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Church of Miscavige launches retaliatory email campaign to d

The email below is being circulated today in response to CNN's special Scientology: A History of Violence which aired March 29 - April 2, 2010 on Anderson Cooper 360. Just as they have done with Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Steve Hall, Amy Scobee, Tom Devocht, Jeff Hawkins and other whistleblowers, the Church of Miscavige is now doing with Anderson Cooper. The Church of Miscavige has become a hate group because it is actively creating hate through character assisination and black propaganda. The church behaves like organized crime because it is organized crime. What kind of "church" would write and circulate an email campaign like the one below:

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More on Anderson Cooper. I didn't know he had had ECT. Now this explains everything. Thanks Ron for this data. I knew he was homo but not a fan of ECT. Electro Shock Therapy where they put an electrode on either side of your temporals and send a jolt of electricity through your brain to solve a problem you have. They dont have a clue and anyone know who has had ECT is now a mixed up jigsaw puzzle--and dangerous.

L D Sledge

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Anderson Cooper on CNN is a major promotor of electric shock treatment and says he is one who has undergone ECT many times.

He is an active gay and a promotor of a "gay life style."

Anderson Cooper was trained to be a CIA agent but was promoted into TV "News."

If one wanted to summarize Anderson Cooper's career, if you said he was a merchant of chaos and first and foremost a promotor of violence, you will have it in a nut shell.

So, how should one talk to a standardly gay CIA agent who dearly loves and has had lots of ECT performed on him to make him a better person and newscaster and believes it has, when he wants to portray you and your group as violent?
"Be the change you want to see in the world."