Post Sat May 15, 2010 12:14 am

Tax status of charities, religions under review

The Senate has agreed to launch an inquiry into the tax exempt status of religions and charities after allegations of abuse within The Church of Scientology.
TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Well the Senate has agreed to hold inquiries in the laws regarding the tax exempt status of religions and charities.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has proposed a test which asks groups to demonstrate whether their activities are of public benefit or cause harm before being granted tax exempt status.

The inquiry was sparked by allegations of serious abuses within the Church of Scientology.

And we obviously have a problem with that piece, but Senator Nick Xenophon, in any case, says the Senate inquiry will not focus on a single group.

He says any religious or charitable organisations found to have harmed individuals should lose their tax exempt status.
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