ExSci's Getting C&D letters

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ExSci's Getting C&D letters

(I was hoping enturbulation.org would be back up so you guys could decide if you were interested in this and pull it to your site if you wanted to... With the precious little I post on here, I still feel intrusive enough).

In the past two days I have been contacted by four ex-scientologists who have recieved C&D letters. These are four page long letters that state specific local law. (My research indicates that doesn't really matter; they are still just average C&D letters. It just makes it harder for an attorney outside of your state to respond to them).

Anyway, three of the four have asked for the HowTo on reporting that SomeOldGuy and I posted on Enturbulation.org. I'm hoping to have this up SOMEWHERE shortly. (It IS important to report your harrassment to all places you can. It creates a paper trail of their systemic abuses.) I will keep you apprised. And if anyone wants the unedited wall-of-text version, just pm or email me.


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What how to?
This is very interesting.
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Post whatever you like.

As far as it goes, sounds like an all out offensive for them. Well as far as their resources will take them.


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Hey, if you can scan them, you're welcome to send them to me. I'm keeping a sort of informal archive of the docs that people don't want to lose.
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:lol: this is what I hoped for another scientology hate tape...this only show scientology true color....this road of hate leads scientology to there fate....D M whent mad....and this D V proves it.

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