Post Thu May 13, 2010 12:20 am

Scientology: Seeds of Its Own Destruction

With any in-depth and dispassionate analysis of Scientology, it becomes obvious that the organization and technologies of Scientology contain the seeds of their own destruction.

This is almost impossible for a True Believer to understand or detect, but it is clear to anyone who can see and think logically.

Now, I have written about some of this, such as Scientology's Admin Tech, which, if applied fully and exactly as written will effectively destroy any organization. And there is a great essay on why Scientology's Ethics Tech is so destructive over on Leaving Scientology.

But now I'm talking about how the very structure of the Church of Scientology, as carefully designed by L. Ron Hubbard, made the takeover and subsequent destruction of the Church of Scientology not only possible but inevitable.

Let me explain.

You see, Ron carefully structured the whole organization of the Church of Scientology around himself. In all the thousands of policies that he wrote over all those years, there is one huge, glaring omission concerning the very top of the church: The leader of Scientology and his duties, his responsibilities, how he is chosen, how he is removed, how he is evaluated, are all completely undefined.

Because of this, the leader may never be removed. There simply is no way to remove the leader. There is no way within the church to evaluate how the leader is doing. There are no requirements that a leader must meet. There are no results a leader must produce. No one in the whole world has the power or authorization to remove the leader of Scientology. This, of course, was intentional, since Ron had no intention of ever relinquishing control -- but it was a fatal omission for the church.

Some may believe that there are currently "others" who are really in charge and who could remove the leader, but that simply isn't true in the slightest. The leader of the Church of Scientology has no boss and cannot be removed. For more information about that, see Larry Brennan's blog.

The leader of Scientology is fully protected from everything. Any internal threats or attacks are immediately dealt with, per policy, by the destruction and expulsion of the attacker. The leader is always assumed fully innocent and any attacker is always presumed horribly guilty. Any external attacks against the leader are, per policy, met with everything the Church of Scientology can throw against the attacker, both legal and illegal. No expense or effort is spared in the leader's defense.............
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