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Certain motifs keep recurring with a compulsive regularity that suggests Hubbard himself was anything but clear of past traumas. Eventually, these recurring images and examples gel into a sad and scary narrative that must have had particular power for Hubbard, since it keeps cropping up throughout the book.

LOL I so agree. I grew up in the church and only finally read Dianetics as a teenager. I was completely dismayed that this was the church's choice as an introductory tool. I thought the writing was a mess, and it gave me a very scary feeling about Ron's background. I couldn't believe this was the book I had stood on the street selling to strangers, when I was 11 or so, thinking that it would help them.

As far as what the church has done to improve the planet...well, there are less babies. If we are trying to stem over-population, that is helpful. There are fewer Hallmark cards getting purchased, and less gas being used on trips visiting relatives. That helps lessen the footprint we leave, huh? But I guess the junk mailings outweigh that savings, so probably not a positive.

The major contribution I see, really, is O/W tech. It is valuable and can help save relationships. I'm not sure what that does for the planet, but it has helped some of the people on it.

The thing is that Scn isn't really a philanthropic group. Giving aid to the needy goes against a basic tenet of the church that holds that an equal exchange needs to be given from the person receiving aid in order for him to really benefit from it. Otherwise you are allowing him to become "out exchange" and that is the beginning of criminality.

Kinda funny that a church wouldn't offer to help you because doing so without getting money off you would really harm you, even though the help they could give you is all you need to actually get better...

I didn't like that BS even as a kid.
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Otherwise you are allowing him to become "out exchange" and that is the beginning of criminality.

Thats an idea that partially reflects a fear of scarcity. To require the assurance of the exchange before risking the provision of your part.

The basis of abundance enconomics is to create in abundance, to give without requirement of exchange, and allow others to provide their exchange on their own self-determinism (which may in turn be provided in abundance). Its far harder to create stats for, or to control or direct, but ultimatly can create in abundance far greater than that created in scarcity.

This system breaks down when there are more leeching in the system than the ability to create resources and support the system. But if you assume that most people are basically good, then most people will tend to return the exchange, in their own way and in their own time, based on their own perception of value. The free software movement is a prime example of this approach in action.
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Feeling "puckish" today, so

If one accepts the premise that the "devil" is a very active and busy entity, then...

$cn will sure as hell keep you busy! If you "heed the calls" you will not lack for things to do! I've heard some folks are bored - well, $cn can help with that. :twisted:

That's about the best I can do for this thread.

The devil seems to be in me today...hmmmm
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