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Questions to Marty Rathbun

Foreword: I am for full accountability for anyone who participated in abuses/wrongdoings/crimes.

I will collect here questions which I believe should be answered by Mark Rathbun. I will update this entry as new questions arise from reading historical archives related to Scientology. Hopefully, key historical information re. the Church of Scientology will not be lost to the memory hole.
Re. “drugs on them that had been planted”

On May 30, 2010, Steven Hassan posted a video entitled, “Megaraid 5-30-10 Hotel meeting”. The video features Larry Brennan, Nancy Many and Steven Hassan talking freely about Scientology, the Moonies, and mechanisms used by cults in general.

At the 17-minute, 20-second mark, Nancy Many says (while reminiscing of her days in Scientology):

… there was a conjunction, in which one of the groups I was spying on, was run by a European group, and Marty did set up some [?] various stings to be done across the border, get people stopped at the borders with drugs on them that had been planted, other nasty things, but he would never listen to my information …

Did you really entrap, or participate in plot(s) to entrap people, by planting drugs on them, so that they would be busted on drug possession charges?

If yes, I am curious about:

* The names of people who were entrapped;
* Time of events;
* Location(s);
* All people involved in the plot(s) to entrap (Who ordered whom? Who designed? Who executed? Etc.)

What happened to Ed Brewer?

First from an anonymous source:

Ed Brewer is involved in a car accident. Several other Sea Organization or Scientology staff members are in the car with him. He is left in the car, bleeding, while the others go back to the Scientology building to talk to the people in the intelligence division, because they don’t know what to do. They “didn’t want to create a public relations flap for Scientology”. They fail to call for medical help. Brewer literally bled to death pinned in his car.


Second, from Jesse Prince (my emphasis):

What I heard about Ed Brewer was he was out ethics, and he was with some car accidents and bled to death. It was a problem that he bled death. They didn’t believe he bled to death or something. I know it came up as a big problem when Ed Brewer died. It’s really bad that he died, the guy bled to death, he was in a car, people walked away from him. I remember hearing this story, the Ed Brewer story. I remember hearing Marty talk about it.

[Ref.: Factnet: Jesse Prince interviews – Tape 4]

Question: What really happened to Ed Brewer?
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