Post Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:11 am

Coffee Shop Independents – waiting and watching for Scientol

There are a growing number of loyal Scientologists who chafe under the irrational demands of Dear Leader and his Int Management robots, but are unable to bring themselves to state openly what they think and feel. They have observed evil, but are unable to take the next step of recognizing that their inhibited communication is the result of fear and that’s Suppression with a capital “S”.

They can only gather in secret at coffee shops and grumble. They dream of independence but are unable to take the next step.

Right there in the “Mecca of technical perfection perversion” and on the “Happiest ship in the world” you can see these Coffee Shop Independents stifling their fear of the unchecked Black Scientology at work.

OTs are declared “Suppressive” or “UnClear” or are put back on Objectives for reasons known only to DM and his cronies. Other OTs observe this and bite their tongues because they have learned that OTs must not harbor disloyal thoughts on pain of expulsion.

Like fish being driven by shadows, these frightened OTs gather in whispering clusters because they fear that they will lose their crumbling Bridge to Nowhere if they speak up or write Knowledge Reports on what they have seen.

They speak in hushed tones in secret about those who have spoken up and have now become “Enemies of the States” who must shunned on pain of expulsion. According to Dear Leader, DISCONNECTION is the only cure for the plague of “Disaffection” that is sweeping the field...........
"Be the change you want to see in the world."