Post Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:05 am

Adam Holland: Letter to David Miscavige

So, I've never actually written anything to David, and you probably already know why I haven't bothered.

To send my letter, I used RTC website, to save paper. There was no email address so I used the "Send a Report" feature. The report always goes to RTC Reports Off, and I had to add a "CC: COB RTC" and then found out that I would have to print of a copy for the recipient of the CC. Great. Well I will mail the CC to him too.

Surprisingly the form asked for my date of birth, but well, they've already got that in a personnel file somewhere.

Here is my letter, and I don't anticipate a swift reply.

EDIT: the forum automatically chopped the last part off of my letter, so I'm putting a link instead:
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