one of the few positives

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one of the few positives

Recently I was asked to do a video for one of the biggest collages in Hungary. This was basicly a training video for the collage's langauge examination system's examiners on how many points the examinee's oral exam is worth. I was asked for the upper-level language as the "very well speaking person" (and I already have that exam but that doesn't matter :D ). What's that if not flattering. Actually it was really easy I just had a good chat with the examiner. Than later my English teacher at school (at one of the few days I went in she caught me) who forwarded this request of them to me, said that they were absolutly mesmerized by my English and that there was never and never will be another oral exam like mine in the history of the collage. OMG

Well yes I have to admit that this is one of the very few positive things I got from being in the States (and thus in the SO) for almost 3 years. Sorry if I'm showing off. I know for you English is no big deal :D but in Hungary they really appreciate people who speak foreign languages very well. (and it's for you to decide if I really do speak English well)
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Good for you, CherryTree! I took 3 years of Spanish (grades 8-10), never used Spanish for 12 years, then got sent to Mexico to work for a few months. I certainly wasn't anywhere near fluent, but I got by somehow. I appreciate the difficulty in communicating in a foreign language. I think you communicate in English very well.
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I think your English is great too. I have no experience with Hungarian. I have studied Spanish, Italian, and Chinese, but I'm by no means fluent in any of them even though I did reside in a foreign country once upon a time.

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