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Hi! I did a search and this wonderful website came up when I searched for Scientology. I knew little about the religion until now. I am VERY appreciative of the wonderful and courageous people on this site who took the time to educate othes on this. My heart broke when I read the sad stories of some of you brave souls! It is so sad that religions like this steal peoples lives and rob them of their freedom, especially at such young ages! I will spread the message because your experiences where never in vain! Truth always lives on and if you want others to know the truth you give it visibility and that is what you have done! Without doubt you all have saved others from such painful experiences as yours! Thank you for that and I send love and hope to all of you!


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Thank you for the support. We have many left behind. That is what makes me sad.
There is a great life outside of the cult.
"Everybody has a right to believe what they want to believe. But I don't believe that anybody has a right to trick anybody, to hurt anybody, to harm some body, for their own purposes." - Jason Beghe


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Thank you so much! Stop by anytime.
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Thnak you for your kind words. We appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

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