Post Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:10 am

to cob, david miscaviage

so, i checked out the the video online, nice, love laday.

so tell me, what happens when someone has a restim and goes whole track or passes through the wall of fire at laday, will he or she die?

Or as they are running to their church for help, will they be told to leave the premises and go home only to be watched by a suppressive person who has evil intentions because he/she is an out exchange criminal?

Or will they be physically thrown out of their own church only to land on the pavement?

Which one will it be while you are fucking a girl half your age?

I know, tom cruise gave you that advice regarding the ideal orgs lol, his ot3 drama rama case kicked in, so of course he knows, the whole mest thing indicated to him, you know the light bulb went off and well it justifys his guilt in the whole thing. he felt better giving you all that money for the ias, to relieve him of his suffering and his part in selling people out cause of his druggy case and out 2d.

I know, it indicated to you too, the blueprints gave you away, your ot3 drama rama case kicked in too, you always knew that you would be fucked in the end and some how tom cruise was involved, you just didn't know how or why. Don't worry you will eventually find out on your own, you know ethics gradients etc etc.

don't ever say, i never said anything :) have a good one dude.

There are a few videos here, too.
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