1985-1989 kids who ran around the ceo,complex, and manor and

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1985-1989 kids who ran around the ceo,complex, and manor and

wondering if theres any other kids who ran around the complex, ceo, manor, or the shangri lodge around 1985-1989(or so) who got out of scientology. i was born in 1976 and mostly remember hanging with other scientology kids from age 8 to about 12 or 13.

my mom and stepfather were in scientology since i was little(my mom since before i was born or soon after) in the downtown sacramento org that was right by some auditorium thing downtown sac. i dont recall any other kids names from that time though, and we joined the sea org whe ni was 8 and left for L.a.

from the ceo i remember,
joaquin(his mother worked for the ceo in some position that apparently afforded him extra priviledges beyond us other kids
yuri and serge(brothers)
noelle(she was younger than myself, my brother was around her more)
jeremy and shane prefontaine
some dude i dont recall his name but he fell off the courtyard at the manor on yucca and smashed his head open and i never heard of him again after the ambulance took him away
some girl who got hit by a car in front of the fountain building who i never saw after that
a kid named amos(he lived in the berthings on hollywood boulevard

i barely recall a lot of the names from the time when my parents were in the sea org, but right after they got kicked out(1985/86?), we moved to an apartment complex called the fountain arms that had a lot of scientologist living there. some names of people there at the time that i recall:
jack farmer(we lived with him for a month or so after we got kicked out of the sea org),
carson and mickey, whose father was named daryl i believe,
sam mactagart,
a girl named carla who lived across from us when we finally got our own apartment there.

about 1986 we moved to the shangri lodge across from the manor and the ceo(before they got rid of it) and there were hella kids i knew who were also scientologists and theyre more the people i recall. some of those kids were:
greg landers and his sisters danelle and monique(last name bonneville),
above them(apartment above) were kendra and yeta frencher,
the manager when we first moved in i forget her name, but her husbands name was royce and they had a son named norton,
danny mustard and his mom sue mustard, and there were these kids i think my little sister knew better named dree and quillon (pee and poo or some such).
theres more that i dont recall, but if you kicked it at the shangri lodge and went to movie night for kids off the lobby, then i knew you and if you have woken up and think for yourself now, i would love to hear from you. so far everyone on that list(as well as one i didnt name) are still part of the mindfuck and havent woken up, except myself and it sure would be nice to hear from others who were there during those times and dont do that mental juggling act which makes horrible things ok or makes them not have happened in their reality and actually are comfortable accepting and acknowledging reality as it is(rather than as youd have it be) if you made it through the ramble this far, peace and blessings.

ps my name is Mat(hew) and my brother is Bryan, we lived in apartment 315 at the shangri lodge (after the shangri lodge i was sufficiently away from scientologists that i was able to make non scientologist friends, so i had little or nothing to do with scientology beyond a brief visit to flag when i was 12)


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I was around the manor and complex from 1988 when I was 7. Sorry but I don't know you or most of the names on that list, I think I hung out with a younger crowd. I was friends with Dree and Quillon. They are still in, along with the rest of their family.
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I was at the CEO in 87 and then the ATA from 88-1990

names Steve... I was a blond kid with a cowlick... born in 77 so im the same age as you... whats your first name?

I had two younger brothers at the CEO named Jonathon and Jeremy.. they were nicknamed "the monkey brothers" because they would climb anything and everything. They even ran away from the CEO and were picked up by the LAPD miles away with no shoes and shirt just lost running around. The whole thing was one of the biggest PR Flaps the CEO ever had.

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