and critic of the Church of Scientology who became the target of intensive harassment from the Church in the late 1970s. The religious organization allegedly went so far as to frame her for making bomb threats and psychologically bullied her almost to the point of suicide. Ortega himself and former Scientologist Mike Rinder were told by the Department of Justice that they have been the victims of a hacker they believe are associated with Scientology.They have called for the government to investigate the church's involvement with the hacking. Ortega and Paulette Cooper will appearing at the Clearwater Main Library in downtown Clearwater at 2 pm Sunday, close to the spiritual headquarters of the Scientology. ... cientology

Token Skeptic
Episode Two Hundred – On Tesla, Scientology, Psychics – And Skepticism
Tony Ortega is interviews about the importance of the documentary Going Clear – and also about his new book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, his investigation of the author Paula Cooper, and her 1971 book, The Scandal of Scientology. ... kepticism/



Getting Clear: A Conference on Scientology
Planned and directed by Professor James Beverley and Jon Atack.
Will be the most in-depth and wide-ranging course or conference ever held on Scientology. All aspects of the cult will be covered with the help of some of the leading experts and activists from around the globe— former members, academics and investigative journalists. It will be the first time that the global influence of the cult has been properly scrutinized. Sessions will consist of presentations by the various participants, interviews with luminaries, videos, question and answer sessions and panel discussions. ... e-in-june/ ... e-program/ ... next-week/
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - JULY


Tom Cruise Shocker: Quitting Scientology For Daughter, Suri — Report ... ri-cruise/ ... ientology/ ... 367075.htm ... ysplit.htm ... photos.htm ... 5900.shtml ... 1715204447 ... ore-183572 ... lmes/72525 ... 1715749913 ... iders-say/
*NOTE: This tabloid story was quickly debunked by Tony Ortega at the Underground Bunker - ... -a-primer/

Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father to Pen Tell-All Book titled 'If He Dies, He Dies' ... her-806173 ... ology-book ... -book.html ... a2a4d6bf85? ... church.htm ... e-bulls-t/ ... ather-book ... -book.html ... o-tell-all ... _book.html ... ers-video/ ... ook/106150 ... leade.html ... al/2235841

Russian court takes Justice Ministry’s side against Church of Scientology ... 52185.html

New Mission Impossible film to feature Tom Cruise escaping from Church of Scientology ... ialnetwork
*NOTE: This is a satire, yet very spot-on.

10 People Who Turned Against Scientology and Revealed Its Bizarre Secrets ... re-secrets

Church of Scientology Wants to Put Up Another Giant Glowing Sign in Los Feliz ... levard.php

Scientology, hackers and private eyes ... ivate-eyes

'Going Clear' Director Alex Gibney Says "Every Distributor, Every Festival" Threatened as Doc Opens Internationally ... nal-806731

Church of Scientology allegedly sent threatening letters to film distributors and festivals showing damning documentary ... 66804.html

Going Clear director says Scientology threatened 'every distributor, every film festival' ... 367197.htm

Scientology Threatened ‘Every Distributor’ Of ‘Going Clear’ On The International Market ... l-release/

Sorry, But Tom Cruise Is Not Leaving Scientology — And He Probably Never Will ... ever-will/

Scientology-backed drug rehab program fights Frederick decision on property near Camp David ... feafdd1394

Scientologists appealing rejection of drug rehab center plan ... 370270.php

Scientologists Appealing Rejection Of Drug Rehab Center Plan ... nter-plan/

Hacker Fears Retaliation From Clients, Court Documents Show
Hired Hacker Who Named Clients Now Fears Retaliation ... -show.html

Read Laura Prepon's Insane Interview In Scientology's Celebrity Magazine ... 1716244822

Tell Your Heart We Said "RIP" – Laura Prepon ... ils-weird/

'It's magic, it really is': Laura Prepon credits Scientology for her career best performances on Orange Is The New Black in new interview ... rview.html

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Laura Prepon Credits Scientology For Making Her Calmer ... calmer.htm

OITNB’s Laura Prepon gives bizarre interview in Scientology magazine ... -magazine/

EXCLUSIVE: Risky business for Tom Cruise’s Scientologist daughter Isabella! She's following in her father's footsteps and working in films - behind the camera as a hair and make-up artist ... rtist.html

Leah Remini still dealing with pain and anger from Scientology split ... logy-split

How Jennifer Lopez Supported Leah Remini's Scientology Exit ... cientology

What Louis Theroux fears more than prison inmates and Neo-Nazis ... 7435514305

Mission Impossible: To Distance Tom Cruise from Scientology Before Blockbuster Opens ... ster-opens

Cruise out of control ... 577508.ece
*NOTE: To read the full article, you need a subscription, or the printed copy can be purchased at the newsstand or available in your local library. Pictures of the article provided by one of the commenters at the Underground Bunker- ... iginal.jpg ... iginal.jpg ... iginal.jpg ... iginal.jpg ... iginal.jpg ... iginal.jpg

The dark side of Scientology ... d=11479320

Church of Scientology Fights 'Going Clear' Overseas ... s-20150710

Boynton Beach man claims Scientology keeping him from daughter ... m-f/nmwwy/

Inside Tom Cruise's 'Scientology CNN' TV network and film company - set to launch from a new $50 million Hollywood studio that will rival Paramount ... mount.html

Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Planning a Scientology Production Company ... on_company

Tom Cruise: Scientology TV Network, Film Company Moths From Completion; What is Cruise’s Roll in ‘Scientology CNN’? ... n-what.htm

Tom Cruise Now Wants Scientology To Take Over The World; or at least a TV near you… ... the-world/

Tom Cruise Launching New ‘Scientology CNN’ TV Network — Not Quitting For Suri ... -for-suri/

Tom Cruise Puts Up Scientology Media Productions; Plans To Do More Movies Related To Scientology? ... logy/75478

Aerial views of Tom Cruise's $50m Scientology TV studios: Big enough to rival major Hollywood sets and 'built by 50-cent an hour Sea Org recruits' the Church boasts its network will 'reach everyone on earth' ... tured.html

ABC news baulks at department transfer plan ... 7439280358
*NOTE: To read the full article, you need a subscription. Article covers a story about Paramount Pictures, in advance of the movie, has let Channel 7 know that the one journalist on their roster Tom Cruise will not talk to is Bryan Seymour.
**NOTE: The internet is an amazing thing. Read the article here – ... st-2545991

Film Review: Alex Gibney’s Going Clear ... oing-clear

Scientology's Camden roots

Scientology Group Urged Veto of Mental Health Bill ... alth-bill/

Scientology Group Urged Veto of Mental Health Bill ... alth-bill/

Don’t mess with Xenu: Scientologists convince Texas governor to veto mental health bill ... alth-bill/

Scientology-Backed Group Lobbied Against Texas Mental Health Bill ... l-20150714

Scientologists in a bind over sale of South End building ... story.html

Kirstie Alley Lawsuit Unravels Church Of Scientology's Dark Secrets, 'Black PR Tactics' ... -unravels-

Scientology goes racing: When Indy 500 and Le Mans cars were sponsored by ‘Dianetics’ ... -dianetics

Man who took a Scientology 'free stress test' on a Sydney street 11 YEARS ago gets a handwritten note asking if he had 'read the booklet' and would like to join ... ralia.html

L. Ron Hubbard Controlling Texas Now From Beyond Earthly Grave ... thly-grave

Leah Remini talks about why she left Scientology ... ientology/

Leah Remini Is Really Not Holding Back on Scientology: They Go After You and Your Family ... 7160.shtml

On Leah Remini’s Scientology TLC Show, J.Lo’s BFF Discusses ‘Hard Repercussions’ On Leaving Tom Cruise And John Travolta’s Religion ... ligion.htm

Leah Remini 'Hurt' Church of Scientology Criticized "It’s All Relative"

Leah Remini on documenting her exit from Scientology on TV ... gy-TV.html

Leah Remini Talks About Dumping Scientology On Her New Reality Show ... ality-show

Leah Remini Talks “Repercussions” Of Leaving Scientology ... ogy-47961/

Leah Remini talks facing ‘pretty hard repercussions’ for leaving Scientology ... ology/3743

Scientology leader’s dad said to sign book deal ... book-deal#


Palm Beach woman at center of explosive new book, 'The Unbreakable Miss Lovely' ... story.html

Author of book on Scientology to visit Austin Saturday ... -saturday/

'Battlefield Earth' is no longer the funniest thing to result from Scientology ... cientology

Council To Hold Hearing About Scientology Sign ... sign/35457

Scientology Sign Hearing Delayed Again ... gain/36665

Former Scientologist Claims Tom Cruise Banished Niece, 14, From Family For Kissing Boy ... ssing-boy/

Tom Cruise 'Banished' His Niece From Family For Making Out With a Boy ... 1719940956

Tom Cruise ‘kicked 14-year-old niece out of family’ for kissing a boy ... y-5311845/

Tom Cruise Kicked His Own Niece Out of the Family for Not Meeting Scientology Standards – Video ... 7789.shtml

Tom Cruise Kicks Niece Out Of Family For Making Out With A Boy ... ith-a-boy/

Leah Remini Leaves Church of Scientology; Leaders Call Her ‘Pathetic’, Says She Is ‘Rewriting History’ For Ratings ... ings/77456

EXCLUSIVE: 'I have four children who are Hollywood stars - but they are dead mentally to me, it's like they don't exist.' Father of Walking Dead and That '70s Show stars accuses Scientology religion of 'brainwashing' his kids ... e-out.html ... lking-dead

Get it Together, Families ... otos-pics/

ARTIST'S "POP-UP CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY" FEATURES NAKED TOM CRUISE STATUE ... ue-7148221 ... e-package/ ... -of-his-a/ ... ams-812246 ... is-statue/ ... ientology/ ... 368422.htm ... sfw/506464 ... gy-6171038 ... -20150731/ ... -an/10158/ ... -his-nude/ ... d-an-8670/ ... th-church/ ... roud-9009/ ... es-and-an/

Parlez-Vous Scientologist? ... ogist.html

I Had My Personality Tested by Scientologists ... ntologists

It's kind of a miracle Tom Cruise wasn't fired from 'Mission: Impossible' ... wow-2015-7

Scientology Documentary ‘Going Clear’ Gets October DVD, VOD Release ... 201553069/

Critics Link Texas Governor to Church of Scientology ... ogy-358449

Scientology regurgitated attacks claiming ‘Daily Beast’ is a ‘Daily Bigot’ ... aily-bigot

“What does Jon Stewart have to lose by asking real questions?”: Scientology watchdog explains Tom Cruise’s media blackout ... _blackout/

Teflon Tom Cruise Dodges Scientology Controversy in ‘Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation’ ... ation.html

Scientology and dating questions banned during Tom Cruise interviews for new 'Mission: Impossible' ... ons-2015-7 ... urprising/ ... questions/ ... s-tour.htm ... -for-movie ... exclusive/ ... 74957.html ... ress-tour/ ... cientology ... s-tour.htm ... iphdo.html ... id/664900/ ... cientology

Tom Cruise: ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Underrated,’ Christopher McQuarrie’s Take On Collaborating With Star, Scientology Taboo ... ogy-taboo/

Movie Beat: Tom Cruise’s greatest enemy has always been himself ... st_popular

What Mission: Impossible Understands About Tom Cruise ... on/399935/
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - JULY

JULY (continued):


Complex YouTube Channel
Tom Cruise Reportedly Leaving Church of Scientology for His Daughter
*NOTE: This tabloid story was quickly debunked by Tony Ortega at the Underground Bunker - ... -a-primer/

Access Hollywood
Leah Remini Talks Jennifer Lopez's Support After Leaving Scientology ... cle_109686 ... eo_2855837

Access Hollywood
Leah Remini: Why She Publicly Left Scientology
Leah Remini reveals the struggles her family faced when left the Church of Scientology. Why did she want to go public with her Scientology split? “Leah Remini: It’s All Relative” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

UK TV Channel 5
Josh Reeves on "Conspiracy-The Hollywood Files"
It was a hatchet job as expected but I'm not mad about it at all, it's TV! I'm now officially the guy that claimed Scientology killed Hoffman with no evidence to back it up and they cut out the part where I said it was possible they did but that the tactic used was more in line with how the CIA kill people and how they created scientology but of course they cut that out of it. Hey at least they spelled my name right and put my website on the screen! People will get the real story when my own film on Hollywood, The Spellcasters comes out. For the record, I never claimed Scientology killed Hoffman, this is why they never show a clip of me actually saying that because I didn't.

WPTV – West Palm Beach
NBC channel 5
Father files civil rights complaint against Church of Scientology, says he can't speak to daughter ... o-daughter

TLC – The Learning Channel
Leah Remini Opens Up About the 'Hard Repercussions' of Leaving Scientology
In an exclusive preview from her new TLC reality series - Leah Remini: It's All Relative - the actress talks with some fellow former Scientologists about her motivations for leaving and the complications she says resulted. ... cientology

ABC News – USA
Leah Remini on Leaving Scientology, Season 2 of Reality Show ... w-32514745

ABC News – Australia
How the Church of Scientology tried to bring down Paulette Cooper


WOTR Radio – West of the Rockies
Tony Ortega talks Scientology and his new book, "The Unbreakable Miss Lovely" ... gy-to-wotr

KABC 790
Tony Ortega interviewed at 4pm PST on July 2, 2015.

Get It. Got It. Good.
Why I Left Scientology with Carmen Llywelyn
Ex-Scientologist Carmen Llywelyn, who recently wrote an article called "Why I Left Scientology" for Gawker that went viral, joins us to tell her story. Carmen talks about being raised Christian in the Bible Belt, then coming to LA, marrying the actor Jason Lee at a young age, and finding herself deep in the heart of Scientology. After years of harassment and isolation, Carmen has finally found the strength to talk about her experience. ... enllywelyn

The Mental Illness Happy Hour –
Episode 230: Raised in Scientology: Derek Bloch
The 28 year-old talks about being raised in the Church of Scientology by a narcissistic father and passive mother. He details the abuse inflicted by their “Sea Org” starting when he was 13, how he reconciled their homophobia with his being gay and ultimately how he broke away from the church and his family.

WBEL-AM 1380
Host Stan Milam interviews Claire Headley about Scientology and disconnection.
Aired July 7, 11:05am EST.

SiriusXM Radio
Jenny gets the scoop on Scientology from Leah Remini #JustJenny
Hear Leah Remini talk about her split from Scientology. ... jenny-hutt
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 31 with Aaron Smith-Levin
Former Sea Org member Aaron Smith-Levin discussed growing up and coming of age in the Church of Scientology. He iwas a staff member at 12 years old. ... ith-levin/
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 32 with Aaron Smith-Levin
Aaron Smith-Levin continues his fascinating and wide ranging excursion into the world of Scientology from the eyes of a Sea Org member. Aaron opens by describing how he realized that the highly dysfunctional operating conditions of the six Los Angeles Orgs are a reflection of the same dysfunctional conditions at Int Base. Aaron then shockingly describes how Flag “handled” the medical emergency that befell a long term Scientologist who was routing into Flag. ... ith-levin/
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - AUGUST


What No One Is Asking Scientologist Tom Cruise ... tom-cruise

Reporters banned from asking Tom Cruise about Scientology ... cientology

Scientology documentary Going Clear gets go-ahead to air on Sky in UK ... -uk-us-hbo

Sky to Air Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' in U.K., Ireland in September ... -uk-813273

Sky to air controversial Scientology doc ... 96.article

You’ll finally get to see the controversial Scientology documentary on Irish telly ... 9-Aug2015/

Sky Atlantic to air “Going Clear” in September ... september/

Controversial Scientology documentary coming to the UK as Sky Atlantic announce September date ... uk-6202234

Sky to show Scientology movie Going Clear ... ing-clear/

Sky to air controversial Scientology documentary 'Going Clear' featuring director Paul Haggis ... 31457.html

Will you watch 'controversial' Scientology documentary on Sky Atlantic? ... story.html

Sky confirms UK broadcast of controversial Scientology doc ... 94.article

Cult of the killer: 46 years on, the Manson murders continue to fascinate ... iq5is.html
Lisa Marie Helps Tom Cruise Flee Scientology! ... cientology
*NOTE: This is an example of the tabloid press throwing a bunch of shit against a wall and hoping that something will stick.

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith Are Reportedly Leaving Scientology ... ientology/
*NOTE: This tabloid story was quickly debunked by Tony Ortega at the Underground Bunker - ... ed-school/

Scientology Movie Director "Disappointed" Jon Stewart Didn't Confront Tom Cruise ... jon-813415 ... iew-2015-8 ... ppoin.html ... tom-cruise ... pportunity

Tom Cruise was blocks away from Suri in NYC, still hasn’t seen her for 2 years ... r_2_years/

Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Daughter Suri in 2 Years and Not for Lack of Opportunity ... 8892.shtml

Nous ne sommes pas une organisation sectaire
[We are not a sectarian organization] ... n_sectaire
Translation of webpage from French to English - ... n_sectaire

Scientology’s Worst Abuses Against a Journalist Revealed

Laura Prepon Opens Up About Scientology ... 56032.html

U.S. Pays for Scientology ‘Experiment’ on Sick Veterans ... iment.html

I’d Like a Refund, Please: Taxpayer Dollars Going to Scientology Scam ... logy-scam/

John Travolta Charity Funded Scientology Propaganda in Ferguson and St. Louis ... d-st-louis

End Dangerous Scientology Experiments on Gulf War Vets, Says Center for Inquiry ... _for_inqu/

Never-ending Shurtleff Stuff ... tleff-did/

Report: Tom Cruise and Suri reunited after two years apart! ... ears-13400

Tom Cruise Reunites With Suri And Katie Holmes! Will He Leave Scientology For Them? ... holmes.htm

Tom Cruise Sees Daughter for First Time in Two Years ... two-years/

Tony Ortega Speaks to Center for Inquiry About Scientology Book

John Travolta Charity Funded Scientology Propaganda in Ferguson and St. Louis ... ent-page-1

Paul Haggis hopes Scientology expose opening eyes ... ning-eyes/ ... ning-eyes/ ... -1.2519088

E!'s 'The Arrangement' Pilot Drawing Comparisons to Tom Cruise and Scientology ... ons-816068

Церковь саентологии тайно следила за своими прихожанами в Москве
[The Church of Scientology secretly watched their parishioners in Moscow]
Translation of webpage from Russian to English - ... s%2f159445

French Scientologists booted from surf event ... fing-event

Scientology: NOT the Way to Happiness ... happiness/

Press Release: Narconon Reviews publishes 55 FTC complaints documents today ... &sid=16723
40 Personen bei Scientology überprüft
[40 people at Scientology checked] ... y/31076091
Translation of webpage from German to English - ... 2F31076091

HBO Canada finally to air acclaimed Scientology doc 'Going Clear' ... 18071.html?

Paul Haggis Blasts Press Over Tom Cruise’s Scientology Treatment: ‘Shame On You’ ... n-you.html

'Shame on you' - Director Paul Haggis condemns journalists for not asking Tom Cruise about Scientology ... 73550.html

Paul Haggis Blasts Media for Not Grilling Tom Cruise on Scientology: ‘Shame on You’ ... 464301.php

Oklahoma court tosses negligent training and supervision claims ... on-claims/

Tom Cruise Leaves Scientology?
Moves to New York For Ex-Wife Katie Holmes, Daughter Suri Seem Doubtful ... tology.htm

Tonight: Inside Scientology and Escaping the Witnesses on Channel 5 ... channel-5/

Former devoted Scientology member claims she was 'forced' to have an abortion by sub-group ... ms-6309771

John Oliver exposed an intriguing link between televangelism and Scientology ... ogy-2015-8

Into the Freezone: Practicing Scientology Outside of the Church ... church-253

Laura Prepon: Is Actress Leaving 'Orange Is The New Black' Because Of Scientology? ... ing-orange

Tom Cruise’s Mom Hasn’t Been Seen Since April — Could Church Of Scientology Know Where She Is? ... nce-april/

Tom Cruise's Mother Missing? 78-Year-Old Mary Lee South Last Seen At Scientology Event ... c=news_rss

EXCLUSIVE - She was almost Mrs Tom Cruise: Norwegian beauty and ex-Scientologist claims Church leaders 'tricked' her into a 'screen test' and then grilled her about her sex life in search for star's mate ... -mate.html


The Globe and Mail – Canada
Paul Haggis says he 'had to speak out' on Scientology ... e25979728/

Channel 5 UK
Inside Scientology and Escaping the Witnesses
Aired on August 24, at 5 & 9pm. ... -witnesses

Crime Time
Scientology, John Travolta + Homosexuality
Crime Time interview with Allison Hope Weiner. The church of Scientology and their intolerant views of LGBT people are looked at with investigative journalist and author Mark Ebner. Are celebrity Scientologists like John Travolta and Tom Cruise forced to suppress their homosexuality?


Bloom County ... =1&theater

Tony Ortega book tour event at Conway Hall London
London Thinks – What Has Scientology Got To Hide?
The Church of Scientology has a problem with free speech, according to three speakers who have dared to question the Church’s self-certification of itself as a religion and the claim made by its apostles, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, that it is a force for good. N.B. We have contacted the London branch of the Church of Scientology to send a representative, but have not had a reply from them. We’ll have an open chair on stage if they change their mind. Streamed live on August 4, 2015.
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - SEPTEMBER


EXCLUSIVE: 'I met someone whose family gave me life' - 72 years on, Holocaust survivor thanks the son of the Dutch hero who bought her freedom when she was just a baby by bribing an SS guard ... guard.html

Louis Theroux Scientology doc to premiere at LFF ... 19.article

BFI London Film Festival: Louis Theroux Scientology doc to premiere ... 4001327132

The director of 'Going Clear' says Scientologists have been coming after him 'pretty hard' ... ogy-2015-9

'I auditioned to be Tom Cruise's wife' ... wife-22006

Pseudo-science, misguided civil rights laws and agencies behind blocking mental health-care reform ... a0675.html


Church Of Scientology Leader David Miscavige Gets Death Threats ... ts-2084486

Scientologist Controls College for Naturopaths ... e-for.html
*NOTE: This article was originally printed in The Sunday Times and could only be viewed by subscribers.

BBC takes on Church of Scientology in new film ... 7512504518

John Doyle: Scientology’s sad facts finally revealed in Going Clear ... e26228094/

Former Church of Scientology accountant's novel strategy: Get insiders to help topple David Miscavige ... to/2245311

Former Church of Scientology accountant's novel strategy: Get insiders to help topple David Miscavige ... to/2245311

A brief history of personality tests—and how they lend themselves to cultish misdirection ... ll-fix-you

Why Emmy-Nominated Scientology, Kurt Cobain Docs Could Be Overlooked by Oscars ... by-oscars/

Alex Gibney says there's a sequel on the way for Scientology doc Going Clear ... 370188.htm

'Going Clear' Director On Tom Cruise & Sequel To Scientology Docu - Creative Arts Emmys ... 201522368/

Lawrence Wright Cheers Going Clear Emmy Triumph ... mys/353725

Gibney gets Emmy for Scientology documentary ... cumentary/

Journalist Tony Ortega talks Scientology at ASU lecture ... ogy-at-asu


Going Clear: How to make tax-free billions in the religion business ... -business/

Business Insider actually likes news stories about Scientology, religion and, yes, business ... s-business

Drug treatment centre linked to Scientology opens in Heathfield ... story.html

Tom Cruise Rejected A Blonde Norwegian To Be His Wife? ... tology.htm

The film Scientologists didn't want you to see... ... 35823.html

Florida Theater Drops Scientology Film 'Going Clear' After Pressure From Church ... ter-824627

Scientology doc Going Clear dropped by Florida cinema ... inema.html

Scientology Film Going Clear Just Ran Into A Huge Problem In Florida ... 83527.html

Church Of Scientology Accused Of Bullying And Intimidating A Clearwater Cinema ... ar/#slide1

Two local theaters drop Scientology documentary 'Going Clear' ... ar/2246524

Did Scientology Force Florida Theaters To Drop ‘Going Clear’? ... ing-clear/

How the Church of Scientology fought the Internet – and why it lost ... ing-clear/

Первоклассное расследование: все тайны саентологов на широком экране
[First-class investigation: all the secrets of Scientology on the big screen]
Translation of webpage from Russian to English - ... 2665466%23

Alex Gibney’s Scientology doc recruits 90,000 UK viewers ... 41.article

Sky Scientology doc recruits 90,000 ... 30.article

Scientology Doc 'Going Clear' Draws 88,000 Overnight Viewers on U.K.'s Sky ... sky-826117

‘Going Clear’: A compelling look inside Scientology ... ogy/nnkmw/


Hotseat: Scientology Critic Tony Ortega ... logy_.html


Inside the compound where the missing wife of Scientology's leader might be living ... und-2012-7

Inside the compound where the missing wife of Scientology’s leader may well be living ... -be-living

Narconon Reviews publishes Police and Public Safety Records ... &sid=17110

John Sweeney: Scientologist stalker drove me to public meltdown but now we're best friends ... ocumentary

Author Tony Ortega visits Vancouver, British Columbia as part of ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ book tour ... &sid=17146

John Sweeney: Scientologist stalker drove me to public meltdown but now we're best friends ... ocumentary

Scientology’s Worst Abuses Against a Journalist Revealed

Tony Ortega’s Scientology Book Tour ... book-tour/

David Farrier Becomes Pen Pals With the Church of Scientology ... z3nGdk20SG
*NOTE: The Disqus comments are REALLY worth checking out.

Scientology Suicide? Jim Carrey’s Tragic Ex Was Dabbling In Controversial Church Before Death, Source Claims ... ce-claims/

Struggling Cathriona ‘dabbled in Scientology’ ... ology.html


Revenge At Last! Leah Remini Announces She’s Written Scientology Tell-All — What She’ll Reveal ... -religion/

Leah Remini to Write Scientology Memoir ... oir-826948

Leah Remini Writing Tell-All Book About Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini's Scientology memoir due out this fall ... emoir-book

Leah Remini to release memoir on experiences with Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini’s Scientology tell-all: Will her new memoir be the Next “Going Clear?” ... ing_clear/

Next Up from Leah Remini: A Scientology Tell-All! ... ology-book

Leah Remini is Finally Delivering Scientology Tell-All Book She Promised Years Ago! ... gSKg0nD-M8

Famous Ex-Scientologist Publishing “Confessional” Tell-All Memoir ... ogy-memoir


Leah Remini Writing Scientology Tell-all ... ll_4943169

'King of Queens' star Leah Remini writing tell-all book about Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini writing a Scientology tell-all called 'Troublemaker' ... ublemaker/

Leah Remini plans Scientology tell-all ... -tell-all/

Leah Remini To Write Tell-All Scientology Memoir Called 'Troublemaker' ... emaker.htm

Ex-Scientologist actress Leah Remini is writing a 'bravely confessional' tell-all memoir ... oir-2015-9

Leah Remini Scientology: ‘King Of Queens’ Actress Releasing Scientology Tell-All Book After Supporting HBO’s ‘Going Clear’ Doc About Controversial Religion ... ligion.htm

Leah Remini is writing a memoir on her escape from scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini is writing a Scientology tell-all called Troublemaker ... oublemaker

Leah Remini announces Scientology memoir 'Troublemaker' ... oublemaker

Leah Remini is writing a Scientology tell-all called Troublemaker ... oublemaker

Leah Remini Is Penning a Tell-All Memoir About the Church of Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini to publish Scientology memoir memoir 'Troublemaker' in November ... -1.2374147

Leah Remini 'excited' about Scientology book ... ology-book

Leah Remini Will Release A Tell-All Memoir About 'Surviving' Scientology ... _of_sc.php

Leah Remini to release memoir on experiences with Scientology ... nces-with/

Leah Remini Tells All In New Memoir About Scientology ... 8126fd7f32

Leah Remini ‘excited’ about Scientology book ... logy-book/

#Troublemaker to spill on Scientology ... gsbPknD-M8

Leah Remini Writing Tell-All Memoir on Scientology ... oir/110398

Leah Remini Scientology Tell-All Being Published, And Lawsuits From Church Over 'Troublemaker' Not 'If,' But 'When' ... all-being-


KABC – Los Angeles
The Drive Home With Jillian Barberie And John Phillips
Tony Ortega talks about videos of David Miscavige posted at his blog, The Underground Bunker. Aired September 9, 2015.

106-108 FM
"There's a form of bullying and gangsterism going on" - Former Scientologist speaks out
Pete Griffiths is interviewed. ... oing-Clear
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 34 with Bill Franks
Church of Scientology former Executive Director International Bill Franks discusses L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige. Part 1 of 3. ... ll-franks/

MyTalk 107.1 – Twin Cities
Tony Ortega appears live, in-studio at the Lori & Julia Show ... ffenbaugh/


Danish television documentary
The showdown with Scientology (three parts) ... -3-103817/
*NOTE: This entire documentary is in Danish. Part 3 features a small part with Marc Headley which is in mostly English.

7 News Sidney
Scientology in court over rehab clinic
Bryan Seymour reports. ... -in-court/
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - OCTOBER


Museum Calls Psychiatry "Industry Of Death" ... stry-death

Cathriona White: Studying Scientology Prior to Suicide?! ... o-suicide/ ... 2015_10_02 ... icide.html ... y-suicide/ ... epression/ ... jim-carrey ... hG8FEnD-M8 ... iend-death

Church of Scientology denies role in death of Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend ... im-carrey/

Jim Carrey’s Scientologist Ex Found with Carrey’s Pill Bottles After Suicide ... s-suicide/

Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Married To Scientologist, Attempted Suicide Before ... de-before/

Jim Carrey's grief complicated by reports on pills, Scientology ... entology/4

Cathriona White Was Married at the Time of Her Suicide, Days After Breakup with Jim Carrey ... r-suicide/

REVEALED: Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White was married to an LA cameraman at the time of her death ... z3nnnWy2WW

Pictured, the secret Scientologist husband of Jim Carrey's tragic girlfriend - living hundreds of miles from her Los Angeles home after split ... split.html

Scientologists Deny Campaign Against 'Going Clear' For Oscar Win ... d1591a8177

Inside the Fascinating Oscar-Season Subplot Involving Scientology ... cientology

Tom Cruise ‘Bracing For The Worst’ Over Leah Remini’s Scientology Tell-All — ‘It Will Be Like A Nuclear Bomb’ ... r-release/

With Bestie Jennifer Lopez at Her Side, Leah Remini Takes Down Church of Scientology in Tell-All Book ... nal,manual

Bye bye 90210! Tom Cruise 'is moving to Florida to be closer to Scientology center because he hates LA and thinks the people are fake' ... -fake.html

London Film Festival: BBC Documentary Veteran Explains Why He Made 'My Scientology Movie' ... ker-831627

London Film Review: ‘My Scientology Movie’ ... 201616874/

Ex-Scientologists: David Miscavige Is a ‘Terrorist’ ... orist.html

Scientology Could Get Its Own Senator ... nator.html

Dan Burton lobbying for Scientology group ... /74238134/

Irish language translators concerned over Scientology links ... ientology/

Nicole Kidman and her lost daughter ... ildCknD-M9

Inside the secretive 'Super Powers' building: Pictures emerge of Scientology's $145million 'spiritual headquarters' in Florida ... orida.html

Why the Church of Scientology is buying up big in Australia ... australia/

Hague Court deals blow to Scientology tax-free status ... ee-status/

Dutch court revokes Scientology’s tax-exempt status ... pt-status/

Belgian Scientologists in ‘no doubt’ of beating fraud, extortion charges ... 12662.html ... 140_1.html

Belgian Branch of the Church of Scientology Faces Trial for Fraud ... -0005.html

Belgian branch of Church of Scientology on trial for fraud and extortion ... 99364.html

Scientology Facing Ban in Belgium ... ort-834871 ... lgium.html ... ud-charges

Scientology Belgium trial sets off with vitamins, personal files and purification saunas ... as-1525990

Scientology Church in Belgium facing fraud charges ... ud-charges

Scientologists in Brussels court on fraud charges ... /98148495/

Scientology faces fraud trial in Belgium ... ium/119537

Belgium Could Expel Church Of Scientology From Country ... 17990facd7

Scientology Loses Tax Exemption in the Netherlands ... therlands/

The Church of Scientology Could Reportedly Be Banned From the Entire Country of Belgium – Here’s Why ... heres-why/

Belgium’s Church of Scientology trial could result in a total ban ... -in-a.html

'I saw him at one event and I hid': Jerry O'Connell claims he has been avoiding Tom Cruise for seven years after spoofing him in Scientology parody video ... video.html ... y-20152810 ... ten-audio/

Scientology Protects Tom Cruise! Leah Remini Revealed It Is An Evil Act To Criticize The Actor ... remini.htm

Terrified Leah Remini Hits the Floor After Debunking Scientology ... nal,manual

Actress Leah Remini gives inside scoop on Scientology and Tom Cruise ... tom-cruise

Leah Remini Shocks in Sharing Power of Tom Cruise & Scientology: Was Katie Holmes Viewed as Evil for Leaving? ... r-leaving/


Leah Remini On Tom Cruise & Scientology: 'Being Critical of Tom Cruise is Being Critical of Scientology Itself' ... itself.htm

Leah Remini blasts Tom Cruise, Scientology in new interview with 20/20 ... -1.3290430

Leah Remini Cites Tom Cruise As One Reason She Split From Scientology ... ogy-51641/

Leah Remini rips Tom Cruise and Scientology ... ogy/37652/

Leah Remini criticizes Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini says Tom Cruise is reason she left Scientology ... /74694212/

Leah Remini Is Talking To ABC About Tom Cruise And She’s Not Holding Back ... ology-cbs/

Actress Leah Remini gives inside scoop on Scientology and Tom Cruise ... tom-cruise

Leah Remini Says “Your Ego Becomes Extremely Inflated” After Joining Scientology ... -new-book/

Leah Remini on Growing Up in Scientology: 'Your Ego Becomes Extremely Inflated' ... -interview

Church of Scientology International's October 30, 2015, Statement to ABC News Regarding '20/20' Leah Remini Interview ... d=34849323
*NOTE: Co$ reaction to Leah Remini’s interview on 20/20. Hint – it is their usual (over) reaction… i.e. bitter defrocked apostates who are bigots, etc.

Leah Remini reveals why she left the Church of Scientology ... ology6635/

The Most Shocking Revelations From Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All on 20/20 ... -interview

Actress Leah Remini blasts Scientology in exclusive '20/20' interview ... index.html

Tom Cruise’s high-profile status with Church of Scientology influenced actress Leah Remini’s decision to leave church: report ... -1.2411134

Leah Remini on Her Break With the Church of Scientology: 'I Wanted to Be The One to Say It' ... d=34854744

Leah Remini reveals why she left the Church of Scientology ... gy/2251915

Leah Remini Talks Scientology Split On '20/20': What We Didn't Learn ... dnt-learn/

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise 'left baby Suri to cry on the bathroom floor' and Top Gun star's adopted kids won't speak to Nicole Kidman for leaving Scientology, Leah Remini exposé claims ... ll-mother-

The church of sleep deprivation: How Scientology keeps its workers compliant and childless ... childless/

12 Celebrities Who've Been Affiliated With the Church of Scientology ... i-34790011


Was Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Studying Scientology? The Church Speaks Out After Cathriona White's Apparent Suicide

WKBW Buffalo – ABC 7
Scientology's Smear Campaign Against HBO's 'Going Clear' ... oing-clear

The Morning Show
7 News - Sidney
Scientology Super Centre; The Big Push Down Under by the Church of Scientology
Bryan Seymour interviews Tony Ortega. ... australia/ ... ogy/#page1

The Drum TV – Australia
ABC News 24
The Church of Scientology
American journalist Tony Ortega talks about the perils of reporting on the secretive group. ... gy/6881148

Sunrise Show
7 News – Sidney
Why the Church of Scientology is buying up big in Australia
A world leading expert and critic of Scientology (Tony Ortega, who is currently in Sydney to launch his latest book) has revealed the secretive organisation’s plans for Australia. ... a/?cmp=yfb

The Morning Show
7 News – Sidney
Lifting the lid on The Church of Scientology’s most scathing scandals
Tony Ortega spends his life writing about their alleged shady inner sanctum from an undisclosed location. The journalist’s explosive new book exposes the church’s darkest secrets. ... als/#page1

ABC 20/20
Leah Remini talks to '20/20' About Her 30 Year Life in Scientology
Leah Remini Recalls When She First Got Involved in Scientology; Leah Remini on Being Friends with Tom Cruise; His Wedding to Katie Holmes; What Life is Like For Leah Remini After Leaving Scientology.


Radio National
ABC Australia
Tony Ortega: investigating the Church of Scientology ... gy/6880846
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Re: Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015 - NOVEMBER


Tom Cruise is God. Who’s going to argue? ... 7587293691

Tom Cruise Attends Scientology Gala, Smiling Proudly, Despite Leah Remini's Accusations ... ns-2175316

Bestseller: Pre-Orders Send Leah Remini’s Anti-Scientology Book to Number 5 on Amazon with “20/20” Appearance ... appearance

Leah Remini Says That Scientology Statement from Katie Holmes Almost Made Her Cry ... y-response

Katie Holmes issues brief apology to Leah Remini after Scientology expose ... fault.aspx

5 shocking claims about Scientology from Leah Remini’s EXPLOSIVE interview ... logy-14022

New Details: Leah Remini Makes Explosive Claims About Tom Cruise and His Family in Her Scientology Tell-All ... g-new-book

Leah Remini on Scientology: What we learned from ’20/20′ ... from-2020/

How Tom Cruise's family 'labelled Nicole Kidman an enemy of Scientology' ... on-2015-11

'My husband is a serial cheater. My mother is a slut': Leah Remini makes bombshell claims about herself and her family as Scientology launches attack on the actress ... ology.html

Leah Remini Opens up to PEOPLE About Leaving Scientology: 'It's Like a Rebirth' ... cientology

What we learned about Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology from Leah Remini’s ‘20/20’ interview ... interview/

Pop culture explains Scientology ... video.html

A 'Troublemaker' Leaves Her Life In Scientology ... cientology

Leah Remini Is 'Grateful' for the Support She's Received from Friend Jennifer Lopez Since Cutting Ties with Scientology ... ez-support

Leah Remini and Paul Haggis' Scientology Sit-Down: 4 More Interesting Revelations You Need to Know ... ed-to-know

True fate of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly could bring down church for good ... 7597190245

Boston Scientologist put Hotel Alexandra on market after long delay ... story.html

Leah Remini and Paul Haggis: Scientology has punishment center ... nt-center/

Leah Remini Answers All of Andy Cohen's Burning Questions About Scientology, Tom Cruise, Suri, John Travolta ... gy-2015511

Leah Remini gave a fortune to Scientology ... ientology/

Leah Remini on Embracing Catholicism After Scientology: 'To Me It's What Religion Is Supposed To Be' ... cientology

Scientology’s victims don’t deserve blame and shame ... and-shame/

Scientologist mounted ‘vicious character attack’ on ex-member ... -1.2419922

Texan can sue Scientology for harassment, appeals court rules ... rul/npHnp/

Tom Cruise celebrated Scientology at gala despite Remini’s revelations ... velations/

Scientology trial: “I never made anyone work for Church of Scientology” ... cientology

"Who decides?"

Court rejects Scientology motion ... 620577.php

Scientology trial: “I never made anyone work for Church of Scientology” ... cientology

Man says he spent $15,000, received Scientology instead of treatment at rehab center ... eceiv.html

Mayo man sues scientologist over alleged leaking of explicit photo to school principal ... 73254.html

Leah Remini and Paul Haggis on What It’s Like to Break with Scientology ... nversation

Leah Remini And Paul Haggis Talk Leaving Scientology ... ientology/

Tom Cruise Is Furious Over Leah Remini's Claims About Him and Scientology ... y-20151111

Tom Cruise is "Freaking Out" Over Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All ... cientology

Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All Has Blockbuster First Week Sales ... all-840154

Scientology’s Surveillance Is Not Free Speech, Court Rules ... bf3dedb789

What Is the Church of Scientology Doing in Israel? ... 52132.html

Mother of Cathriona White, Jim Carrey’s late ex-girlfriend, speaks out ... -out-.html

Is an emotional teenager writing the Scientology PR posts? ... -pr-posts/

What Jennifer Lopez’s Scientology story can teach us about friendship ... fer-lopez/

Leah Remini's Scientology Tell-All Has Blockbuster First Week Sales ... all-840154

Tom Cruise To Become Co-Leader Of Church Of Scientology? Star Will Reportedly Celebrate With Trip Into Space ... r-of-churc

Watch this Insane Video of Tom Cruise Speaking Spanish, Opening Madrid Center ... rid-center

Church of Scientology Moscow branch 'dissolved' by court

Tom Cruise’s Image Badly Affected By Leah Remini’s Scientology Tell-All Book? ... tology.htm

Tom Cruise Gets New Scientology Girlfriend? ... friend.htm

Juliette Lewis: Scientology is a pop culture term ... ture-term/

Tony Dovolani Claims Scientologists Followed Him to Find Dirt on Dancing With the Stars Partner Leah Remini, His Marriage ... s--w158623


Howard Stern Show
SirrusXM Satellite Radio
Leah Remini on Scientology Exit, Kirstie Alley, and the Ladies of 'The Talk'
Leah Remini returned to the Stern Show on Tuesday to talk with Howard about her explosive new tell-all "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." The "King of Queens" star discussed a slew of intriguing topics with Howard and Robin, from her highly publicized split with the Church of Scientology two years ago to her tiff with her former colleagues at "The Talk." ... dies-talk/
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 34 with Bill Franks – Part I
Church of Scientology former Executive Director International Bill Franks discusses L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige. This is a knock out podcast with a lot of data never previously released. ... ll-franks/
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 35 with Aaron Smith-Levin
In a fascinating and wide raging interview, former Sea Org member Aaron Smith-Levin discusses the topics of Scientology’s controversial Freeloader bills, the Clear Cognition, and other topics. ... ith-levin/
Surviving Scientology Radio Episode 36 with Bill Franks – Part II
Another in-depth conversation with Bill Franks, who was once Executive Director International and one of the highest ranking officers ever to work directly for L. Ron Hubbard. ... ll-franks/

101 KXL FM
The Lars Larson Show -
Mark Bunker interviewed November Friday the 13th.

Ireland radio
Dave Fanning Show
Tony Ortega is interviewed by host Dave Fanning. ... %2D2015%3A


The LipTV – MediaMahem
Russia’s War on Scientology Explained by Jonny Jacobsen
The Church of Scientology has faced stern opposition from the Russian government, in relation to the organization being perceived as a money making cult, with Moscow courts taking a harsh position against David Miscavige’s group. How religious laws in Russia, and the unsympathetic court system are organizing to isolate, and ultimately, extinguish Scientology is explored with Scientology investigative journalist Jonny Jacobsen in the first part of our uncensored Media Mayhem discussion of Scientology in Europe, hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

The LipTV – MediaMahem
Scientology Criminal Trial in Belgium, GOING CLEAR Goes to Europe
Scientology is on trial in Belgium as a criminal organization, with the methods of the controversial organization drawing prosecution fresh on the heels of the European release of GOING CLEAR. We look at the opposition to L. Ron Hubbard’s religion in Europe, and explore the case being made against medical treatment by Scientology, in the second part of our interview with journalist Jonny Jacobsen, on Media Mayhem hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Today News – NBC
Leah Remini makes explosive claims about Church of Scientology
Actress Leah Remini, who parted ways with the church in 2013, has a new memoir coming out called "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology." And she hasn't saved all of the revelations for the text. In a recent interview, she claimed that a lighthearted critical comment about longtime Scientologist Tom Cruise led to trouble for her. ... ogy-t53426

Good Morning America – ABC
Leah Remini Calls Scientology an ‘Extremist Religion’ ... n-34909268

The View – ABC
Leah Remini on 'The View': What Happened After She Left Scientology
Leah admits the Church of Scientology does come after those who leave. ... 0_umcapif0

Access Hollywood
Tom Cruise's Devotion to Scientology: A Closer Look
* NOTE: Please check out Tony Ortega's review of this chopped up interview - ... ally-want/
“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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