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Subject: Important New Scientolgy cult involvement questions

Subject: Important New Scientolgy cult involvement questions about The New Karate Kid Movie and Will Smith, Jada Pinket Smith and their son Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is going to be starring in The Karate Kid, which will be released on June 11, 2010. Is this boy still studying L Ron Hubbard?

Is Jaden Smith still going to a Scientology school? Will Smith runs a school that uses LRH Tech.

Is Scientology plotting to make Jaden Smith the new recruiting tool because the cult of Scientology is shrinking very fast and losing lots of money?

Is the Scientology cult plotting to make Jaden Smith one of the newest big movie stars? If Jaden becomes a big star, many if not most kids around his age will look up to him, which means they will try to imitate what he does or promotes.

Now let's say that he is put up to promoting Scientology when he is doing TV or other interviews saying things like scientology helped me be a better student or athlete or be more popular. Many kids will actually think that he became a huge movie star because of Scientology.

They will want to be in Scientology too since Jaden Smith is. Those kids or teenagers will soon turn into 18 year old young adults who can then join the cult of Scientology. What makes it potentially dangerous is that these youngest of movie fans have not yet seen the proven background of Scientology on the Internet and they have not yet developed the ability to think through the offers of a new movie star when teen magazines print whatever Jaden says to get the interviews.

Will Smith and Jaden both need to be honest with the world and with their fans about where he and his son stands on Scientology's and L Ron Hubbard's study tech used at Jaden's school. Will Smith saw what happened to Tom Cruise when he told the world he was in Scientology. Tom's career went to hell. People started to think he was nuts.

If Will and his wife finally disclose they are involved with Scientology it would be interesting to also know who got Will Smith into Scientology? Was it Tom Cruise?

Mostly, everyone agrees on one thing, which is children need extra protection to be protected from bad things. The last thing young immature these children need is getting used and abused by a cult like Scientology.

It is well documented the cult uses children and people for slave labor. No more children need to have their lives ruined by getting sexually abused, mentally abused or physically abused. To many kids have been abused by the Cult of Scientology.

The Cult of Scientology does not educate Kids well because they follow L Ron Hubbard teachings. LRH and Scientology makes it clear to kids not to go to college because it is a waste of time and tell you it makes you dumber.

The cult of Scientology needs to be stopped from doing any secret recruiting plots from using a new movie star child to be able and get other young children into their cult. The saddest thing might be is that Will Smith may have no idea that the Cult of Scientology abuses kids.

If the new Karate Kid Movie is a Scientology recruiting movie for targeting and recruiting the youngest and most vulnerable then that needs to be exposed so parents can warn their children.

Jaden and Will Smith may think that they are helping the world by getting people in Scientology. Jaden Smith most likely does not know about all the kids that have been hurt or that are being hurt today by Scientology.

Scientology tries very hard to get huge stars in Scientology. As many know, Tom Cruise was pushing to get the biggest soccer player David Beckham in Scientology.

Scientology does this so they could use these stars as a way to get people in the Cult. This has been brought to my attention by many. Some are in Scientology who let me know what is coming our way. Many Scientologist who are in want to leave but they have many family members in Scientology and they know if they ever leave they will never get to see their family again and they are terrified of losing their family.

The reason Scientology has been around for so long is, they are very sneaky plotter's and they are ruthless. If the Cult was not good at plotting, they would not still be around today.

We all need to make sure children are safe, which means everyone who can get any information needs to look into this Jaden Smith thing and discuss it openly. There are countless victims of people who have a loved ones, like sons, daughters, grandchildren or cousins who are in Scientology, and have disconnected from them because they don't agree with scientology.

You end up with many families broken up by the Cult of Scientology, thanks to LRH. There are many people and more importantly children who have been abused by Scientology.

You will almost never hear about what has happened to them since Scientology knows how to intimidate, scare, attack them, their family members, friends, sue them, try to black mail them, try to put them in jail and if they are not a criminals they will try to make them have a record by setting them up by lying about them, making things up about them and telling people that person is a criminal. Scientology has shown in the past it will do almost anything they can to get you fired from your job so you have no income to live.

Once I got the tip that the Cult of Scientology appeared to be setting up Jaden Smith a child himself to become a secret recruiter to get other kids into Scientology, I started talking to people, asking them to look into this whole thing and within hours people started telling me that this looks like Scientology is really trying to pull this off very quietly.

After I have spoken to numerous others about Scientology using Jaden Smith, within 3 days one of my Rottweiler dogs was dead. The vet said someone killed the Dog. The dog was very strong, healthy and young. I found my dog dead on May 17, 2010.

We must not get scared out of doing the right thing, which is protecting the children from the Cult of Scientology. On May 25 2010 I was talking to different people about finishing this write up so it could be put up on the net the next day.

On May 26 2010 I got a call from my family, I was told someone broke into our home. 911 was called and 3 cops went into our home and searched the house with their guns. A police report was made. My mother saw a tall guy talking on his cell phone in front of the house, right when she pulled up in her car with Jennifer, my wife who is pregnant and our 2 very young little girls.

Please begin an open discussion on this critical potential cult child abuse situation. Please use all of your resources and connections to recently departed scientology members or members who are still in who could be convinced to talk about what Scientology's real involvement may be with Will Smith, Jada Pincket Smith and Jaden Smith as well as in the Karate Kid movie and in controlling the promotional message of Jaden smith in the pre-teen and teen magazines.

A personal P.S to Will and Jada Pincket Smith:

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck! If someone buys a scientology school, sends their kid to a Scientology school, are they a Scientologist?


Tommy Gorman
This is my own opinion. I'd rather die speaking the truth about the harms of the cult of scientology than hide and be afraid.