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security guards

PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2011 10:11 pm
by mrtampa
I remember during events I was used to function as a security guard - kind of some of us had to help them out on an occasional basis and acutally it was way better than selling books. WHen I was on security for the events before every event we were shown the pictures of the local "active" SPs with names and sometimes they even had folders on them. THe main thing to learn was how to differentiate the scientologists and the "SP" who is trying to come in and when we saw a new face we were used to ask questions like : what course are you attending to? Who is your auditor? What is your IAS card number? And we were watching the individual if he was going striaght in the right direction as a normal person or does he seem to be lost ot uncertain. We were used to communicate with codes and always had a can of gas spray on us and the official security guards even had hand cuffs. The food by the pool was for the public - but who did not steal some :) ??? if you were on SO menu you know what I mean. And hiding from the MAAs when selling books because they were asking evey 5 minutes "how many books have you sold??? " I remember 60 of us hiding in restrooms, etc - old times ....