The cost of Scientology

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Holden Caulfield wrote:
Clickman wrote: If LRH Tech was so great and can save the planet, then how come they are not using it to "handle" people in trouble and make them better and make the world better?

Why doesn't the IAS have programs to help poor people get up the Bridge to Total Freedom?

The reason is MONEY is the motivation that LRH had and that DM has in order to maintain power. That is my opinion.

True. The purpose of Scientology is not to help people, and it never has been. To the core, it has a capitalist agenda, raw, brutal capitalist agenda topped with a very sofisticated belief system which tries to explain away the reasons why some people are excluded from the the "aid" of Scientology. "Help" those who are "able" to be helped, who can pay for services and are gullible enough to believe in Scientology tech, but leave those who cannot on the streets to fend for themselves. Yes, that is humanitarian aid indeed. :roll:

And this is also the very reason Scientology is in such a need to defend itself and always wants to divert attention to areas where it "helps", because they in fact are so few.

So true. They talk about 'clearing the planet', but that has nothing to do with helping anyone. It means clearing the planet of non - scientologists.

I'm not joking.

The total absence of goodwill is chilling.


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What kind of 'religion' would have people pay so much for courses that involved talking to ashtrays?
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The thing is it depends where you do you do your training - most expensive is FSO/FSSO (clearwater/freewinds ship), the cheapest was in my time South Africa, Russia, Hungary, etc.

I do not think you can go Clear under 30 000$. How about people who went OT VII and have to redo the level (new OT VII)? Did I tell you guys yet that your Grades were not done correctly either? Open our wallett!!!!

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