Play Tommy Davis Off, Keyboard Cat

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Play Tommy Davis Off, Keyboard Cat

There is a video at this url.

There is mention of OT materials in the following text.

One of the main reasons critics protest the Church of Scientology is its lack of honesty. Scientology is not upfront about its core beliefs via its confidential scriptures. Those who reach Scientology level OT III and above are forbidden to speak about it with non-Scientologists or even the Scientologists who have not made it to that level, and it would be a high crime to do so. Using training routines to misdirect reporters ( , Scientology spokespersons frequently lie about the doctrine of Xenu, body thetans, and other facts about their “religion”. Tommy Davis, spokesperson for the Church of Scientology international, is interviewed by Nathan Baca of KESQ and confronted about these scriptures, and fails to easily answer Nathan’s question directly. Learn more about Scientology’s fraud and abuse at the follow websites: We have nothing against the beliefs of Scientologists, but the Church of Scientology should be open and honest about them.
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Play Tommy Davis Off Keyboard Cat

Yeah. Id like to know if you guys play those awesome games, and talk about them here.


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