Post Wed May 26, 2010 1:39 am

I was axed for being annoying, says former Packer yacht crew

AS an employee on James Packer's Arctic P, you either sink or swim.

Canadian IT expert Nicholas Sangineto sank. And he is so disappointed at being kicked off the boat that he's lifted the lid on the secret world of the Packer super yacht, complete with a list of rules aimed at not upsetting the big boss.

The rules are clear: If you whinge you will walk the plank.

The gambling and media tycoon has banned "negativity" on the 88m converted ice-breaker. New crew, required to sign confidentiality agreements, are handed a two-page copy of ship guidelines.

The guidelines explain that the needs of the ship's billionaire owner are "often very demanding".

If crew members act "negatively" or "complain", they can be immediately dismissed by the skipper................
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