Post Sun May 16, 2010 8:46 pm

Watching the Church of Scientology die

One of the most satisfying things one can do in life is sit back and watch something truly evil die before ones eyes.

Fortunately we can do this quite easily with Scientology.

There is an excellent site which mainly consists of loyal Scientologists who disagree with the way the Co$ is run.

There are two really great things about the site. Firstly it contains a great deal of reliable information about the internal decay of the group. Secondly, it expresses these truths in ways that are acceptable to most current Scientologists.

Richard Woods (a vocal UK critic and former Sea Org member) once told me that Sceintologists leave the cult in three phases.

1. First they disagree with management.

2. They question aspects of the tech.

3. Finally they question the motives of LRH.

Critics generally start off by criticizing the person of LRH which outrages the Sceintologist and causes them to break communication. This often drives them back into the arms of management.

The Scientology Cult website eases current Scientologists into the first position quite painlessly as it mainly consists of personal stories. The Scientologist can nod their heads and recognise that everything they say is true.

Once the cult member has taken this first step he will generally find the others come quite naturally.

I would like to do some back of the envelope calculations to see just how much damage this site is doing to the cult.


1) A Co$ member will spend approximately 100 hours on the site reading stories before deciding to become an independent.

2) Almost all readers are current or former members of the cult (the website would make little sense to those who were not).

3) The Co$ makes about £100 from each member each year. This may seem a small sum but most are off lines.

4) This site has between 100 and 200 readers at any one time.


In the first hour of operation the website costs the cult £100 in lost revenue. In the second hour it costs them £200. In the third it cost £300 and so on. The cost to the cult is cumulative.

The site has been running for a couple of years and the cumulative cost is now about £50,000 an hour!

Sometimes I log on to this site just to watch the cult die- hour by hour.
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