What are Scientology Kindergardens like?

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What are Scientology Kindergardens like?

I understand there is a significant difference between how the public & private Scientologists are treated.

(Quite frankly I find the whole Clearwater treatment of children absolutely horrifying.)

The reason I ask is there is a recent article about Scientology run kindergartens in Israel news:
http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340 ... 83,00.html


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I noticed your post has gone a day or so without being answered, perhaps because we don't really know. I was in Scientology kindergarten, and honestly, I don't remember much of it.

I think I was at the Mace Kingsley kindergarten, and to my mind, it really is a vague jumble of picking out sticker prizes and doing a Christmas pageant dance to "Rocking around the Christmas tree".

In my experience, Scientology kindergarten wasn't any different than Scientology school. I do remember that when I was 7 was the first time I was taught to demo and use the dictionary on my own, but that's a bit after kindergarten.

One thing that has stuck with me is the "quiet for a contact assist" thing. When someone got hurt, the whole room and all the kids immediately went quiet at the first sign of crying, so we didn't give the hurt person an engram.
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I once did a practical in Delphi's lower school where I observed the teachers teaching the kids and even working with the kids myself.

It seemed decent. It actually seemed pretty balanced out between the teacher lecturing and the kids working individually. There were no checksheets that I recall.

As a matter of fact, it didn't seem too different from my public kindergarten and Montessori pre-elementary school.



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Well Kindergarten was the same as the rest of the school at the Delphi I attended.

I do know that the preschool/daycare that was run by Scientologists that my little brother attended got shut down. My poor brother got locked in a closet for a few hours at a time for misbehaving. The standards of cleanliness were abhorrent. I was so glad the place got shut down.
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I wasn't in a Scientology kindergarten, but I have a funny story from my early experiences in the church. My family was in the SO and after the nursery came under attach, the kids were sent to a ranch in Mexico. The people running it didn't have the background or materials necessary, but tried to do some schooling. I was 7 and needed to learn to read and write. I was I was given "A New Slant on Life" as my reading primer. Didn't get far in that! For writing lessons, I was told to write a perfect row of A's, both upper and lower case, and then I could move on to my B's. In the several months I was there, I never got a past my A's.

This isn't a real reflection of Scn schools, but its funny to think of how ridiculous that was.
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