School across from big blue building?

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School across from big blue building?

I believe it was in 1976, I went to a school in Los Angeles across from the big blue building, I think. I am trying to piece it all together and hope someone can definitively tell me. I was only 4ish at the time. I remember lining up in the halls with only my underwear on,(I know , u were ably 4 but I remember feeling humiliated) the bunk beds held 3 people each and I hit my head a lot. I had daily chores and responsibilities. I rarely saw my mom. I wasn't there long, less than 6 months I believe. I remember playing outside, I got a stomach flu and they fed me bananas for days (I hate bananas). The details of my memories are so scattered. Does anyone know of the preschool or school I am talking about?


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Re: School across from big blue building?

Are you thinking of the Apollo area? I think that's what it was called... I'm a bit hazy. It was across from the one shaped like a sort of U (main bldg) and over from the store/parking garage? I didn't go there, it was closed by the time I came around. I thought it was just SO kids but maybe I'm wrong.
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