Post Sat Jun 05, 2010 10:34 am

Code word: Steven Seagal

You might wonder about the title of this thread so let me explain. I'm an ex but I'm only out to a few people as I still have family who are practicing to some degree or another. As such, I occasionally run into the issue of wanting to mention something about Scientology to someone who knows I'm out, but I happen to be at a social gathering with practicing Scns. So I came up with a code word: Steven Seagal. Now I can say things about Scientology around Scientologists without alerting them to the fact.

My friend (looking at someone making a fool of themselves at a party): "Steven Seagal fan?"
Me: "Yep. And his parents too."
Someone who overheard: "What?"
Me: "Nothing."

It's caught on with people I've told it to, so I thought I would share it.