Post Tue May 25, 2010 5:00 am

Is the shrink’s manual just plain madness?

.......At first CCHR’s claims might sound good to some folks, but a second look raises some question. The Church of Scientology founded the CCHR.

The position about psychiatry of CCHR is the same one expressed by Scientologists worldwide, including on the Today Show in a well-publicized debate between the host, Matt Lauer, and Tom Cruise in November 2008. Cruise defended Scientologist’s position against psychiatry, saying he knew more than psychiatrists. He, and the group, declare “It’s a fraud.”

CCHR explains its position like this, “CCHR does not provide medical or legal advice. However, it works closely with attorneys and medical doctors and supports medical, but not psychiatric, practices.

Anyone who feels he or she is mentally ill should see a competent non-psychiatric medical doctor as numerous medical studies show undiagnosed and untreated physical complaints can manifest as a psychiatric problem. In many cases, once the physical condition is treated, the mental disorder symptoms disappear.”

Scientology has argued against the use of psychiatry since it was founded by Ron L. Hubbard in the the issues of Scientology and psychiatry have been an ongoing part of the religious group’s particular stance, from its inception with L.Ron Hubbard and the publication of his famous book, Dianetics..........
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