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Marty visited Gold June 5th

I was waiting for Kha Khan to post this first ;)
But here it goes.

The Citadel
(if you visit, there is a big long L Ron quote at the end, but tou can go past that)

JB and I went to the Int HQ base Saturday to collect JB’s passport and to penetrate the walls of the citadel with some ideas. When we arrived we were hollered at by Security and a hired gun to leave the property. Security called 911 with great fanfare, a DMesque show of force. Shortly after our arrival DM’s personal Steward, DM’s personal Chef, and DM’s personal driver were seen scampering from the Star of California ship to behind the eight foot wall that surrounds DM’s villa compound within the larger compound. DM was quite apparently hunkered in the bunker. For the next hour, DM proved his recent propaganda videos to be accurate – not a single soul could be seen across the hundreds of acres of neatly manicured “worker’s paradise.”

Marty tries his hand at using alliteration. He has got a lot to learn.
While DM’s forces frantically attempt to locate and apply force to us, JB and I are quite effortlessly continuing to disseminate ideas of freedom behind the carefully and expensively contructed walls of force. Seeds are being systematically, yet seemingly randomly, planted around the world, behind the walls. Many will inevitably be smothered with RTC herbicide. But, many too will continue to thrive and come to fruition. None will fully die.
"Be the change you want to see in the world."