Post Thu May 13, 2010 10:50 pm

IUC Exclusive: Church Of Scientology in Deep Shit!!!

Ever since I penned Hollywood Undercover, going undercover as a gay actor in Scientology and Hollywood, Tom Cruise’s house of confession has received a barrage of negative publicity. Former high-ranking Hubbard worshipper Mark Rathburn says Scientologists poked fun at Tom’s confessions while getting hammered at late night parties. (National Post) Last week, another former top Scientologist revealed that Scientology Prez David Miscavige loves to spill dirt on his top parishioners, including a top Scientologist who was once married to none other than Michael Jackson. Can you guess who? Amy Scobee claims in a new book that Miscavige and other top Scientology officials have a roaring time snooping inside the confessions of the likes of Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Katie Holmes and John Travolta. (NY Daily News)
A source who works for Scientology told IUC last night that Hubbard’s “experiment” seems to be on its last legs. “We have lots of money but are losing credibility by the minute,” the source revealed. “Unless things change radically I think the entire Church will come down like a house of cards. With all the negative publicity it’s hard to get new people to join.” Developing…
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