mail and phone calls starting again

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mail and phone calls starting again

After a year of no contact (finally) the mail started again. I called the adresso at ASHO and requested to be removed from the mailing list. She flat out told me that it was against policy to remove anyone from the list because LRH wrote it.

I told her this was my 4th request, was never rude. Very polite conversation actually.

I told her that ethically the church has an obligation to honor requests for no contact and mail. Her response was the same line that LRH wants a comm line to anyone who has ever done anything at the church.

What can I do to get off the mailing list? I know that nobody there gives a shit, but there has to be a legal avenue to be removed...


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Does any of it have a return post paid address card? If so, wrap up something heavy and mail it back to them at their cost.



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Do what I did to stop the calls coming to me house: start talking about all of the dirty scandals that scientology has been involved with. Operation Snow White. LRH's tax evasion, and so on. Anything that you can find! Start reading excerpts from articles when they call you, tell them that you are worried about them, that you used to be as confused as they are but now see the light...turn it around on them! I was actively on this site over a year ago because of all the harrassing phone calls. Now they have completely stopped. Most fo the people that call you don't have a clue about the scandals that the cult has been in and they certainly don't want to know! Trust me, this will work!



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Promo costs the cult $$$$$$

When they send you promo, that is money they can't spend trying to ensnare new victims.

I know it is a small drain on their resources, but these things add up. Just toss them in the trash and think about the money they just poured down the drain.

Phone calls I can understand you being upset about. You should talk to your phone company about blocking the numbers they are calling from.
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If you get at them a threatening or very angry letter they are suppsoed to put you to a so-called "black-list" - and noone but may be a chaplain or ARC - break reg can contact you then by church policy

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