Katie's Scientology diary exposed

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Katie's Scientology diary exposed


As she shopped in LA with daughter Suri on May 8, Katie Holmes looked a shadow of her former self, with bags under her eyes and blemishes around her nose.

New Idea can reveal the reason behind Katie’s exhausted appearance is the strict Scientology daily regimen, encouraged by her husband Tom Cruise, which is taking its toll on the Hollywood actress.

The tough schedule, which Katie is forced to adhere to, includes set times for her to eat, as well as regular two-hour ‘auditing’ classes where she practises Scientology’s ‘spiritual counselling’ every day.

‘Katie is measured on an E-meter to see what time of day is best,’ former high-ranking Scientologist Amy Scobee tells Star magazine.

Katie even has a specific order in which to brush her hair, clean her teeth and get dressed – to improve her energy for the day ahead.

Former Scientologist Tiziano Lugli, who was once friends with Tom’s son Connor, reveals life in the church has become increasingly difficult and stressful as leader David Miscavige clamps down on members.........
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Katies Scientology diary exposed

Well that fell like a lead balloon..... I was hoping to see reams and reams of celebs who abandoned Scientology.

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