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Will Smith's Daughter Is Nine but She Looks Nineteen - Is th

When it comes to celebrity kids, there's no end to the insanity with which we are bombarded in the press about their lives, their loves, their wardrobes, all the trappings of their "famous for being famous" lives. At the premiere of THE KARATE KID this week in L.A., the entire Smith family came out to support Jaden Smith, the star of the film with Jackie Chan. However, the real star of the red carpet wasn't the star of the film, but rather his sister. Willow Smith made a frighteningly mature appearance outside the screening.

Channeling what looks to be 80's-era chanteuse and disco diva Grace Jones, Miss Smith rocks her tiger stripes like a much older gal. Would you know, if I didn't tell you or someone else didn't, that she is only nine years old? In an age when the objectification of women starts younger and younger, wouldn't you think that the Smiths might be smart enough to protect their daughter and help with age-appropriate wardrobe choices. Or not . . .

Aren't the Smiths scientologists? Is this scientologist-ically approved wardrobe? Or do they only care about the objectification of those like-minded? If Suri Cruise has to be homeschooled to prevent the outside world from tampering with her Scientology beliefs, wouldn't the Smiths do the same with their kids? Of course their parents are actors and rock stars so what does it matter--as long as they make enough money to give to the Church? UGH!
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