Karma and Reincarnation

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Karma and Reincarnation

Scientologists did not invent this. The Hare Krishnas believe in this. Here is something that I put up on a different forum. Do you know this story?

Here is a strange story. People know Scientology for their belief in karma and past lives. They created that show, My Name is Earl. But here is the story behind that. L Ron Hubbard grew up in the same society as you did so he was certain there was no such thing as past lives. ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN. So he wrote the book Dianetics and it all about trauma in this life and when you deal with all of that you become a Clear-- the highest state one can possibly ever achieve.

There is nothing higher since you deal with everything in this life. The end. Now they would do this processing to make people clear. But people started remembering stuff from past lives. People told LRH about it and he told them to ignore it. It is nonsense. He got tired of it happening with his clients. He was a playful guy so he decided to humor this guy. He let this guy go on with this nonsense and the guy got much better than what LRH has seen before.

And that is how Scientology got started. Now is he the only nut? There is a Harvard Medical School grad psychiatrist, Brian Weiss. He regresses people into past lives and stuff happened to him that changed everything he used to believe. He has written books about it like Many Lives, Many Masters. He has a long waiting list of other psychiatrists that want to learn this magic. One guy does it and says that it works, but it is imagination not real. So my point is that just because you cannot remember it, does not mean it did not happen.

In my bloga month ago, I said that I knew that Adam Lambert (American Idol) was Elvis Presley in his past life. He was not in the final 13 yet. Simon is very opiniated. He said that he did not know what to make out of Lambert. He could not tell if the guy was good or bad. Tonight he said that he was the best singer tonight. Also look what he did to his hair. But then after him, a woman sang and Kyra said that it sounded like she had been singing for 400 years. They do not accept singers that are over 27 years old, let alone singers that are over 400 years old!

Watch this show if you want to see it happen again. How will it end? Will it end this time with him taking drugs and sitting on the throne?



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I read about Hare Krishna a few years back and I loved the book...Now I read Edgar Cayce... Much better you can see him on the history channel some times,
Their are over 200O books on this one man, because he was a true ORACLE... After 30 years in the cult,
And after reading about Cayce,
I did a 180 in my life and became a true believer. Most of the world believe in past lives and that you live for ever...

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