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Very Interesting Reading Voiceless8C


Doubt is not a Crime

Your Eight Dynamics

Thinking of Leaving the Sea Org?

Why People Stay: Towards a New Model of ‘Cult Control’,
By Robert Vaughn Young

“My situation had deteriorated to the point that I was afraid I was either going crazy on the RPF or die… so I escaped” ~


Afraid to Say Scientology

I Was Born Into Scientology

Have You Ever Helped Anyone Get Out of Scientology &

How to Leave Scientology

I Am Not a Scientologist

The Cult of Celebritities

How to Talk To a Scientologist


A Mother’s Betrayal

Chris Cloutier’s Situation

8 Steps Out of Scientology

The Scientology Tone Scale

Help For Scientology Ex Members

New Hampshire picket and forced abortions

Michael Pattinson’s Experiences in Scientology

Tips For Breaking the Trance of a Scientologist

How an Ex Scientologist Can Exit a Current Scientologist

After 27 Years in Scientology and the Sea Org Chuck Beatty Tells His Story

Another Childcare Horror Story

What Exactly Do Scientologists Believe? Here’s the Answer

New At Truth About Scientology: Essay by a Lifetime Member

Scientology: What Got Me In, What Got Me Out; What I Think Now

Copenhagen Expansion Project

Experiences Dianetics Church of Scientology

What Is A Cult?

Afraid To Say Scientology

I Was Born Into Scientology

Do Scientologists Actually Talk Like This?

Have You Ever Helped Anyone Get Out of Scientology

(And Countless Other Threads and Life Stories)

Effective Wake Up Phrases for Scientologists

Leaving and Leaves

Bill Wants To Talk To You

Holidays and Scientology: What Gives?

If Scientology Really Worked

If You Knew This Group Did All This, Would You?

Can You Just Walk Out of Scientology

Scientology Teaches People Rude Behavior, Bad Manners

Have You Met A Clear

Clears Feeling Blue

Proposal – Let’s Get Real Here

Honey… Should We Join Wise?

Scientology Testing Still CLOSED

Thinking of Doing Solo Nots?

Addendum: Layers of an Onion (Excerpt from Madman or Messiah?)

My Story (various personal stories from inside the cult)

What Is Expected From You As A Lifelong Scientologist

Voiceless8C YouTube Videos

The Profit (Movie Not Released Due to Injunction)

The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power by Richard Behar

Pushing Beyond The U.S.: Scientology Makes Its Presence Felt in Europe and Canada by Richard Behar

A Piece of Blue Sky by J Atak

Email from an Almost-Scientologist (source unknown)

Why I Left Scientology Articles by Ruth Lorenzen

The Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper

The Road To Xenu By Marjory Wakefield

Social Control In Scientology by Bob Penny

Madman or Messiah by Corydon

Tom Cruise Unauthorized Biography by Andrew Morton

Releasing the Bonds by Steve Hasaan

Ethics by Ron Hubbard Church of Scientology Official Website

My Nine Lives In Scientology by Monica Pignotti

Suicide psychosis Monica Pignotti Scientology and Suicide Formerly Fooled and Finally Free From the Deceptive Cult Called Scientology ... e_Internet Scientology and the Internet ... xposed.php Panorama Exposed ... you-angry/
Another Scientology Documentary to Make You Angry ... ed-online/ Church of Scientology Operating Thetan Documents Leaked Online Scientology Doubt Formula ... o-suppress Tom Cruise Video Un-censored Which Co$ Tried to Suppress ... us&strip=1 Ruinous Thoughts to Help Un-brainwash a Scientologist (Brought up from History Cache of ... /printable How Brainwashing Works Speaking Out About Organized Scientology ... illpg2.htm Quentin Hubbard’s Scientology Page Cult Awareness Network ... s/can.html CAN Sold
Also Related ... et-CAN.htm Who We Are (Now) Site Down? (Site Down), now using NEW SITE TEMPORARY Wrote Song Scientology Pawned from video (This cartoon character explaining Xenu Theory with DZK song narration is the most believable Xenu has EVER been to me…. ah, now it all makes sense, NOT) Scientology Exposed Personal Stories Personal Story ... &Itemid=30 Suppressive Person Defense League: Dedicated to the Defense of Scientology’s Victims ... -cult.html Is Scientology a Christian or a Cult? ANDRE TABAYOYON AFFIDAVIT ... Stop Scientology Abuses Karin Spaink - The Fishman Affidavit, OT V (I don’t’ know what to make of this site, it is highly criticized by some Anon, and other sites it’s advertised, if anyone has a full story on it let, please share) Paul Fetch (not sure about this one either, it was hard to find any original videos by Paul Fetch) The True Believer by Eric Hoffer ... non-30512/ Anonymous Protest from Cincinnati Ohio

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