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Orderous wrote:
fuji_fruit wrote:WHAT are you talking about? did i miss something? are you referring to me as the OSA troll? what are you talking about

He's talking about you being a useless bugger incapable of both debating and proper quoting.

The simple truth is; The science of psychology and its medical uses (i.e. psychiatry) has done more good for people than scientology ever has and ever will. Yes, there are useless asshats who should never have been given a psychatric license, but then again there are priests in charge of choir boys who molest them. (And don't start some bull about those two not being comparable, they are both about people who shouldn't be given the "power" they've recieved.) And generally any psychiatrist worth his/her diploma will tell you that these drugs are to be used alongside counscelling to remove the problem rather than just patch it up. There are, however, some cases where it's not an emotional problem, but an actual medical condition, and let me warn you now; You do NOT want to start a debate on that with me I can guarantee a loss on your part.

LMAO WHAT. fuck off, dont come into my post just to insult me. i dont want to talk to you.


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Well - this thread has gone down in flame wars. Time for the vault.

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