A pretense...

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A pretense...

of no money.

Seriously - why is it that most orgs have "no money" -- yet millions of dollars go into the church every week. MILLIONS. International events promote the "never-ending up statistics" (a load of horse s... but you know what I mean).

It is always promised to SO members that medical will be cared for. But then you still have to "do a PO" to get that medical care. And because there is "no money" it's a damn overt to ask to go to the dentist or the eye doctor.

I would love to see where all of this money goes.

Just my random thoughts but the more I think about it the more I am irritated.


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Because even if a person is close to an org, they feel better going to Flag or AO for their actions.
Plus it doesn't help to only have one auditor or less at each org. :shock:
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The answer; NPO, Non-Profit Organization.

That is what the Church of Scientology is. The RTC on the other hand is not, and that is where the money is funnelled. Check around the forums here a bit, we had a rather long discussion on it a while ago.
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in every weeks' FP, they execs of the org but together a spending plan with the money they made last week. That FP then goes to the FBO...

whose job it is to make sure that no matter WHAT happens, management gets their cut (approx. 40-70%, depending)

The LESS money an org makes, the greater the percentage that goes uplines.

So even if every service org on the planet is near to bankrupt, the top sharks will still get enough to live sumptuously!
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