Post Sat May 22, 2010 8:28 am

Ship of fools

As everyone who reads the glossy C of M promotional hype knows, the Freewinds is “a luxury retreat off the crossroads of the world.” An “island of sanity in a world gone mad.” Yet, like much else in Miscavige’s perverted kingdom, there is a thin veneer of truth in the picture presented to the world and then there is what REALLY goes on out of the public eye.

The Freewinds IS a luxury vessel. Made even more so over the last few years following a multi-million dollar refit and renovation. This of course includes luxurious facilities for Dear Leader himself — not just berthing, but his personal dining room and office spaces beyond the offices already allocated to RTC.

The Freewinds is a favorite haunt for Miscavige for three reasons:

a) it is outside the control of any government (except when she was boarded by French authorities while at anchor in St. Bart’s, hence no more visits to French ports),

b) he likes to scuba dive and do underwater photography (the entire Gold base was made to watch one of his underwater slide shows like they were watching a Source briefing on LRH as a photographer with surveys done on the staff afterwards to detect any “BI’s”). The Caribbean is unsurpassed
on that front.

And, c) Freewinds is remote from any other Scientology organization. So, Miscavige can goof off, have movies flown in each night, scuba dive during the day, eat out at expensive restaurants on shore and still call or write the poor fools at the Int Base and berate them about his long schedule and all the hard work he has to do due to their incompetence. They don’t know any different and the crew on board the Freewinds think “COB” is taking a “well-deserved” vacation and are honored to have him on board!

Dear Leader stories from the Freewinds are many. His lavish parties for Tom Cruise have been covered numerous times. His delight in assigning individuals to clean the bilges – sometimes for weeks on end, is also well known. ............
"Be the change you want to see in the world."